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The State of the World…of Warcraft

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Here we are, a week after the 4.0.1 patch drop. As I look around at the landscape of my personal gaming friends, I see more than just a game patch that changes how we play the game, but a game changer that is the end for some, and a new beginning for others.

Looking back over my personal gaming career change has always been the catalyst that drives my gaming style. Back on console games I would change games several times per day, constantly wanting something new, regardless as to how I was doing in my current game, a level of Mario, wait, lets play some Tetris. A level of Zelda, oooo, Battle Toads! I was a bit ADD, even if just in my gaming style. Onto the larger world of MMO’s. I started my online gaming career back in Star Wars Galaxies. I had tried Everquest a few years prior, but hated it. I just wasn’t ready for the MMO landscape. Galaxies was a blast. I played from about six months into the game through the NGE, aka New Game Enhancements.  This was through two combat upgrades and finally the death of SWG for me, NGE. SO, as you can see, I’m use to combat systems changing. When I left SWG, I migrated to WoW. I’ve loved wow for five years now. It’s been a great game, I’ve made some great friends, and learned alot about some friends I drug (or drugged?) into wow.

Now we sit at a junction. 4.0.1 is one of those game altering changes. Not much about playing wow is as it was just over a week ago. Yes, you still have dps classes, tanks, healers, etc, but how they are played is different. Talents that were once must haves are gone, talents we didn’t know we wanted have magically appeared. Tree’s are simplified, or as in the case of Nimrock’s Druid Fang, only come out every once and a while now! With the coming of 4.0.1 and the huge wealth of information out about it’s imminent arrival I had alot of reading to do. At first I thought to myself, Crap. This is Star Wars Galaxies New Game Enhancements all over again. I was worried that this would alter the game to the point that it was no fun. The game would never be the same for me. I would have to wait six months to play another MMO that looks good to me(TOR). I was wrong for me. Others, this has been the case.

One thing I know about the oncoming Cataclysm is that there is going to be alot more change. Now might be a good time for some of us to “reroll” our characters and let go of what we cherished about wow pre-4.0.1. For some of us, it’s time to rekindle a love for older mains, reuse the characters in our wow-verse that were once very valuable to our playtime. This is where I stand. I’m back with my stabby toon, the rogue, and have almost abandoned my hunter. My DK tank is in the garage for the moment, and to be honest, might not come out again. That’s the brilliance about this game. He can sit there as long as I want, and one day, I may come back to him. For now, times are changing, and I need to roll with it, find something I do like, and nurture that.

For some of my wow friends, I know you have chosen other things. This game isn’t what you remembered, or enjoyed. That’s the choice you have to make. If you ever decide to come back to Wow, know we’ll be here with open arms, and just because you choose not to play this crazy game anymore, doesn’t mean you didn’t mean anything to those of us that still do. You will be missed in game. Keep in touch. Also, I CAN HAZ GOLDZ?

Sensitive and Insensitive at the same time,


The End has Come… and Gone.

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The End is Here! 4.0.1 is upon us! The time for making amends has come! Woe is me!

Okay, so maybe that’s a bit dramatic. As many of you have experienced first hand, yesterday Tuesday October 12, 2010 Patch 4.0.1 dropped. This is the big precursor patch for Cataclysm that makes sure everything is ready for the big release. all of the class changes, talent changes, user interface changes, and general newness has entered the world of warcraft. Yes, it is VERY different. It is a bit scary, even for a five-year vet like myself, but with a bit of reading, some time messing around with target dummies or in the field, and I’m sure all of us will be back on our feet dispatching homies with prejudice. ( I think I heard that in a rap song)

I’ve been a bit bored of Wow in recent months. I was even considering that I might have grown up a bit and needed to move on permanently from wow. I took most of the summer off, not even logging in the entire month of June, and finally letting my account lapse in July. Around mid september I picked the game back up, very casually. I play only in the late evening after my daughter is in bed, and only if all of my work is done and the wife doesn’t want to watch some tv. (we’ve gotten hooked on netflix and television seasons.)

