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A long time ago, in a galaxy quite near actually…

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April 6, 2010, I made my last post on 4theHorde. It was a review of the WOW headphones. 2 years, 4 months and a 23 days later, I return. I haven’t been gone from WOW that long, but I haven’t had much to say, unless you count the comments I’ve made on other people’s blogs.  My feed reader still has a couple WOW blogs in it. 4TH good friend and lover of all things holy paladin Repgrind, and of course the one and only Big Bear Butt and a new one I love, by Garrosh himself. I was reading and looking up stuff for Cataclysm and then, as the others have said, the group started to lose their love of WOW. Fikkle and I tried hard to find our lost love for Azeroth, spending money switching servers…then switching factions, then switching back. Star Wars: The Old Republic loomed on the horizon and probably sometime in May or June of 2011, I left WOW, for what I thought was for good. I actually deleted the game from my computer. Which, I will tell you, is a bad thing, if you ever play again. All my settings were gone. I had to find my addons by trial and error. Before you delete the game, copy and save your WTF folder. Seriously.

In the first part of July 2011, I was invited to SWTOR Beta, the only one of the group and I was probably the least interested in the game. I was only going to play because the others were going and they were pumped and I hoped that we’d all group up again in a galaxy far, far away and it would be good.  I played Beta from July through the release, then switched over to live and grouped up with Fikkle and his brother Kevin, leveling in a group most of the time. I started out as a healing bounty hunter, Fikkle an evil Sith Warrior and Kevin as a dps bounty hunter. Things were great. We then started leveling a group on another server on the Republic side. I was a Sage, Kevin and Fikkle were troopers. We spent a lot of time in the warzones, PvPing it up. Fikkle healed us, while Kevin and I spent most of our time killing the other team. Sadly, Kevin and Fikkle got ahead of me level-wise because of a vacation they took. Then, the big patch Fikkle talked about hit. Fikkle left TOR and I went back to my bounty hunter to level him to 50. I found another guild, great group of friends that welcomed me in. I switched over to dps and we raided. Then summer hit and I got tendonitis in my right wrist, which reduced my game time. The guild started leaking active players and I couldn’t find another place.  I stopped gaming for a bit to allow my wrist to rest and heal, and to catch up on some of the shows I watch, to start some new ones and to slog through the Song of Ice and Fire series. (book 4 how you drag on…)

Meanwhile, Sy and Kevin and even Nim were talking about WOW and I started getting a little homesick for Azeroth. Kevin needed a Scroll of Resurrection to get the new mount Blizz offers, so I took it at the end of July, 2012. Soon after, Fikkle received my SoR. We’ve wandered around visiting places and learning the game again. We didn’t really want to delve too deep since the game changed Tuesday.  This post was written Monday morning and scheduled for my normal post day of Thursday, so as you read this, I am learning the game over again, just like you. For the foreseeable future, I’ll be posting from the perspective of a paladin. Yes, I know, Halkale is pretty much my main, but Sy has been playing his hunter most in Cata and he wants to bring you the hunter perspective, so I’ll be bringing you the world of Bratwurst, the Tauren Tankadin.

Welcome back 4theHorde

Before I end this post, I wanted to sum up my thoughts on what TOR does that I really think Blizzard ought to put into WOW. By this, I don’t mean making WOW like TOR, but some quality of life things that I really enjoyed.

1) Cross Faction mail system for your account. There was no Bind on Account or Heirloom gear in TOR, if it was bound to your character it was bound to your character, but credits and other supplies were able to be moved from one character to another. Now this only came about after Legacy was introduced, but still, I miss that so much in WOW. I have a few alts, I’d like to be able to move stuff around.  Heck I’d really like for them to get to a point where we could mail our heirlooms across servers, too. That way I wouldn’t have to pay for server transfers…..hey, I see what you did Blizzard.

