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Too Many Hunters!

Posted in Hunter, PvP with tags , , , on October 10, 2009 by sylus

Yes, I am addicted to hunters. How addicted am I you ask? Too Many Anna’s(with all her Anna’s)  got nothin on the amount of Hunters I have! Well, let me give you the run down on all of my hunters. My main lvl 80 toon, Gozz=hunter. I have a level 19 twink on earthenring and coilfang. I have a level 20 hunter I started and want to eventually level on coilfang, I have a 33ish BG dorf hunter I write about on the other blog(no link, you should know about it by now!)( more link…), and two other lower dorf hunters I’ve played around with when servers are down…

Enter my newest hunter to grace the world…of warcraft. Rozjin!


Now, Gozjin isn’t just any ol’ troll. He’s related to someone you all might  know…name sound at all familiar? Yes, Gozjin would be Rozjin‘s little ol’ cousin! Now, in honor of his cousin, he made the run from the Den to Razorhill to pick up his heirloom items, bags, gold, and fun stuff from the mailbox, NAKED! COMPLETELY NAKED!

Now, in my previous post I was walking through some pretty complicated math with the class, and I had some rough figures for how long I thought it would take me to get all of the heirloom items I would need to have everything. I like everything. Everything suits my  playstyle of “outgear-outlive-outlast.” I mean come on, if you can’t BE better then them, at least have better gear! Even out the playing field a little bit! Now, I’m no slouch at playing a hunter. I can say I have been around the block a bit with the hunters. My main Gozz alone has over 76 days logged play time… sad, I  know.

I wanted to go ahead and get my baby hunter Gozjin to level 10, so I could do his pet quest( I’ve fallen in love with the crab for PVP) and get him some purchased gear that I won’t have heirloom items for. Gozjin must have been confused a little in the begining, because he called up ol’ Kovari(bank alt) and had him send down ANY heirloom gear he could wear. Kovari shot him what he had…which was something, I mean heck, +10% lvling exp for chest and shoulders doesn’t come along all the time, am I right? So, for a few levels Gozjin thought he was a druid… He just couldn’t figure out how to turn into a bear…


It was a confusing time for him. Then I hit a time warp. On Thursday I was able to play a good chunk of the day on my main hunter, Gozz. I did 8 heroics in one day…WOW. To be honest, my brain was fried, but hey, I got sooo many emblems. By the end of the day, after a weeks worth of wintergrasp( I got rid of the S for ya fikkle!) quests on three lvl 80 toons, I was able to get the hunter shoulders, the ancient bone bow, the hunter chest, a dagger(with +15 agi chant) the heirloom haste trinket, and his pvp trinket. WOW.  Now Gozjin is tricked out and ready to dominate.

But wait folks… He’s level ten going into WSG…he’s going to get eaten alive…and you would be right. So I went in, got my butt handed to me a few times, and got frustrated. So I left battlegrounds, went to Org, leveled my engineering up to 150, got my second rank of goggles, some explosives, a scope for the bow, and went out and leveled up my herbalism to 75(working towards 150+) and maxed out my first aid. I’m using heavy runecloth…COME ON 2000 over 8 seconds? TWO TICKS AND I’M FULL FROM ZERO! I logged over to my leatherworker, the Illustrious rogue, Sylus(my internet namesake) and crafted up the deviate and dark leather items I would be using towards the end of the teens bracket, and spent way to much on the auction house, looked up one of my favorite enchatners and added a ton of agility and stamina to my gear, and I had a good set of “Transient Twink” gear ready.

I’d love to take credit for that phrase(Transient Twink), in fact, I have a spot for it in The International Dictionary of Sylus, if Fikkle wants it in there!(pg 4356) Fikkle coined this term to describe having a battleground character that doesn’t stop at the normal twink levels, but rather uses his superiority via heirloom gear, and suplaments it with a few key purchased items and enchants as they level up into new brackets all the way through to end game PVP.

I went back into the battlegrounds at level 12. MAN O MAN, it made a HUGE difference. During one momentous WSG match, I had some serious hate coming my way from a lvl 10 paladin, a level 12 druid, and a 16 priest. they would charge in after me everytime, and I’d set them down one at a time. It wasn’t until they all three decided, “hey, lets work together, and we can take this troll chump down” that they actually did( it took one of them dying, and running ALL THE WAY BACK TO MY FLAGROOM)… lifebloom+bandages(Heavy Runeclothx2 on that fight(yes it was that long))+ healing pot= me stayin alive, ah, ah, ah, ah, STAYIN ALLLIIIIIIAAHHHHHIIIHIIIIIVEEEEEEE….

Sorry, back to Earth. I’m now level 13, destroying battlegrounds, a defensive MACHINE (returning flags already at 40, working on 100!) and I got the stuff to make you stop in yo tracks! PVP Crab PINFORTHEWIN, concusion shot+2 points in improved concussion shot, big bronze bombs to stop you in your tracks and take off 100+ health a shot. You aren’t going anywhere!!! WoWScrnShot_100909_145027

Now, I’ll be updating you all on Gozjins progress as he goes through the levels, but just know, one day soon(okay, not too soon) you’ll be seeing Ol’ Gozjin at level 60, rocking warlord gear, for real. I WILL OWN THAT BOW!


Now, I hope Rozzy isn’t to upset with me, after all, I did totally bogart her name, and make this troll(bow bonuses or he’d be an orc) her cousin…I hope she’s okay with that, but eitehr way, Gozjin will make a name for himself, after all, Roz is all Alliance now…boo hoo. I’m still Hordecore baby!(accept for the worgen…and that dwarf hunter in the pvp…they’re cool) So keep an eye out, I’m comin for ya you dirty nelfs!

~Uncle Sylus