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I aim to misbehave.

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Monday, BigBearButt posted about his anger and disappointment with Blizzard for how they’ve handled the reputation armor pieces. Basically, you need to get your rep up to a certain level and then spend Justice or Valor to buy those pieces.  I, myself, felt this very thing when Halk hit 90 and I started looking for ways to upgrade my gear, since Blizzard is on a kick to make all the top trainer learned recipes to not be top level and the patterns you need to level up to 600 are PvP, which I don’t do. I realize they are pretty decent for PvE, but it’s a principle, why not let me get level 90 PvE blues from Leatherworking?

In no way am I preparing to quit the game. No, I am really enjoying the game and have my 3 plots of land for Tiller farming and I am working on the Golden Lotus rep, not every day, but most days. I was getting Golden Lotus rep to get the leatherworking patterns, but now I am thinking I might drop leatherworking and just have two gathering professions.

Skullreaver is not a raiding guild. We have a few 90’s and I am not sure have much more than 10 unique accounts. Most of the time we might have 1 or 2 people on. By the way, if you’d be interested in a really casual, but really nice guild, who is not level 25, but working on it, the Skullreaver is open to new members. We have big plans. We also have real lives, with families and time constraints and altism. Although, I do have a confession to make. I’ve spent a ton of gold and time building my leveling sets and I find myself not really wanting to play anyone but Halkale. I log into Punkinpie to run my AH stuff. I log into Knicknack to do his daily minor glyph research and when he has max rested to level him through healing LFG. I am trying to log into Crispers here and there and level him to get the Dynamic Duo and Double Agent achievements.

But, my first love is now my only true love. I love Halkale, love being a hunter. Love trying new things, taking on bigger and bigger packs and keeping my Turtle (He needs a name) healed and holding aggro. My Turtle is the Rare you have to track down, use a flare to see and tame. I think most of the pets I love the most are the ones I spent time either camping a spawn spot (Winterschill – Wolf Spirit Beast), running way up north into Night Elf area to open statues to tame when I was only 24-25 (Szablya – Ghost Saber) or had to tame while in some phase (Donteatme – translucent Worm from Wrath) or hunt down, Turtle (Bloodtooth).

I’d like to raid, but first I need to get my iLevel up. I need to start running Heroics. I know the queue times will suck as DPS, but I can queue and then farm or do dailies. I still have several zones to finish questing in, since I dinged just after I started Townlong.  I am about halfway through Friendly with Golden Lotus, wondering if I should get to Honored by the recipes and get them done for Halk, before I drop Leatherworking. I have about 8k gold and quite a lot of leather in my bank.

Whatever happens. I know I love playing the game right now.

No, my turtle’s name is not bonnet.


The Call of the World-Shaman or how I found out how much I really missed Cata.

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Tuesday is coming. Monday night, or Tuesday morning, however you look at it, is very, very near. This time next week, we’ll be rolling in pandas and new zones and I am sure multiple people will be 90. Heck some of the raiding guilds may even be ready to raid, having steamrolled to 90 and started on heroics.  These past couple of weeks may have been dead time for a lot of you. You might have run through the Theramore scenario a couple of times. I haven’t. I don’t have any characters with the iLevel to do so. Bratwurst is getting close, could probably spend JP to get there. But that has not been my goal this week. My goal this week is to try to see the zones I haven’t seen, to help Skullreaver gain guild levels and to prepare for MoKFP. Yes, I took Illidan’s challenge to heart. Every expansion, I must BE PREPARED!

Brat finished Twilight Highlands earlier this week and I had looked over a few guides on how to get a fresh 85 geared for heroics and noticed a quest that gives an epic cloak for a reward. A quest that involves dealing with Thrall.

Yes, I know this quest was released a long time ago, but I just started playing again. For those of you that are new to the blog or those catching up, Halkale is a huge fan of Thrall. I am also a huge fan of Thrall. To be able to help Thrall is awesome. The other day, Kor and I did this quest on Bratwurst and Kor. I loved it then, but doing it on Halk was so much more awesome. Of course, I died because I took on too many mobs, but that is beside the point.

So, Brat got his tanking cloak, and if you look closely, you can see Halk wearing his Mantle of Doubt.