2) Crew skills vs professions. First, I don’t think WOW should have crew skills, what I mean by this is how TOR allows you to keep your mats in your bank and then be able to use them to make things. It’s so annoying to have to go to my bank and fill my bags to create some items. I realize part of this is to require folks to get into town or blow their mobile banking cool down, but really is it that fun?
I had a couple more ideas, but then Blizzard went and announced they were coming in the next expansion. I am interested in seeing how the really work in game.

Lastly, it may be blue, but it sure is epic:

It seats 5, but has no vendors.


Beta Review: Spoiler Free Edition

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Lok’tar friends.

I will admit that I received an invite to the Cataclysm beta about a month ago. At the time, I was on vacation with my family and while we were out sightseeing, I was using the wi-fi at the resort to download the client. Eventually, I got into the beta and got to test things out. My first impressions?

Let me start by saying that this post is going to be spoiler free (as in, no lore or story spoilers). So if you’ve been clamouring for impressions about the next expansion without wanting to ruin anything for yourself, this post is for you. I will probably do a post where I don’t avoid spoilers in the near future so that I can talk about some specifics in more detail.

For the record, I’ve only tried the Goblin and Worgen starter zones. I completed the entire Worgen zone twice, while only completing parts of the Goblin zone and not much past level 6. In addition to that, I played the Troll starter area on a Druid up until I ran into a bugged quest. I played through the entire Dwarf starting zone. And I logged in game at the Tauren starting zone but never did any quests there. On my level 80 warrior, I respec’d with the new talent trees into Arms and went to Mount Hyjal, getting about 10 minutes of gameplay in, which allowed me to complete a handful of quests. That’s about it for now.

For my impressions, Blizzard has put the full force of their company into the development of the Goblin and Worgen starter zones. At least it feels that way. They have outdone themselves and topped everything I’ve experienced before. The two zones have different feels, but they are each great in their own way. The Worgen zone has one of the best written stories of anywhere in the game, and the atmosphere and character interactions only make it better. The Goblin zone doesn’t have the same force, so their zone has been done, re-done, over-done, over-re-done, and re-over-re-done again until it just topped everything you could possibly imagine. The Goblin zone makes up for story depth with humor, fun and wacky-crazy events. As I said above, they were both amazing.

Going from there (I did those first in the beta), I went on to the Dwarf starter zone. Now, don’t get me wrong, the Dwarf starter zone has changed to be updated with the ‘current’ events that have happened. That being said, while the zone’s quests and objectives have mostly been updated, there are still some horrendously obvious vanilla quests that weren’t changed at all, or if they were, only the reason for doing them has changed, the mechanics have all stayed the same. As a comparison, of all the quests and mechanics in both the Goblin and Worgen starter zones combined, none of them really feels like it’s a vanilla mechanic. What does that feel like to me then? There are two possibilities. Possibility the first: The zones aren’t completely done yet. This doesn’t seem very likely to me. The flow of quests, the amount of experience they give you and the overall progression of the story feels complete to me. That leaves me with the second possibility. Possibility the second: Blizz decided that the old quests were fine ‘as is’. They may have decided that based on priority. For instance, they have a priority list done of which quests still fit, lore-wise, despite old mechanics and only need to get changed ‘if’ they have extra time. They may have decided that the mechanics were still valid, acceptable or fun. This bothers me the most of all of them. If this is the case, we’ll likely see this trend continue through the old world, which means that the game won’t be ‘as’ different as Blizz claims. Something I saw in a blue post was that they lose over 90% of their players before level 10. I’m not sure of the accuracy of that, to be honest, but it suggests that in order to keep newer players, the starter zones can’t have any of the vanilla-flavoured crap on a stick shovel fed to us as just fine.

The Troll area was completely new and to be honest I only saw a few levels of it, so I can’t really speak to the overall flow, story progression or feel of it. I can say that the artwork looks amazing and the zone seems pretty cool. I’m looking forward to getting back there and seeing if that quest I need has been fixed. The same thing goes for the Tauren zone. It looks good and there is a definite update to the overall story, but I haven’t played through to see it all.

