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6 Responses to “Contact Us”

  1. Hey there Fikkle:

    Hope this message finds you well! My friend, Twisted Nether wants horde, specifically, Fim and I would like to know if you and Sy, would like to come on the show Aug. 22nd? If you guys are willing, just email back at or!

    Hope to hear from you soon!

  2. Just checking in that you guys got my emails (x2).. hopefully it didn’t hit your spam filter. look for

  3. I just finished reading everything on this site, from the first post in March to the newest one yesterday (Had to look for that one, hah). But I’m insanely happy I found a blog that is actually taken care of, and is just amazing. I’m not sure where I should be thanking you, whether it be here, or in a email, or whatever, but I want to thank Sy (you sneaky devil), Fikkle (My ways are turned, I now follow Pie), and now Nimrock (Warrior’s for life!).

    I’m looking forward to the next forever (Fikkle return like you use to, look back on that, you posted all the time!), and some great advice from Nimrock (fledgling warrior growing up right here!)

    -Gwarnub (or Darkoth)

  4. @ Gwar (or Darkoth) – Well, wow, thank you so much for the great words, I’m pretty happy you like the site. I mean I know we have people actually visiting the site each day and all, but its always nice to hear from someone who is appreciating what we’ve written. As for the return, well, lets just say that I’ve been working on something cool, and this whole work thing I’ve been doing since the holidays ended is over next week, after which point my play time and post frequency will return to previously freakish levels 😀

    Stay tuned…

  5. Mortacai Says:

    Its nice to read a light-hearted WoW blog, and its even more fun to read and have it reference things that are close to home for me. Kinda nice to know that I’m not the only Royals fan who plays wow…

  6. Hey guys,

    Just added you to my blogroll on

    Just looking down at the Mage Blogs section of your blogroll, noticed you’ve messed up Gnomeaggedons a bit. You’ve got “Armageddon\’s Coming” with the slash, the slash obviously shouldn’t be there. Same appears to have happened for all of them (Multi Class Blogs -> Two and a half orc\’s, Rogue Blogs -> One Rogue\’s Journey, etc.)

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