Just hanging out with Thrall and Aggra. Oh yeah, and the Aspects. You know, what Halk likes to call Monday.

First, Halkale hasn’t finished Hyjal or Twilight Highlands. I started Vashj’ir right after Cataclysm released, stopped a few quests in and leveled Brat and Crispers my mage first. The focus system was a big change and the guild was in a state of flux and Kor quit the game soon after launch and we started moving around characters. So Halkale finished that zone, then went to Deepholm, then to Uldum to level to 85. Since, as you can see above, Halkale is still in Super Friends, I had been finishing zones with Bratwurst to proved guild XP to Skullreaver. Halk is staying in SF until I can afford all the helms and cloaks I need to send over to another server…or two.

Okay back to the quest line. Oh my word. I love these quests. I love the fact that you try to help Thrall in 4 different zones. I love the NPC conversation in Deepholm. I was going to name the post We are patient, but I am not really. Last night as I was finishing this on Halk, Kor and his brother were discussing things, especially their ideas on what might happen to Garrosh.  As the argument got heated, I would blurt out: We are patient and some of Aggra’s responses to Thrall.

The first time I got to the fire area, I didn’t really read the quest text, so I flailed around for a bit, which allowed Kor to catch up to me and we finished the end together. On Halk, I read the quest text and realized how to make it easier and probably faster.  I guess that’s one of the downsides to leveling with WoW-Pro, you are used to letting the addon tell you what to do.

What I do know after finishing this quest is that I missed Cataclysm. There are so many things I want to do, but I don’t have the time to do them all. Some of them will have to wait until after Mists drops. I haven’t seen many of the new “improved” zones. I have leveled several Tauren up and LOVE the new starter zone. I’ve done troll and gnome and goblin areas. I want to try out the undead zone too. I have a dwarf ready to paladin his way through any changes from that perspective.

So Tuesday morning, I’ll get up early (probably not 2AM early) and start leveling Braturst to 90. Taking my time and trying to find all the cool things Blizzard did for us. Next week, I’ll share my travels with you. Will I get Halk or Brat an iLevel high enough to see the new scenario before then? I don’t know. In the end, I am having fun.  And the game should be fun, yes?

As I read back over the 800ish words written, I realize this post seems a bit rambling. Not nearly as passionate as last week’s post. Not nearly as informative as I’d hoped. I was going to detail the quests, but decided that you, if you haven’t, should experience this quest without really knowing what was going to happen. I am so ready for MoKFP. I am ready to start the new journey, even while I am hoping to start new characters from the starter areas. I feel like I am telling you things you saw a year ago, hopefully my joy in seeing them reignites a spark for your love of the game.

Tuesday’s coming. I am ready for Mists to arrive.


Why am I excited about playing WOW again.

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I know it’s still kinda summer and lots of guilds are bored and can’t wait for MOKFP to drop so they can race to 90 and start the raid prep process again.

I get it. I am excited for MOKFP too. It’s a gear reset my characters need badly. My hunter, Halkale has an iLevel of about 312. Three freaking twelve.  As in, I got into a LFG regular dungeon and someone said, man hunter you need better gear.  Oh how the mighty have fallen…well or the maybe sorta kinda mighty.

I was never in a world first guild. Never so cutting edge that I had to give up everything but raiding. BUT, I was in a guild raiding Black Temple in BC, when BT was the top raid of the expansion. I was the hunter lead, I was in charge of the pulls (Side Note to the kids: back in BC you had a hunter pull the packs of mobs back with Misdirection, the warrior then taunted them off the hunter and the hunter Feigned Death to drop aggro so the tanks could take over. Or, you failed to drop aggro, got roflstomped and spent the next few minutes watching the trash fights from the floor.) Hell, I was the survival hunter for the raiding team because you had to have one, but only one, while BM ruled the DPS world.

And now, I have less than 5 hours /played at 85 on my hunter.

My first character to 85 was my paladin, my second was my mage, the priest was third and now Halkale finally dinged right before 5.0.4 dropped. My first character to 90 will be Bratwurst. My second will be Halkale. Why? Because 4theHorde rides again. Yes, we have issues with schedules. Yes, we don’t all play like we used to, but we are planning. We are working on plans for a 5 man group time. We are hoping we might be able to do some raiding, casually in MOKFP.

