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I aim to misbehave.

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Monday, BigBearButt posted about his anger and disappointment with Blizzard for how they’ve handled the reputation armor pieces. Basically, you need to get your rep up to a certain level and then spend Justice or Valor to buy those pieces.  I, myself, felt this very thing when Halk hit 90 and I started looking for ways to upgrade my gear, since Blizzard is on a kick to make all the top trainer learned recipes to not be top level and the patterns you need to level up to 600 are PvP, which I don’t do. I realize they are pretty decent for PvE, but it’s a principle, why not let me get level 90 PvE blues from Leatherworking?

In no way am I preparing to quit the game. No, I am really enjoying the game and have my 3 plots of land for Tiller farming and I am working on the Golden Lotus rep, not every day, but most days. I was getting Golden Lotus rep to get the leatherworking patterns, but now I am thinking I might drop leatherworking and just have two gathering professions.

Skullreaver is not a raiding guild. We have a few 90’s and I am not sure have much more than 10 unique accounts. Most of the time we might have 1 or 2 people on. By the way, if you’d be interested in a really casual, but really nice guild, who is not level 25, but working on it, the Skullreaver is open to new members. We have big plans. We also have real lives, with families and time constraints and altism. Although, I do have a confession to make. I’ve spent a ton of gold and time building my leveling sets and I find myself not really wanting to play anyone but Halkale. I log into Punkinpie to run my AH stuff. I log into Knicknack to do his daily minor glyph research and when he has max rested to level him through healing LFG. I am trying to log into Crispers here and there and level him to get the Dynamic Duo and Double Agent achievements.

But, my first love is now my only true love. I love Halkale, love being a hunter. Love trying new things, taking on bigger and bigger packs and keeping my Turtle (He needs a name) healed and holding aggro. My Turtle is the Rare you have to track down, use a flare to see and tame. I think most of the pets I love the most are the ones I spent time either camping a spawn spot (Winterschill – Wolf Spirit Beast), running way up north into Night Elf area to open statues to tame when I was only 24-25 (Szablya – Ghost Saber) or had to tame while in some phase (Donteatme – translucent Worm from Wrath) or hunt down, Turtle (Bloodtooth).

I’d like to raid, but first I need to get my iLevel up. I need to start running Heroics. I know the queue times will suck as DPS, but I can queue and then farm or do dailies. I still have several zones to finish questing in, since I dinged just after I started Townlong.  I am about halfway through Friendly with Golden Lotus, wondering if I should get to Honored by the recipes and get them done for Halk, before I drop Leatherworking. I have about 8k gold and quite a lot of leather in my bank.

Whatever happens. I know I love playing the game right now.

No, my turtle’s name is not bonnet.


Wall o’ Text: Why Motes Of Harmony Are Terrible

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Lok’tar friends!

So I hit 90 within three or four days of the launch of Pandaria, as I’m sure a few others did as well. I was nowhere near a realm first, nor was I looking for it, but there were about 25 to 50 90s on my server (logged in, Horde faction only) when I finally got rid of my experience bar for another two years. Since then, I immediately trained pandaran flying, and then I began to explore the vast new continent to find out exactly what there was to do. Luckily, earlier in the same day that I reached endgame, WoW Insider posted an article about the reputation faction for the Order of the Cloud Serpent, which peaked my curiosity instantly. You have to remember, I knew absolutely nothing about this expansion. I was gone for all of Cata and fell out of following the game’s news and developments. When I finally came back, I was around only for a few weeks before travelling for work for the next month, during which 5.01 (or whatever it was called) dropped. I was still able to play during that time, sporadically, but I chose to goof off mostly. If there is one thing that I wish they would have allowed during that patch that they didn’t was access to the pet battling system. It would have been nice to be able to do something as casually as the pet battle system in the
month leading up to the expansion where there was nothing to do and nothing to see (as I’ve said before, Theramore was terrible, and Blizz really dropped the ball on having a decent pre-launch event). It also would have been nice to be able to have battle pets levelled up to the proper level to be able to take them out and battle with the pandaran local pets straight off the airship. But, alas, t’was not to pass and now we must go and kick some…. Err, nevermind, this isn’t Shakespeare so let’s just move on.