Finally, Mount Hyjal. I flew out to Mount Hyjal, which is cool and crazy. I did a little sightseeing a few days before this and things looked weird. Anyways, Hyjal is a place that just oozes lore and history, coolness and epicness, wonder and amazement, shock and awe. You get the idea. I did the first couple quests there and found that it was really, really hard to level the way I normally do on my warrior (as arms). My normal way of doing things: Charge, rend, mortal strike, overpower, execute. From there, the mob would be dead and I’d go on to the next, rinse and repeat, throwing in Victory Rush when it was available. The problem is that the mobs in the new zone hit hard. Now, I’m not talking like, you were jogging on a cold day and a car couldn’t quite stop in time and it bumped your buttocks causing a bruise hard. I’m talking, there is a snake on a mofo’ing plane that just fell out of the sky and landed on a puppy that was giving a hug to a kitten hard.

What I didn’t realize at first is that Victory Rush has become an absolute must for a levelling warrior, as it now restores 20% of your health, which allows you to keep going. The problem then becomes ‘what happens when you’re questing with others and the mobs still beat on you, but you don’t get the killing blow and so you can’t victory rush?’ Are we going to go back to a time when warriors have to sit and eat after every pull or get use to sighing on the corpse run every other pull?

As I said, I only got a few minutes of play time there, and it may get much better after more time. The thing to remember is that I’m wearing non-cataclysm gear, so there is no mastery on the gear and the stamina boost hasn’t affected me yet. Perhaps with Cataclysm gear on, the huge jump in stamina coupled with the damage bonus to mastery will mean that things die much faster, before they have a chance to do much damage. We’ll see. I will probably try out Prot and Fury soon as well. I don’t know if I have any plans to try out all the classes in the Beta itself, but so far, I’ve tried Druids and Warriors up to level 12, and they both play much better there than on live, so I’m happy with that (at least so far).

Anyways, those are my initial impressions so far. Perhaps in the future I’ll do another post where I discuss lore events that I’ve seen in game. If there are spoilers, I’ll be sure to make it clear for those who want to stay away from them. For now,

Stay Hordecore,

— Fikkle

Mounts, Mounts and Moar Mounts

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Before I start this wonderful list of mounts I currently own, mounts I’m currently working on, and mounts I will never see, let me just take a moment to thank Fikkle. Jerk. This whole mount obsession started a few days back. Fikkle, his bro, and myself were all on vent. He asked a simple question, and my mount obsession, nay, addiction kicked back in. Thanks dude. Thanks.

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A Gear Post That Even Nim Will Wanna Read

Posted in Discussion, Lore, News, RP on July 8, 2009 by Kor

Now this is a gear post that even Nim will want to read!  That’s right baby.  So I did some looking at some of the new gear and found out that Blizz decided to name the Tier 9 sets after major lore figures.  So the Shaman sets (Horde side) are named Thrall’s [gear] and the Warrior sets (Horde side) are named Hellscream’s [gear].  How freaking cool is that?!?!1! I totally want my Shaman to be running around in Thrall’s gear.  And if I had a high level warrior, it would be super cool for him to be wearing Hellscream’s stuffs.  Yes, cause there are more than one stuff, therefore stuffs.

Anyways, since I know how much Nim loves lore and how much lore loves Nim, I know he’s gonna get a kick outta this if he hasn’t already seen it.

If you wanna check out the sets, you can see them here and here.


Oh, and Brak is back!


— Fikkle

May the Horde be with you

Sweet Sweet Redemption

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“The achievement Brew of the Year has been removed from the Brewmaster meta-achievement. The achievement Brew of the Month has been added in its place.”

Newest Patch Notes

Cue happy Nim dance.


For The Horde, Now With 100% Moar Pie… And Cowbell

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Yes, that’s right, you totally heard me correctly… We, here at For the Horde are totally promising you moar Pie and Cowbell!  So how do we plan to deliver, you ask?  Well, after the recent usurpation of the Nim who rocks, we decided that our next hostile takeover would include none other than Mister FTP himself

So, yes, internets, we now haz Pie and Cowbell… So go ahead and give a big For The Horde welcome to Mr Pie himself!