But, Pie, you still haven’t answered the question, Why am I excited about playing WOW?  Technically, I have answered the question. If you’ve read 4thehorde for any amount of time, or gone back and reread the older posts, you’ll discover what makes this blog different. Not different good or bad, although as a member of this fine group, it’s great for me. You see, I’ve met some really awesome people through this blog. I’ve spent time with them both in game and out. Most I’ve met face to face. I’ve laughed and cried with them. I’ve celebrated victories in game and in life..and was saddened by losses. 4TH is more than a blog, it’s family. Fikkle, Nimrock and OldManSy are more than just pixels or people in my Vent. They are my brothers, my friends.

I’ve spent thousands of dollars to hang with these guys, both in subscriptions and game fees. I’ve traveled to Sy and Nim’s homes. I’ve set out on my driveway in the sun to make pulled pork for ShenaniCon 2011, because it was a part I could play.  I’ve talked/emailed/texted these guys most every day for the last 4 years. Playing with these guys in some sort of game is the highlight of my day, most days.

I am excited about WOW again, because we are playing together again. Sure we played for a while in TOR, we have an online RPG adventure going on in email and blogger. Saturday night we whipped the Lich King’s butt, with a lot of help from our friends.

Friends we couldn’t have without this blog. Sy and Fikkle met. Sy knew Nim. I met them through this blog and through this blog we recruited Repgrind and then through her blog I found Shadow Rising.  All these friendships spider web out from the blog.  We have friends like Slig and others who don’t play WOW anymore but we still email and play RPG with, even if it is a webcam of Slig sitting on Nim’s dining room table while we sit around eating Crispers and trying to figure out which dice to roll.

These are the things that make WOW great. The new purples are nice, Pandas look awesome, but it’s the community that keeps most of us here. It’s the community that brings a lot of us back, or makes us stay longer than we probably should. It’s the community that has me watching Gnomer and BBB‘s children grow up, even though I’ve never met them.

So, yeah, I am excited about playing WOW with my friends, old and new. Bring on Pandas and all the other things that are coming with MOKFP!

Operation: Lowbie

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We here at For the Horde! believe in providing unbelievably helpful posts.  They may not be as often as many of you might like, but we never, ever post goofy posts.  Never, ever.  And if, by chance, one of those goofy posts sees the light of day….YOU fine readers would never make it one of the top posts in the past year.

Seriously Bonk Bonk Bonk?

Okay, apparently, you fine readers, don’t so much care if we post silly posts…just as long as we post.

But fine readers, and you too Gnomer, we are upon a new year.  A time when most of us will make a resolution and then break it…

So, what pray tell, is my resolution, well not resolution, but plan of action, for the new year?
You don’t think the title of this post was just catchy do you?


Fine readers, I am going to create two new characters this year (no Fikkle, not just two, silly Canadianian) with one thought in mind.  Creating a how to series.  One of those characters will be a hunter, because, I can be a hunter.  The second will be a paladin.  I am leaning toward making the paladin a human for a couple reasons:

1) They are not Belfs… Any long time reader of my posts or comments will know my loathing of the blood elf.  I am so much very happy that the Horde will get Tauren Paladins in Cataclysm.  Seriously, even troll paladins would have sufficed, but my second favorite race?  Woot!

2) Humans get extra rep, cuz we all know the rep grind is long…

3) Humans get that sweet Every Man for Himself, so I don’t have to invest in a PvP trinket.

Hush it right now Roz. Zip it!, Shhh,

Silence!  I keel you!

4) Blessing of Kings: who by the way sends the most traffic our way…for some reason.

(yeah you want me to roll your class, start sending folks this way…yeah..I can be bought)

Now, the major question is this.  Do I make my hunter an alliance too?  If so, what race?

Oh before we go much further, let me explain some of my ground rules.

1) Must be on a server where I don’t have characters

2) Only support should be the DK I roll on said server to provide some bigger bags.