So back to level 90. On the way up to 90 I queued for random dungeons every once in a while. At first, I joined exclusively as Arms to fill a damage roll because I hate to have the responsibility of being the tank without knowing what the encounter is going to bring. Granted that almost all of the randoms that I was in, everyone was learning as well, including the actual tanks, but this is just my personal preference. Eventually, once I had seen all four of the levelling dungeons (by the way, only four levelling dungeons? Really? REALLY?) I started queueing as a tank, and then I was the one explaining to all the new players exactly what needed to be done. And then I hit 90. And then I realized that I could no longer use the random dungeon finder.

Why, you might ask?

Well the reason is that all non-heroic dungeons in Mists are 85 to 90 (although technically, 85 to 89) and all heroic dungeons are level 90. To say that differently, while you’re levelling in Mists, you can queue for only the normal dungeon versions of the four available instances. When you’re level 90, you can only queue for a random heroic, not a regular. Yes, I realize that you can queue for a specific regular dungeon, however, when I don’t care which dungeon that I want to join, I’m really interested in getting the additional rewards for using the random queuing system.

So what, you might ask?

Well the problem is that when I finished levelling, I was part way through the Towlong Steppes zone, and most of my gear was levelling gear (I got one drop from the normal dungeons while levelling). So my character didn’t meet the gear level requirements to run heroics, which left me with not very helpful options to get geared up. The first option, is crafted gear, except that because everyone is levelling their professions right now, everything is expensive… Very expensive. Having sat out an expansion, I’m way behind on the gold curve (not to mention having the hungry mouths of an army of alts to feed). The second option, is to continue questing and hope for better gear from quest rewards. While this was probably the option I should have gone with since I am both cheap and broke, I had just hit 90 and wanted to see what was available at the endgame. So I chose door number three, and went with doing the daily quests. Except, I got side tracked. I saw flying serpents and said, “I have to do those.” I saw the new Tilling profession and said “I have to do those.” Coincidentally, Tilling requires you to be either rich (insert previously established fact here) or you have to fish / farm your own mats. Once you get done with them, why not cook them up since there is now an NPC that will allow you to level your cooking from skill 1 to skill 525 using only vendor sold items that she sells.

All of this stuff got me really distracted for the first two days, and then I found out that pet battles are as fun and addictive as they are, and I wrote off another couple of days to that. Essentially, I kinda lost myself in those dailies and pet battles, and totally forgot about trying to gear up. All that being said, yesterday I finally went back to Towlong to carry on with the questing there, which I finished up. All that’s left is the Dread Wastes. In the meantime, I tried out a BG (for the first time in two years, and oh man do I need to work on my pvp’ing). That experience was enough to convince to finally spring some of the gold I’d made while levelling and go get my blacksmithing up. So I did, and with the Motes of Harmony that I’d collected I was able to buy six out of the eight pvp recipes for strength plate. Those pieces were all upgrades, every last one of them, for the pieces I was wearing, so now my Arms set is dominated by a rediculous looking armor set (already transmog’d to the good ole Relentless Gladiator). I’ve queued for a couple of random scenarios, which grant 30 and then 15 valor points and those have gone very well. There was a healer in the group both times, so no one died, and I earned two of the ‘do something extra’ achievements.

But despite all of that (I forgot to mention above, but all dailies that I’ve found reward 5 Valor Points in addition to other rewards), I haven’t been able to get anything remotely close to an upgrade. Until today. Blizz decided to remove the reputation requirements on the JP and VP vendor in a hotfix today, which meant all of the gear that was formerly out of reach (still only friendly with golden lotus) is suddenly available. While I did have plenty of JP saved up from my dungeon runs at 85 prior to the launch and while levelling after the launch, I only had enough for a single piece. I chose to pick up the dps cloak, since that was the lowest iLvl piece that I was wearing, and it bumped me up to 1 under the heroic requirement >.< The Valor vendor still isn't really an option, since I only have 500 Valor Points from doing all the dailies all week (I missed a few days and a few dailies). I'm not sure if you'll actually be able to hit the valor cap just from
dailies, but I don't suspect you can. In any case, I'll be continuing to save up valor pieces to pick up a little upgrade in my quest to get ready for the raid finder. And that, is what I've been up to at 90 (I've also been levelling a Pandaran Monk, but that's for another post).

