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Movember week 1

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Just a quick update with the no-shaviness. Lookin good boys, looking good.




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Lok’tar friends,

So this would have been my second week in a row without posting anything to this here blog (had I skipped it). Instead, I decided to stop by to let everyone know that I’ve unofficially been officially taking an unofficial break from the game. Or something like that.

In place of a post about WoW, I’ve decided to leave you with a few screenshots of something I think that is awesome, always has been awesome and will always be awesome.



and finally…

Stay Hordecore,

— Kor


Operation: Lowbie-Hunter Levels 1-10

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Meet Wrasam, Night Elf Hunter.

Sadly my Mohawked wore off before I got this pic.

My attempt to level this hunter with a large amount of cash or heirlooms from my level 80’s begins now.  As I progress through this guide, the goal is to not tell you how to play each level, or to complete quests, or even go into a lot of detail on certain hunter skills.  Quite simply, why invent the wheel.   I will link you to the spells you get, through Wowhead.  In addition, any tips I might have for doing the things hunter do best, or ways to avoid being a huntard if possible, will be given when the spell or ability is attained.  For example, I won’t talk about kiting until you have the shots and abilities needed to actually kite a mob.

Let’s begin, shall we?

Level 1, bright eyed and bushy-tailed, you enter the world of Azeroth with a few things.  As a hunter, you get a 2 handed axe, a bow/gun (I suspect Dwarves get guns, perhaps Draenei), 200 arrows/bullets, a backpack, a 4 slot quiver and a hearthstone.  To be honest, hunters get it good here, the quiver provides you one more slot that other folks don’t get.  Keep this quiver until you get enough bags, I would suggest until you can step up to 10 slot or bigger bags.

Sadly, Hunters have to melee for the first 10 levels, without a pet. Yes, you get to shoot things, using your ranged weapon, but most times that mob is going to end up in melee and you are going to end up flailing at it with your melee weapon.  This, in my not so humble opinion (and others too), establishes bad habits in the beginning hunter, that must be unlearned when you get your pet at level 10.  More on that later.

At level 1, you have auto-attack (now called Attack) which is the melee attack and Auto Shot, which is your ranged attack.  In addition, you get Raptor Strike, which is your only mana using ability until level 4.

Level 2 brings you Track Beasts, which allows your mini-map to show dots that represent beasts.  Green dots are friendly, yellow are neutral and red dots represent aggressive beasts.  In the starter area, you should have no red dots, unless the opposite faction is in the area and has a beast present.

Until you get Serpent Sting at level 4, you should pretty much follow this attack pattern.  Click mob you want to kill, get to the max range you can attack using your Auto Shot ability (35 yards at this point in your WOW life).  Start firing by either right mouse clicking the mob (if you have the setting selected) or by hitting the button Auto Shot is assigned to, or by left clicking the ability.  When the mob closes to melee, activate Raptor Strike.  If necessary, if it comes off it’s cooldown, activate it again.   Rinse…repeat.  Depending on your hits, crits and damage, the mob may not make it to melee.

You think this is bad, go read the paladin guide, when it get’s posted.

At level 4, you get Serpent Sting and Aspect of the Monkey.  You will be in Aspect of the Monkey (Aspects are referred  to by just the part after the, e.g. Monkey) until you get the next aspect at level 10.  Aspects are like warrior stances or paladin auras, in that they serve roles for you.  Monkey is your melee damage reducer by buffing your ability to dodge.  Serpent Sting will now be the shot you open with on the mob.  This will put a DoT on the mob.  It’s not really that mana efficient, but at this stage you aren’t using mana a lot, and the mana regen at the lower levels is incredible, so use it.  It will help for those mobs that take off and run when their health drops to 20%.