Seriously, Blizz, increase the drop rate of bags in the starter zones or up the bag space to 20 in the backpack.  No food or water was a great step /golfclap  :rollseyes:

So, here’s my question to you, which server should I roll on.  That leaves out: Dawnbringer, Winterhoof and Gnomer’s server in the Oceanic area. (since he gaves me stuff already)

I have no problem rolling both characters as alliance, nor do I have a problem rolling one alliance and one Horde.  Realistically, I could do both on the same server.  My goal here is to provide a decent leveling guide for the new player.  Either new to the game or new to the classes.    Sure, I could roll these up on my “home” servers, but let’s be honest, I’ve got lots of alts bankrolled by by level 80’s and it’s just not the same experience.  Heirloom shoulders, trinkets, chest and weapons make the leveling process a breeze.  No recruit a friend.

This doesn’t mean that I just want to roll on a server I don’t know anyone, so if you’d like Pie to hang out with you on your server, feel free to suggest it.  I don’t want boosted through the process, which is one of the other reasons to not roll on one of my home servers.  Let’s be honest, my rogue got boosted through BFD and got the sweet bow, where I would normally have to get a group to go.

So there it is boys and girls, give me some suggestions.  What would you like to see me do?  I am not saying I’ll spend every playing moment playing these characters, but I would like to advance enough to get a few posts a month out of these characters. I’ll split them so one post will focus on the hunter and the other on the pally.

Apparently, I am not the only one who got this idea.  Go check out BBB for his project on a new bear tank!


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After what, three months now sense HToC came into the world… of warcraft, I finally have my grubby little hands of the one item I’ve drooled over. It’s finally mine folks, it’s finally mine! I figured I’ve run it 2-4 times per week from the beginning, and only seen it drop for a group I was in twice. I lost the first to a warrior… Yeah, I know, fail. Then I picked this beaut up. I’ve seen the shoulders get DE’d a few times, the necklace, gloves, boots, Morrowstrike, anything a hunter might potentially want drop. I’ve seen everything else enough to not only have a chance to win the rolls, but to sell a few to vendors when we have no enchanter with us! But finally, SHE IS MINE!

Lets take a look at these stats compared straight out to my junky ol’ Nesingwary. ( I love the gun, really I do, but it’s trash compared to this one!)

True-aim Long Rifle
Binds when picked up

Ranged Gun
309 – 575 Damage Speed 3.00

(147.3 damage per second)
+34 Agility
+35 Stamina
Durability 90 / 90
Requires Level 80
Item Level 219

Equip: Increases attack power by 42.
Equip: Increases your armor penetration rating by 34.


Nesingwary 4000
Binds when equipped

Ranged Gun
254 – 472 Damage Speed 2.80

(129.6 damage per second)
Yellow Socket
Socket Bonus: +8 Attack Power
Durability 90 / 90
Requires Level 80
Item Level 200

Equip: Improves critical strike rating by 21 .
Equip: Increases attack power by 78.

I mean come on, they aren’t light years apart stat wise, but it is making about a 200 dps difference on the few runs I’ve went on sense getting this  fine piece of machinery, so well worth the effort in my opinion. (Yes, I know it could be better, I could go run raids and get ubber leetness guns, bows, and crossbows, but I’m casual. Not that hardcore… so I guess I’ll settle for this!)

~Uncle Sy

Too Many Hunters!

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Yes, I am addicted to hunters. How addicted am I you ask? Too Many Anna’s(with all her Anna’s)  got nothin on the amount of Hunters I have! Well, let me give you the run down on all of my hunters. My main lvl 80 toon, Gozz=hunter. I have a level 19 twink on earthenring and coilfang. I have a level 20 hunter I started and want to eventually level on coilfang, I have a 33ish BG dorf hunter I write about on the other blog(no link, you should know about it by now!)( more link…), and two other lower dorf hunters I’ve played around with when servers are down…

Enter my newest hunter to grace the world…of warcraft. Rozjin!


Now, Gozjin isn’t just any ol’ troll. He’s related to someone you all might  know…name sound at all familiar? Yes, Gozjin would be Rozjin‘s little ol’ cousin! Now, in honor of his cousin, he made the run from the Den to Razorhill to pick up his heirloom items, bags, gold, and fun stuff from the mailbox, NAKED! COMPLETELY NAKED!