So, my first impressions of wow 4.0 are as such:
The first thing that struck me was how fun the new talent trees look. Take my rogue for instance. The tree descriptions AMAZE me. Fancy words like Assassin, Swashbuckler, and Executioner… SERIOUSLY. My rogue has been 80 for over a year, and has sat there, content in junk gear not being played. Rogue was a huge love for me in wow for a long time, but it was lack luster at 80 for me. Now I’m totally wanting to play her.

The next thing I noticed was my hunter. Yes, yes, the tree’s are pretty much the same, BUT I have a new game mechanic, focus. I also have HUGE stables!!! I can keep up to five pets ON ME, and TWENTY in the stables!!!!! I must set up a good BM spec and go out and round-up EVERY PET I’VE EVER DREAMED OF USING!!!!  I’ve been a hunter through and through, now I see myself playing Gozz, and at least 2-3 other hunters as well! (I have a 56 troll hunter with a full set of Gladiator waiting for him at 60, a worgen, and an undead hunter with my internet namesake waiting on Cata!)

Thirdly( is this even a word?Grammar Hammer ruling needed please.) the graphical overhaul. The new water/lava effects are very well done, and just like other graphical changes was much-needed. I had to bump my rig back down a bit, but my computer could handle the graphics, but not at the frame rates I like to see. Either I’m stuck getting a smaller monitor(BOO) or finally updating my rig… (How can I get this one approved by the committee…aka wife…)

Fourthly, This has my interest peaked again. That’s the end all at the moment. If this game can keep me happy, keep me around, keep my friends playing, then I will be here…. Well, at least until the spring of 2011… Then the inner nerd inside of me that lives in a galaxy far far away just may take over… I’m just saying… Wow Vs. SW…. No contest. Especially a Bioware MMO. KOTOR I&II were AMAZING. But for now, Blizzard is doing a good job of bringing me back in. Good on ya Blizz, good on ya.

Also, if this didn’t interest you, Here’s a Pony.

Rambling on since 1980,
~Uncle Sy

One Week Without Wow

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Yes folks, I had almost quit cold turkey without even trying to quit wow. I hear something about if you can make it past your first week you can be home free…well folks, it’s a lie. I’ve had the craziest week ever. I ended up with several semester projects due at the end of this past week. Now, between all of the extra school work, a PS3 with blue ray player(lets face it, I’m all about the High def movies!) and the bundle of joy reaching 8 weeks old, my parents needing a hand moving, and then the general nuttyness that surrounds me, I went just over a full week without even so much as logging into world of warcraft. Very sad, I know. Then tonight I sat down to work on a drawing for a guy for Christmas (he’s gonna love it) and decided that I needed a break. It dawned on me how long it had been sense I last logged into Azeroth. I had to remedy this. So, two minutes later I’m sitting in Dal on teh ol’ rogue ready for some action. I throw the invite out to Omega to see who can hit up HTOC. Not two minutes later we’re rolling into the instance. Now, there has to be something going on. Apparently Blizzard realized I hadn’t been in game for a week or so, and wanted to lure me in. They threw every piece of rogue gear that place had to offer at me! Well, not every piece, but I had at least one drop for every boss. Now, mind you a hunter got my helmet off of the black knight…meh, on well. I did however end up with the boots and bracers from the previous two bosses. I think wow wants me back in, and they have succeeded. I must now try to make some wow time over the next few days. School has slowed down so that is a plus. My rogue will be getting more playtime, she’s a blast. Yes, I said She. And she’s a Belf, yes,  BELF! Check her out. I know she needs a ton of gear/work as she’s new to the end game of life. Catch you all in Azeroth! You’ll be seeing a lot more of me!

I leave you with the inspiration for playing a female belf rogue. The music is lacking (Fikkle would disagree, I hear he likes buble gum pop?) but the video is all win.


The Monday Mayhem

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I’ve got a doosey of a post for you fine readers today! I’m all over the map and then back again! I’ve got a few pictures for you, I’ve got a quick statement from the mind of Sy, and I’m going to introduce you all to the lady that was clever enough to name my new spirit beast. Yeah, action packed folks, action packed.

First off, the Argent tournament is well under way, and the dailies are AWESOME! At some point this week I was able to go out and take on some commanders, lieutenants, scouts and foot soldiers with fellow blogger, and hunter Grimshott, aka Fikkle. It was a blast, and I got this awesome screenie.