    Onwards and, well, onwards

So this post is subtitled “Why Motes of Harmony Are Terrible” and all that above was supposed to be a quick paragraph discussing what I’ve been up to, but it kind of turned into a side rant that turned into a main rant that might actually end up being longer than the main post is going to be. Let’s find out together. I started picking up the Motes while out levelling, thought they were like the Motes from Outlands, you pick up enough and then convert them to their bigger badder version.
They were called ‘Harmony’ so I figured this was the new version of the Mote of Life. Seeing as how Kor doesn’t need those, I basically stuck it in a bag and didn’t pay attention to it for a couple days until I was going through my bags and realized just how mnay of them I had. (81, to be exact). I ended up using two Spirits of Harmony (each takes ten motes) to make a crafted axe in order to get my skill up to 575, and the remainder were used to purchase the patterns for the crafted PvP
strength plate. Now that’s all well and good, I’ve gotten used to using these kinds of items for crafting materials or currency, whatever. What’s terrible about them is that they’re untradable because they’re soulbound. Case in point. Yesterday, Nim had his Enginerring up to 595 (or near enough as not to matter, it might have been 570). In any case, he was five points away from something, and he just happened to have a craftable engineering pet that I don’t have yet, and that pattern would grant him five skill points for one construction. Just like Kor is a Blacksmith and Jewelcrafter, Nim is a Blacksmith and Engineer. Both of us have been unable to gather our own materials to level our professions, and so we’ve had to rely on guildies or the AH. In my case, I’ve levelled my gatherer character and gotten him to Pandaria, but he’s still got a long ways to go.

In the case of Nim’s engineering pattern, he required Trillium, which is still eye gougingly expensive and time-lost rare (well, maybe not that rare, but you get the idea). So I purchased six Trillium bars (btw, I’m totally waiting for Blizz to create an expansion with an ore combination of Naquedah, Naquadriah and Trinium, just saying) off the AH, sent the required Ghost Iron I had on me, and then took a second look at the pattern. Like the Axe my blacksmith made, it required two Spirits of
Harmony. So I asked Nim how many he had, and he replied, 1.7. So I asked him if he realized that they were Soulbound. “That’s kind of terrible” was Nim’s reply, which I totally have to agree with. The motes of harmony are a low drop rate item that drop from just about everything on Pandaria and while farming them is generally feasible, its not really going to be quick or painless. This means that any time a crafter wants to make a higher end item, whether it be to sell or to help out a guildie, they have to go spend their precious time (and I say precious very seriously, time is the one thing you can never get back, that and the inclusion of Jar Jar Binks into canon), to farm these items themselves. This means that there is going to be an insane, intangible price added on to any crafted item that requires these motes. If these were tradable, the price would be insane right now while everyone scrambled to get them to level their professions, but as time went on and the demand dropped significantly to a more reasonable level and the supply rose over time, so too would the price normalize into a reasonable amount, or at least an amount that people would be willing to pay. This is the way of the economy (which does not require a cooking fire, btw) in WoW whenever any new tradable resource is introduced. Perhaps if there was a daily quest that rewarded 10 motes / 1 spirit of harmony, it wouldn’t be so bad, that way, you could always work on building more without needing to grind. If I run out of motes and need to spirits for a pattern, I have to go and grind for two hours to get enough to make them? That’s terrible design. That’s 2004 design, not to kick Vanilla WoW or anything, back in the day that was just the way it was, but this is 2012 new jack, things have changed.

And what about gatherer characters? My Death Knight is an herbalist and a miner, so he has no need to have any Spirits of Harmony (unless they are used for something else I’m not yet aware of). If my DK can’t use them to have gear crafted for him, and he can’t sell them, am I just going to have them build up in my bank? That’s terrible design. There’s ways around this of course, if they can work it on the back end. If two are required for a profession, have a tab in the trade window
that allows the crafter to use the other person’s Spirits and then the crafted item is automatically traded upon crafting and soulbound to the player who was ‘buying’ the craft. This way at least a crafter could say ‘Bring your own Spirits to this party.’