Now, in my previous post I was walking through some pretty complicated math with the class, and I had some rough figures for how long I thought it would take me to get all of the heirloom items I would need to have everything. I like everything. Everything suits my  playstyle of “outgear-outlive-outlast.” I mean come on, if you can’t BE better then them, at least have better gear! Even out the playing field a little bit! Now, I’m no slouch at playing a hunter. I can say I have been around the block a bit with the hunters. My main Gozz alone has over 76 days logged play time… sad, I  know.

I wanted to go ahead and get my baby hunter Gozjin to level 10, so I could do his pet quest( I’ve fallen in love with the crab for PVP) and get him some purchased gear that I won’t have heirloom items for. Gozjin must have been confused a little in the begining, because he called up ol’ Kovari(bank alt) and had him send down ANY heirloom gear he could wear. Kovari shot him what he had…which was something, I mean heck, +10% lvling exp for chest and shoulders doesn’t come along all the time, am I right? So, for a few levels Gozjin thought he was a druid… He just couldn’t figure out how to turn into a bear…


It was a confusing time for him. Then I hit a time warp. On Thursday I was able to play a good chunk of the day on my main hunter, Gozz. I did 8 heroics in one day…WOW. To be honest, my brain was fried, but hey, I got sooo many emblems. By the end of the day, after a weeks worth of wintergrasp( I got rid of the S for ya fikkle!) quests on three lvl 80 toons, I was able to get the hunter shoulders, the ancient bone bow, the hunter chest, a dagger(with +15 agi chant) the heirloom haste trinket, and his pvp trinket. WOW.  Now Gozjin is tricked out and ready to dominate.

But wait folks… He’s level ten going into WSG…he’s going to get eaten alive…and you would be right. So I went in, got my butt handed to me a few times, and got frustrated. So I left battlegrounds, went to Org, leveled my engineering up to 150, got my second rank of goggles, some explosives, a scope for the bow, and went out and leveled up my herbalism to 75(working towards 150+) and maxed out my first aid. I’m using heavy runecloth…COME ON 2000 over 8 seconds? TWO TICKS AND I’M FULL FROM ZERO! I logged over to my leatherworker, the Illustrious rogue, Sylus(my internet namesake) and crafted up the deviate and dark leather items I would be using towards the end of the teens bracket, and spent way to much on the auction house, looked up one of my favorite enchatners and added a ton of agility and stamina to my gear, and I had a good set of “Transient Twink” gear ready.

I’d love to take credit for that phrase(Transient Twink), in fact, I have a spot for it in The International Dictionary of Sylus, if Fikkle wants it in there!(pg 4356) Fikkle coined this term to describe having a battleground character that doesn’t stop at the normal twink levels, but rather uses his superiority via heirloom gear, and suplaments it with a few key purchased items and enchants as they level up into new brackets all the way through to end game PVP.

I went back into the battlegrounds at level 12. MAN O MAN, it made a HUGE difference. During one momentous WSG match, I had some serious hate coming my way from a lvl 10 paladin, a level 12 druid, and a 16 priest. they would charge in after me everytime, and I’d set them down one at a time. It wasn’t until they all three decided, “hey, lets work together, and we can take this troll chump down” that they actually did( it took one of them dying, and running ALL THE WAY BACK TO MY FLAGROOM)… lifebloom+bandages(Heavy Runeclothx2 on that fight(yes it was that long))+ healing pot= me stayin alive, ah, ah, ah, ah, STAYIN ALLLIIIIIIAAHHHHHIIIHIIIIIVEEEEEEE….

Sorry, back to Earth. I’m now level 13, destroying battlegrounds, a defensive MACHINE (returning flags already at 40, working on 100!) and I got the stuff to make you stop in yo tracks! PVP Crab PINFORTHEWIN, concusion shot+2 points in improved concussion shot, big bronze bombs to stop you in your tracks and take off 100+ health a shot. You aren’t going anywhere!!! WoWScrnShot_100909_145027

Now, I’ll be updating you all on Gozjins progress as he goes through the levels, but just know, one day soon(okay, not too soon) you’ll be seeing Ol’ Gozjin at level 60, rocking warlord gear, for real. I WILL OWN THAT BOW!