Good Times.

Grim is also quite the fan of my spirit beast(and a bit jealous I’m guessing!) He had the pre-BC skin(minus cool see through and smokey effect) cat from Winter spring! Doesn’t it look sweet alongside my spirit beast?


In other News, Gozz acted out the March of the Penguins. Good Fun

That one on the left is the outsider, he may not get to huddle with the rest of the group when it gets cold…poor guy.

So, Gozz made Champion rank in the  tournament, and was awarded his squire. I’ve named my squire Steve. Squire Steve. I’ve also found the absolute BEST THING EVER to do with the Papa Hummle’s Pet Biscuits.

Steve has hit Puberty!

I’ve had some time to do some PVP on a newly 80 Sylus this week., First of all, leveling subtlety SUCKS, why I did this I’ll never know. I’ve switched to a mutilate build, and LOVE IT! I’m killing clothies left and right, and now have a bit of resilience, so I’m not getting knocked down left and right! Great. So, as I was waiting at the graveyard I popped open my honor pane, and what did I find? Blizzard is now figuring daily honor in Binary…Awesome.


Stinking BINARY!

Okay, Next, I wanted to take a moment to back off from the game and take a look at how I am perceived as a person playing this game. Not how is Sylus perceived, is he perceived as  a total killah-l33t-pvpbbqpwner? No, how am I perceived, as a person, while interacting with my guildies, trade chat, pugs, etc. I’ve been a jerk in the past. I’ve cut down people that didn’t know what they were doing, and honestly, didn’t deserve it. I’ve griped at guildies over stupid things, and I’ve even bashed on people behind their backs. I’ve totally ignored people that didn’t deserve it as well. I’m a jerk.

I’m not proud of these things, and I want to do something about it. I’m letting you guys know here at 4theHorde, that i want to be a better player, a better role model, and more accessible to the people around me in my game environment.

I know alot of people separate themselves from their toons. I have a hard time doing this. These characters are an extension of me. Sure, it’s a picture of an orc or an undead running around in a fantasy world, and I do encourage the RP, but I’m also the one behind the avatar. If I’ve mistreated you personally, sorry. If I’ve sluffed you off as a “noob” and moved on, sorry. I’m not here whining to anyone, I’m just taking a quick minute to try to right a few wrongs. I love the community in this game. I love the fact that I have some great friends that play wow with me, and I even have some great friends I’ve made while playing this game. These bloggers here at 4theHorde are definitely among those friends!  I really appreciate you guys, and just wanted to take a minute to tell you. Have fun guys, and I’ll see you in Azeroth and in all corners of the interwebs. Tell your Buddies you appreciate them, it doesn’t make you look as sissy as you think!

Truly Appreciative,

~Uncle Sy

The Comment that Became a Post.

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Let me preface this post with a statement.  From April 1 to present, I have been living an extended april fools joke. This post was born out of a comment that I almost posted a few minutes ago in Fikkle’s reply post to our April fools post…Keep up here Pie.

YOU ALL SUCK. I think I am the sickest of us all. I have always, ALWAYS, ALWAYS  been TOTALLY ANTI-ALLY! Now I am so caught up in all of this shinanigan-ness that I have an entire ARMY OF GNOMES!!! I have a gnome rogue, a gnome warlock(which is going to lvl with or without these shmucks) a gnome warrior, a gnome mage, and a gnome death knight(to say I have one). A STINKIN ARMY OF GNOMES!!! You heard it right. I am becoming a fan of gnomes, AND NOT JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE A LEAN SOURCE OF PROTEIN AND THE FAT THEY DO HAVE IS GOOD FAT, LIKE FISH!!! I have been the extreme butt of this joke. For that I hate you all. Die in a gnome fueled fire. Okay, maybe that’s a bit extreme. I’m really seriously a bit upset at myself for falling for the gnomes so fast…. I FAIL with a capital PH. And now I am stuck admitting to the world…..

My Name is Sylus, and I’m a gnome rogue…..

Your Pint Sized Friend,
~Uncle Sy