So that’s about all I have for my ranting today. If you’re already level 90, Bravo Zulu. If not, get working on it! In the meantime,

Stay Hordecore!

— Kor

The Grinch Who Stole the Miracle of Pre-Pandmas

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Lok’tar friends!

So I’ve been messing about on a lot of my toons lately, real A.D.D.-like.  Today I was originally going to post a few screenshots of some comments I’ve captured over the years. But those will have to wait.  Instead, I wanted to rant a little bit. It’s short, and very bitter.

Today everyone was talking about the new Theramore scenario and how excited they were and who was gonna do it and what not.  Now, I took part in the scourge invasion pre-wrath event and the Darkspear and Gnome pre-Cata events and really enjoyed both. But this time, Blizz put a short, very short instance together with a gear level requirement. So not only do you have to be 85, you have to have the gear to be able to take part.  Now technically, this event is different in that its not a one-time event.  When KungFu Pandas drop kick they’re way onto Azeroth, the scenario is getting moved to level 90 where it will join the other scenarios that Blizz is planning for the next expansion.  But that’s a terrible design choice, if you ask me.

One of the great things about the scourge invasion and the retaking the cities events were that they were special because they could only be done at a certain time. Hell, the opening of the gates of AQ is another example, one which I wasn’t around for and never got to see.  The other thing about the other ore-expansion events was that they were accessible to everyone. During the Scourge invasion, not everyone could kill the high level mobs, but they had invasions near the capital cities with lower level mobs that you could take a low level character to and see the event. People could be turned into ghouls and infect their friends and their faction. It was awesome.  With the Troll/Gnome event, even lowbies could participate in the battle.

When the shenani-hooligans got talking about today, I basically told them not to bother counting on Kor being able to go with them… I wouldn’t be able to attend without a Miracle of Pre-Pandmas. Kor’s only been 85 for a few weeks, and I haven’t tried to get gear for him because its all getting replaced in the next expansion. So I levelled lowbies. Because of that, the item level on my gear is too low to join the Theramore scenario, and Kor is my only 85, so tough cookies, go be a sadpanda off in a corner by yourself.  Luckily, there is a workaround to this problem if you a) have golds or b) know someone who has golds and is willing to give you somes.  I was able to buy about six pieces of the vicious pvp gear and get my iLvl up high enough to participate.

And then I went and did the scenario! And then I said, ‘That was it? Really?’ And then there was a cut scene! And then I said, ‘That was it? Really?’ And then back in Orgrimmar I opened the loot bag they gave me and I got …. Fireworks?  “THAT IS @#$%^*% IT REALLY?”

Thanks Blizz for a terrible world event that isn’t worth the ten seconds it took the q to load when we joined with a full group.  Really, you sh!t the bed on this one.  For the rest of us,

Stay Hordecore,

— Kor

Fickle Friday: List Edition

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Lok’tar friends,

Yes I know our Friday post is a day late this week, but I blame our self appointed editor and chef (who cuts a mean carrot). He’s had this post for about four or five days and instead makes me post it from an igloo. Anyways…

So I’be been bombing around Azshara with my lowbie Goblin warrior this past week having a blast. My play time has been sporadic and very limited due to work, but I’ve still managed to start a new guild (new server requires new shenanigans guild, for the shenanigans require their own home… Guild is Skullreaver on Winterhoof Horde if anyone’s interested).

Anyways, I know all you Cata players are saying that Azshara was so two years ago, and you’d be right, but this is my first run through of the retuned zone, so for me, it’s all new. But the real topic of today’s post is a list. Two years ago, right before I stopped playing for good, I posted a few lists that were sort of reminiscing about my playtime in WoW up until the end of Wrath. Since I didn’t really play Cata, I can’t do the exact same, but I have played other MMOs so I decided to make today’s list all about “Things WoW Does Wrong”. Now before you get the wrong idea, let me start by saying that wow does a lot of things right. It’s those things that have kept the game going for so long. But there are some things that WoW just doesn’t do right. (By the way, this list is brought to you by the number 6 and the letter PH, because there a lot of sixes who just don’t get enough recognition and there is a lot of PHail out there).