Brought to you by your friendly neighbourhood Fikkle



Fikkle’s Notes for Patch 3.1

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So its PTR time again, and the 3.1 Patch Notes are out.  I’m not going to go over everything.  WoW Insider has done that extremely well, and you can go read their analysis here: 3.1 patch notes.

 There are a few things that I want to talk about however, which mostly affect the toons I play.  First up, the Dual Spec and Gear Manager are here.  I’m working on a separate post for those, since that is a topic of its own.

 Death Knight

 Raise Dead: Duration lowered to 60 sec. and cooldown lowered to 3 min.  The cooldown on this ability now begins when the pet dies rather than when it is summoned.

Master of Ghouls: Now also reduces the cooldown on Raise Dead by 60sec.

Night of the Dead: Redesigned to grant a flat reduction on cooldown to Raise Dead and Army of the Dead instead of a reduction from using abilities.

 Raise Dead is a nerf.  Despite the cooldown being reduced, it only starts ticking after your pet dies rather than when you summon one.  I think this is meant to affect Blood and Frost DKs (are there any Frost out there?) but I think what this is gonna do is truly hurt Unholy. 

 Unholy DKs use their pet full time.  If it’s killed, you now have a mandatory cooldown on this ability, utterly killing part of your dps.  If the pet dies part way through a boss encounter, you likely won’t be able to resummon it until the boss is dead. What the Fudge Blizz?  Master of Ghouls will reduce the cooldown to 2 minutes.  But Night of the Dead doesn’t list how long it will reduce the cooldown to.  If it is even a minute, it is still going to seriously hurt UH damage.

 Unholy Aura: Replaced with Improved Unholy Presence.  Allows the Death knight to keep the movement speed bonus of Unholy Presence in any presence, and increases run regeneration rate while in Unholy Presence.

 This is a nice buff for a lacklustre talent.  On a Pale Horse has been much better, but the rune regen rate might make this worth it.  It’ll be nice to see how it plays on the PTR.

 Unholy Blight & Gargoyle:  Have swapped places in the Unholy tree.  Gargoyle is now the 51-point Unholy talent.

 This is fine with me, as both talents are worth it to me.  It’s more of a good to know.


 Improved Water Elemental: Renamed Enduring Winter.  Instead of the Water Elemental increasing mana regen for the Mage’s party, casting Frostbolt now has a 33/66/100% chance to provide Replenishment to up to 10 people in the party or raid.

 A very nice buff to Frost Mages.  Since I normally only play frost, this will make levelling much better in terms of mana efficiency and longevity.


 Auras: Now persists through death.


 Blessing of Kings: Now trainable at level 20.

 Now available to all specs of Paladins.  Very nice.

 Divinity: A new talent in the Prot tree in Tier 1 (to replace BoK).  Increases healing done by and to the Paladin by 1/2/3/4/5%.

 This is a good change.  I’ll likely try this out as a Protadin.  There are a number of other changes that should free up some points in the Prot tree.  Having healing done to a Protadin is always a good thing, and this may help with survivability while you’re still gearing up (like I am >.>)

 Exorcism: Can now be used against all targets, guaranteed to crit against undead targets.

 A very nice buff.  Retadins now have a ranged pull as well!

 Shield of the Righteousness: Now deals 130% of block value + 540 dmg at the highest rank.  It no longer causes a high amount of threat.

 This is a buff to the ability’s damage and a nerf to its threat to compensate.  Not sure how it’ll work, but looking forward to testing it.

 Shield of the Templar: Gives your Avenger’s Shield a 33/66/100% chance to silence the target for 3 sec.

 An amazing buff to AS for pulling casters.

 Avenger’s Shield: Damage increased for all ranks.

 /Yoink… Thank you kindly…

 Guarded By the Light: Reduces spell damage by 3/6% and gives 50/100% chance to refresh Divine Plea when you hit an enemy.