At level 5, you can train professions.  I recommend training First Aid and Cooking and working on them, so that you can max them when you have time and money and mats.  For the primary professions, I would recommend Herbalism and Skinning, if this is your first character and whatever you want, if you have the bank of an 80 backing you up.  Why?  Herbalism gives you a healing spell, that unless you are Draenei, hunters don’t have.  Skinning gives you crit rating and crit is always welcome.  Plus skinning doesn’t require tracking.  Fishing is up to you.  Seriously, my 80 hunter is maxed, and I fish a lot, for mats for food buffs that all my characters use, but I can understand why folks wouldn’t want to do it.

At level 6, you get Hunter’s Mark and Arcane Shot.  Congrats, you can now effectively kite the mob if you’d like.  While moving, your Auto Shot will not work.  So you’ll be left with only 2 shots, Serpent Sting and Arcane Shot.  You may find it quicker not to kite mobs at this point, but to continue letting them run toward you why you put bullets or arrows in their mug.

I won’t go over how to kite a mob.  Quite simply, BRK has put out the best example on how to do so in this video and this, it involves jump shooting and to be honest, while I can do it, I am not great at it. If you click the BRK link, you’ll find all of his “guide” posts.  Most of that stuff still applies, but I want to update the changes that have been made.

Hunter’s Mark each mob?  You can. The bonus isn’t great and it does use mana and you may find it’s not really helpful.  Either way, not a big deal at this point in your life.

At level 8, you get Concussive Shot and Rank 2 of Raptor Strike.  Not really going to spend a lot of time on new ranks, unless they add something to the mix.  Concussive shot….when do I use in my rotation?  Well, I’ve found that I open with Serpent Sting, then Concussive Shot, then Arcane.  This usually makes the mob die or really close, that if they run, they still have the slowing debuff and I can keep them from running away too far.


Congratulations, you’ve made it past the worst part of being a hunter, after a few quests and a lot of running, you’ll be able to tame a pet of your choice and your leveling speed and ability to burn through mobs will increase exponentially.

First, when you level, you get a talent point to spend.   Quite simply, my advice is to put a point in Endurance Training.  I know you can realistically level as any of the specs, but I think your downtime and ability to survive is just better, especially at the lower levels, with Beastmastery.

When you get to your trainer, and I would advise getting there quickly, you learn Parry, a passive skill, Rank 2 of Serpent Sting and Track Humanoids, which like Track Beasts will cause Humanoid mobs to show up on your mini-map, if you are tracking them.  A note here, apparently abilities are being added to you bars automatically.  You can remove the Tracking as their is a button on your mini-map you can use to access the tracking abilities.

Your trainer also has a quest chain for you to start.  Start it.  No really, stop reading and go do it.  It’s the chain that gets you to learn how to tame pets.  First you get a rod and you go train 3 mobs.  After the 3rd mob is trained and you return you learn the following abilities:  Call Pet, Dismiss Pet, Tame Beast and a quest to run to your major city.  There you will learn Feed Pet and Revive Pet.

The pet you choose to tame is entirely up to you.   A Tenacity pet is really nice because it provides a bit more health and armor and tends to hold aggro better.  A Ferocity pet is good because it does more damage and a Cunning pet has some abilities that make them useful in places like PvP.  Try out many different types and visit Petopia for more information on pets.

Next time we’ll go through levels 11-20.

The Mind of Sylus

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Okay, so today is my day to post, and I’ve had zero time to play wow over the past week. Okay, not zero, I played for about 20 minutes last night doing a few argent tournament quests on Gozz… so to revise that last statement, I’ve had 20 minutes play time in Wow… So, it’s shameless plug time!

What have I been doing you may be asking? Studying. Yes, the dreaded bad word.  Some of you know I’ve been going back to school, trying to change my ways, and get a teaching degree. Yes, I guess I fit in better with children. I have alot of knowledge, and I want to pass that on. As many of you know, college is a series of hoops one must jump through so you can have a fancy piece of paper at the end that tells others you are capable of doing whatever it is you went to college to do. Yay.