6. FFS Enough With The Rediculous One Off Mini-Games

This is a trend that started in BC with bombing runs, but was taken to a whole new level in Wrath with the real instigator being vehicle combat. There were a few quests using vehicles that prepped players for later usage of them in pvp and raids. Fine. I didn’t love it, but I didn’t hate it either. The jousting is another example.for Cata, I have only done a few of the new zones so far, but there are two types of minigames that are terrible, irrelevant and downright annoying. I’m talking about the archmage questline in Azshara that has you bounding up a mountain a la super mario, and the stupid Hippogryph flapping in Mount Hyjal. Holy Hanna Blizzard. Enough is Enough. Pick a mechanic that is fun and works and stick with it. Wasting time to learn a new mechanic (that often sucks moar with lag) for a single quest (and failies, you figure it out) is terrible game design. If you’re gonna make us learn a new minivans mechanic, make it fun and doable.

5. Expansions do NOT require you to change the way your entire skill / talent / spell / random mechanic system works.

I really hope you’re done doing this to us. Adding a few tiers of abilities was great for the first three expansions. Albeit by the time Wrath hit, there were a lot to learn and there were a lot of spells that needed reworking. I get that. I still hate the way it was done, but whatever, you’re the ones with millions of customers, not me. Still, I was hoping that for the next few expansions we could build on the NEW talent system you developed, And start to develop intricate builds, strange hybrids and wicked cool twists. So what if there were junk talents, that was never something I cared much about. Having to relearn two specs on all eight of the different classes I have at endgame? That sucks. But oh wait, we’re gonna do that all over again, and now, you can just play whackamole with your talents cause they don’t really matter. That’s shitty. That’s like seeing your best friend sleeping with his mouth open and deciding to drop a deuce in it. It might seem cool at the time, but it’s kinda offside.

4. Crafting Isn’t Interesting, More Like Set It and Go Do Your Laundry

Seriously, Star Wars did a really great job with their crafting. I don’t know that it will work for wow, but what I do know is that having to level first aid on my umpteenth character is getting ridiculous. Seriously, I get a bunch of linen cloth, hit craft all and have time to go watch an episode of Big Bang Theory. The crafting system in game is really a testament to what existed in the MMO space when WoW was in development. Things are different now and it’s time for an update. I mean really, if you can sunder the whole world, the least you can do is find a homeless bum for me to hire who can make bandages for me. I mean when was the last time they were in a city? There are always people begging for golds. Why can’t we make them do it?

3. Hearthstones suck.

I’m sorry, but I got spoiled while playing TOR. Their system worked so that once you discovered a hearth location, you could hearty there any time, provided it wasn’t cooldown. The Hearthstone system could really use an overhaul and it would get rid of the need for portals, teleports, etc. c’mon Blizz, this would make everyone’s lives less annoying.

2. Moar RP Love! (But not the Deep Run Tram kind)

Seriously, I love to RP, even if I only do it casually. But this is one aspect of the game that always takes a back seat to mechanics and content. It’s sad, considering that WoW is an amazing RPG, except for the fact that the majority of the RP has to be played driven. The Transmog thing (which I haven’t tried yet) is a step in the right direction, but I suspect that it made the cut only because people are vain. Give my character the ability to select a last name, or a place to call home (aka housing), to name that one special weapon you have (I call her Vera, she is my most favorite gun) or some cool thing you’ve thought of but I haven’t yet. Your stories can be so wonderful, and they are made all the better when I can Roleplay my characters through them.

1. Class Legendary Quests & Weapons (or Armor)

I know this may sound far fetched, but I really want to see Class Legendary quest lines, for all Classes, that are amazing in their story telling and then at the end allow you to chose the type of weapon/armor piece that you want (sword, axe, dagger, etc) and a special effect (three for each class, allowing you to tailor it to your spec) and then to name the weapon/armor yourself. Invariably some d-bag will call it ‘yomama’ or something as equally unimaginative, but it would give people a chance to really pick the weapon that best suited their character. My orc warrior would take an 2H axe, my dwarf paladin a 2H mace, my blood elf Mage would take a a kick ass robe, while my Forsaken Rogue would get a fist weapon, and my Tauren Warrior would get the biggest baddest mofo shoulders you could dream of.