 So this should eliminate any oom problems that Protadins ever had ever. Did I mention ever?  Hit DP before you pull, pull then hit the mob. /Refreshed.  Continue hitting mob.  /refreshed.  Niiiiice…  To be honest, if that is how it works out, I can see this getting nerfed.

 There are a bunch more Prot changes, and I don’t want to make this too long, so if you’d like to see a great analysis of them all, go visit WoW Insider’s article.


 Shadow Dance: now opens a new action bar when used.

 This will be a nice change.  Right now I have to select specifically which talents I want to use when I pop SD and keep them elsewhere on the action bar.  This should alleviate that aggravation.


 Bloodlust/Heroism: Cooldown reduced to 5 minutes, but Sated and Exhausted now lasts 10 min.

 This is a straight up nerf.  By the way Blizz, there isn’t much point in having Bloodlust/Heroism cooldown after 5 min IF I STILL CAN’T USE IT FOR ANOTHER 5 MINUTES!  I suppose in the rare instance that someone else didn’t get the first one it could be recast, but that isn’t even really worth considering.  A terrible change in my opinion.

 Cleansing Totem:  Poison and Disease Cleansing Totems have been combined.  The new totem pulses every 3 seconds instead of 5.

 A straight up buff.  1 less totem to worry about and it cleanses faster.

 Spirit Weapons: This now reduces all threat generated by 30%, not just physical attacks.

 Another great buff for Enhance.  With all the spells that get worked into our rotation, reducing our own threat generation is very nice.

 Stormstrike: Charges increased by 2 and cooldown reduced by 2 sec.

 This is basically incorporating the improved stormstrike talent into the baseline ability.  I was a bit confused until I read the next one.

 Improved Stormstrike: When you Stormstrike, you have a 50/100% chance to immediately grant you 20% of your base mana.

 Not sure exactly what 20% of base mana is at level 80, but this is clearly intended to address any mana issues that Enhance Shaman have been experiencing.  A great buff since we have all the ability of the old talent built into the baseline, and new mana regen abilities built into the reworked talent.

 Toughness: No longer increases armor, now increases Stamina by 2/4/6/8/10%.

 Looks like a buff to me.  Armor has only ever mitigated physical damage, while the extra stamina will provide increased survivability all the time.  Not sure if it’s worth taking even now though (for PvE).

 Unleashed Rage:  Reduced to 3 points, down from 5.  Each point now also increases your total agility by 1/2/3%.

 This is an amazing buff.  Not only are they refunding 2 talent points, but they are also giving us 3% more agility for it.  This may be intended to counter the Bloodlust/Heroism nerf for a Shaman’s personal dps, but I’ll definitely be using this ability.

 Booming Echoes: A new (Elemental) talent that reduces the cooldown of Flame/Frost Shocks by an additional 1/2 sec and increases the direct damage done by both of them by an additional 10/20%. 

 Definitely a nice buff for Ele.  Although, since I don’t play Elemental, I’m not sure if it’s worth it.


 Blacksmithing: Most of the recipes in the 1-300 skill range have had their stats updated to be more useful.

 A nice buff to BS for levelling with it, instead of just powerleveling it at 80.

 Blacksmithing: Titanium Plating now reduces disarm effects by 50% as well as increasing your block value.

 Another nice buff.  Since I use this for my Protadin already, I’ll be enjoying the disarm reduction.

 Enchanting: Several recipes in the 250-300 skill range have been rebalanced. 

 Not sure what they mean by rebalanced.  I’m hoping it means that material costs have been reduced since I’m levelling a second enchanter and I’m stuck in this range at the moment.  We’ll see.

 Glyphs: Glyph of Sprint no longer reduces the duration. 

 I noticed this one cause I just put it on my Rogue for the speed increase.  A nice buff and I’ll probably keep it around for levelling.

 So those are some of my thoughts on the patch note changes that concerned me the most.  As I said, I’m working on another post talking about the dual-specs and the gear manager, so look for that in the next couple of days.  I’m going to try to get onto the PTR to test some of this stuff out, but we’ll see how that goes with my current schedule.