As I want to blog, even when I have no wow time to play, I have created another blog, The Mind of Sylus. This is a scary place. I write about whatever I want to there, and I don’t care what anyone thinks. If I want to write about wow, and it isn’t my day to blog here, I can. If I want to blog about the amazing cheeseburger I ate, I can. If I want to rant and rave about how college is a waste of time, let me take the test and move on, I can, and I will!

If all you are looking for is anotehr “wowblog” this isn’t your place, but if you are interested in me as a person, stop on by and say hi!

~Uncle Sy

Crazy Day!

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OY! What a day, all I want to do is play, but I have so much to do!!!!!  So, maybe I’ll get a little time In today, maybe I won’t. Either way, check out our up coming project described in fikkle’s last post, great stuff! Unflrtunatly that is all I have for you guys today, nothing wow related, but hey, no news is god news sometimes right? right?…why do I hear crickets?


Not So Much

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As I was driving to work this morning, I got to thinking.  (I know, start running!)  I decided that I didn’t want to skip my morning coffee two days in a row, so I braved the snow and managed to make it to the local Tim Hortons (see here).  Surprisingly, the wait in the drive-thru was only about five minutes, compared to the normal fifteen to twenty-five.  As I was pulling out I thought ‘man, they were sure on the ball this morning.  Some days they just have it, others, not so much…’ 

That is what really got me to thinking.  When comparing two things, it just seems funnier if you use <not so much>.  The Canadiens did great this season, the Canucks, not so much.  The Habs even made it to playoffs, Vancouver, not so much! (sorry Matt, but what comes around, goes around!)  Apparently its nice and warm down in Oz, here, not so much.

I could probably carry on all day.  Like this: the Horde just rocks.  The Alliance? Not so much (couldn’t help myself!).  But I’ll give it a rest.  It just gave me a chuckle this morning and thought you might like to try out it!

Okay, one last one.  BRK has an awesome blog that tonnes and tonnes of people read.  The trolls in his comments? Not so much!

In Case You Were Wondering

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It snowed here again, the very day after all the snow had melted.  Yes this generally does happen sometimes, but it totally messed with my day.

I got stuck twice driving to work today due to aforementioned problem.  Two good samaritans were kind enough to help.

I skipped going to get my coffee this morning, once again due to weather.  This has made my morning not as bearable as usual.

BRK linked and QUOTED me yesterday!  When I saw this I totally geedked out and was just completely flattered.  You can read about it here.  Now I know how Bre and Awlbiste felt when they wrote this and this.  In fact, I still have a stupid grin on my face and all the other stuff above hasn’t even phased me.  I’m having a great Monday!

Our blog stats let us know that about mid way through last week we hit 1000 total visits to the blog.  Due to the link from Mania a few days back and the link from BRK yesterday, we have hit over 1000 visits today alone.  The blog is exploding.  Holy Blog Bomb Batman!  /wave at the all the new people.

I was wondering what QQ actually stood for.  I’ve learned how its generally used and what it means but I was curious about what it actually stood for.  I guessed Quite Quipping.  This is what I found on Wikipedia (see the emoticon link).

I’m going to be going away for business for two months starting this coming weekend.  I was going to do a big long post about it but decided against it.  Suffice it to say that I’m in the (Canadian) Air Force and I’m being tasked as an instructor at a training base for two months.  Depending on a few things, I may or may not be able to play while I’m gone, which will affect whether I have anything to blog about.  Sylus has promised to pick up the slack while I’m gone.  If he doesn’t, I recommend that you badger him until he does.  Think of it like sending the kids to play on the lawn of the old grumpy man in the neighborhood.  It’ll be hilarious! 

My Dell XPS laptop has still not arrived yet.  I need it before I go (see above), and I’m starting to get worried.

That’s about it for now.  I’ve got some other posts sitting in draft form, but I have to do a lot of checking / verifying before I can publish them.  So far, I think there’s three, a post on macro’s, a pvp update for my 70 (BE) Mage and an RP story for my Undead Mage.  Hopefully I’ll get all three out sometime this week.  Stay tuned, same blog time, same blog channel.