At the launch of an expansion is the worst possible time to ask for something to be added to that expansion. So I’m not asking that. What I am asking for is consideration for the expansion after Mists. Think about it. In the meantime,

Stay Hordecore,


What Gnomer Said…

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Lok’tar friends,

First, what Gnomer said.

Second, I haven’t posted here in quite some time. Actually, none of the bloggers who have posting rights have done so. Some of us are still playing the game, very regularly. I have taken some breaks from the game, but I’ve been back now for a while. And I have been having so much fun. At least I was.

I have never been chicken little. Throughout the course of my wow career I have seen game changes come and go, and I’ve heard the nay-sayers proclaim that the end is here or near or around the corner. The introduction of Badges of Justice, Blizzard selling vanity items (to name a few) are some of the issues that people have cried havoc about and let slip the dogs of account cancellation. This happened again with the announcment of Real ID not too long ago and I’ll admit, I once again thought that it wasn’t too bad a system. Even once implemented, I actually enjoyed most of the functionality. It did take away my ability to go bounce around on a lowbie without logging into vent and having that sense of anonymity to it, but it was okay since it wasn’t the end of the world, even though as one of the more knowledgeable members in my group of friends (about the game), some of the newer folks are constantly asking me questions about what this means, or how’d they do that, or which piece of gear is better. Those things get tiresome after a while, and now I have no way to hide from that, but, not the end of the world.

But now the sky is falling. The WoW sky. In order to play this game that we all enjoy, we have to sign the Terms of Service and as such, we declare that we have no right to the in-game stuff and all that techno-babble that most people don’t bother to read. But that does not give you the right to publish my personal information. Period. And this isn’t even some paranoia rant or ‘dual-life’ argument that I’ve read about. I’m not a chick, so I’m not at much risk of being stalked, and I don’t have a really unique name or anything IRL. People that I work with already know about my pastimes and I’m not disadvantaged because of it.

I can understand the need to give Blizzard my information to play their game. That is reasonable to me because when I give them that info I trust that they aren’t going to do anything stupid with it. I trust that they are going to respect my privacy. And this is the part where all the people who disagree with me will say “Oh Noes, but failID is optional, you don’t have to use it.” And yes, that may be true. But if they are willing to let my personal information that I gave to them in trust be published WITHOUT PROVIDING ANY OTHER ALTERNATIVE THAN TO NOT USE IT, than I’m not going to use it.

One more quick little side bar. I only play one MMO at the moment, this one. In fact, I rarely play any other video games at all. Why? Because WoW is where all my friends are, it is fun and interesting and its all I really need as a hobby. But this is going to far for my personal likes. There are plenty of other games out there I can play. I did play Assassin’s Creed II over the Christmas holidays and had a blast with it, despite the fact that its really short, in comparison to something like, say, wow. I stopped playing Oblivion mid-way through completing that game when I started playing wow, and never went back. I have only played Civ III, my all time favorite game ever, a handful of times since I started playing wow, and that game was old faithful for me for so, so many years. There are other options for my gaming time.

As one individual I don’t have very many options to protest Blizzard’s actions. I can’t tell them that in order to get my subscription fees (and numerous server transfers, race/faction changes, character re-customization fees), they need to sign a terms of service with me that says they are not allowed to publish my personal information anywhere without my direct permission. They don’t allow petitions on their forums, so we can’t show our support that way. They didn’t ask us in a poll. They just decided that they needed to make their game more like failbook. And I use failbook, but I use failbook with people who I already know, who already have my information and could get nothing else from it no matter how hard they tried.

So to Blizzard, I say this: My identity has value. It has value to me and you have no right to devalue my personal information by making it available to anyone, anywhere, anytime, in direct violation to the trust I placed in you when I gave you that information. I suppose I could go on paying you each month and then some, but that would just be tacit approval that what you are doing isn’t wrong. And it is wrong. It violates the trust I placed in you and the faith that I’ve had in you ever since I played Diablo 1 oh so many years ago. The only recourse that I have open to me is to tell you that I will stop supporting your company with my hard earned money. That goes for this game and every other game you make. I don’t care how amazing they are, you will not see another penny from me ever again.

That, and what Gnomer said:


Fikkle and out.

Transient Twinks and Starving the Trolls

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Lok’tar friends. So before Roz tries to blow me up with fire, let me expand upon the title. Trolls meaning not the Darkspears, but forum trolls. It goes with the cliché “don’t feed the trolls.” I listened to the final episode of the How I WoW podcast yesterday and Scott Johnson, the prolific podcaster and unique internet personality gave his advice for dealing with Trolls. And I paraphrase here:

“It took me a really long time to learn, but eventually, whenever someone sent me a nasty or hurtful email my initial reaction is to defend myself. But now, I count to 10 and normally just respond with ‘thank you for your feedback, I’ll consider it.’ Instead of getting into a flame war, it usually just ends there.”

That may not be an exact quote, but it gets the meaning of what he said across. It just so happened that last evening in the 20-29 BG bracket, someone said something that normally would’ve started a flame war. We were in a WSG, with two level 28s on our team, with most of the rest being 24 and below. I was 22, Grubs and Pie were 21. Basically, we were getting stomped by Alliance Transient Twinks, or TT’s (Twinks in Heirloom gear that don’t turn off their xp, and only twink until they level out of a bracket). Pie made the comment in BG chat that we had too many low level characters and wouldn’t be able to compete. He was technically right, although that sounds very un-Horde-like Mister Pie. Anyways, this 28 then said: “You’re idiots for q’ing to low.” Or at least something to that effect, calling us idiots. Instead of allowing a flame war to begin, I simply typed the following: “Thank you for your opinion. We will consider it strongly when we decide to q for the next battleground.” The response? The 28 simply said thank you, and everyone moved on to a different topic. Did I consider it strongly when I decided to cue the next time? Of course not. I really don’t care if that person has an opinion, thinks I’m an idiot or feels cheated for it. But it ended there without devolving into a shouting match. They felt like someone listened. It didn’t hurt me any to pander to their ego.

The reality now, though, is that with heirloom gear (and possibly even without it) people are going to cue for BGs whenever they feel like it, even at lower levels. In the fifteen or twenty lower level BGs that I ran last night, all but that one were fairly even as far as the ratio of lower level players on each side. If you don’t like it, too freaking bad. Turn off your experience and go sit in a q for hours to wait to play against real twinks. The old mentality that lower levels have no place in BGs is antiquated and needs to be done with. Sure, at level 22, I miss with some abilities against higher level characters. Against a TT Mage or a TT Priest, I get kited and destroyed, usually doing almost nothing to them. You know what I say? Well, that sucks, I guess I’ll wait a few seconds, rez at the spirit healer and try again. Do I hurt my team? Not normally. The alliance usually has just as many low level characters on their side. When I come up against a character at the lower end of the bracket, say 21-24, I normally win. Why? My warrior is a TT as well, just hasn’t made it to the end of the bracket yet. But I can still compete. I also went one-on-one against some 28 and 29 characters and came out the last one standing. It doesn’t happen often, but it does happen. And it is possible.

All that being said, people need to realize that battlegrounds are no longer the area of twinks, but are now the area of TT’s. A TT can be a level 20 toon in the 29 BGs. They just haven’t got up to the end of the bracket yet. Is it going to be the fastest way for them to level? Maybe not. But if they want to level like that, THEY ARE ALLOWED. They pay the $15 a month and if they want to do low level BGs, they can. If you don’t like the fact that they end up as your teammate, well, you’re free to do something else. And complaining about it won’t really help either. If you wanna do serious twink battlegrounds, go see the little stealthed rogue for your faction, pay 10g and stop gaining experience. Then you can run around with others who take twink BGs really serious. You can then also feel what its like to be ridiculed for being an idiot for joining a battleground that you aren’t welcome in, prepared for, or capable of succeeding in. Feels nice doesn’t it? Didn’t think so. So, thank you for your feedback, but shove it up your self-important backside.

— Fikkle
May the Horde be with you