Now, I hope Rozzy isn’t to upset with me, after all, I did totally bogart her name, and make this troll(bow bonuses or he’d be an orc) her cousin…I hope she’s okay with that, but eitehr way, Gozjin will make a name for himself, after all, Roz is all Alliance now…boo hoo. I’m still Hordecore baby!(accept for the worgen…and that dwarf hunter in the pvp…they’re cool) So keep an eye out, I’m comin for ya you dirty nelfs!

~Uncle Sylus


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Re-Hordifying. Yes, it’s a word.
A word according To The International Dictionary of Sylus. Created by the brilliant minds at Sylus, for Sylus.

Now, it’s time for a brief grammer and contextual usage lesson kids. Everyone pull out your International Dictionary of Sylus…It’s in your desks. I’ll give you another minute…Everyone ready? Okay. Turn to page 4,256, about half way up the page…right between ready-set-FEIGN DEATH!, and Reasonifying.

You, in the back row, could you read the definition of Re-Hordifying to the class?  Yes you, the Lady in the pigtales, from California, what’s your name….it’s been a while sinse you’ve been in class, Yes, that’s it, Gamedame! Go Ahead, we’re listening…

“Re-Hordifyingverb (used with object), verb (used without object), -fied, -fying.-to make or become reeducated and reacclamated to the ways of the Horde. ”

Okay, thank you, now for the synonyms. How about you, the one in the Parka. Yes you, all the way up in Canada-land. Fikkle. Go ahead.

“Synonyms: Anti-Alliancing, Dwarf-shunning, Dranei-dropping, Nelf-Nerfing, Human-hating, Gnome-punter.”

Thank you, both of you, you have earned an extra credit point for the day. Now, lets have a brief discussion on the subject of Re-Hordifying. Over the past few weeks, a month or so at most, I’ve been destroying hordlings in the battlegrounds as a dwarf hunter. I’ve been doing very well in teh battlegrounds, but I blame that on all of the lowbies hitting the BG’s due to the whole XP thing. I’m not complaining in the slightest. It’s been a blast, and I will still play over there and level that hunter to see the content and get a toon to 80 on the dirty side(AKA Alliance).

I have however started playing on my horde toons again as well. Gozz 1.0, my main, is back at doing the argent tournament quests and doing his wintersgrasp quests at least one per week. I’m even taking the time to log in Sylus and Abadon, Rogue and DK, both at 80, to hit wintersgrasp weekly as well. You’re probably wondering to yourself, why now? why them? Well, sit back class, and let me educate you.

Hey, you with the pencil up your nose, Pie(Click the link, you know you want too) is it? stop that, it’s gross. Where was I? Oh yes, Re-Hordifying. In the process of deciding to level a toon on the dirty side to 80, I transferred all of my hunter and rogue heirloom gear to Winterhoof to play with Crits. This left my hordies H-gearless(heirloom gear). H-gearless is also found in The International Dictionary of Sylus as well. Page 739 if you are interested. Now, I’m wanting to level a Hordecore Orc Hunter(don’t tell Roz, or maybe a troll…they have bow bonuses…). Can I have a troll in an Orc’s skin costume?

Anyway, so I’ve been figuring up the easiest way to get all of the needed gear for my low level hunter. Here are my options. I can do wintersgrasp on my rogue and DK every week. If my figures are correct, I can have the needed stone keepers shards on each toon to get my two heartseeker daggers in two weeks. There, melee weapons, check. Now, I’m running Gozz through WG weekly as well, earning him 30-50 per week, depending on how hard I hit it, and he’s got 70ish now, so in three weeks give or take, I can have the shoulders. (I want the pvp ones for sure)

This leaves his ranged weapon and chest piece. I have a few options for the ranged weapon, so lets look at the chest piece. Really, with my time input at current(which is relatively low compared to my time input as of six months ago) it would be safe to assume I won’t be running a ton of heroics. Yes, I could run HTOC in thirty minutes every day, netting me three marks of conquest per day(not to mention a few extra champions seals). I would need 40 to get the heirloom chestpiece this way. I have roughly 10. So, theoretically, if I ran HTOC every day, I could have it in 10 days or so. I don’t run it everyday, and if I put effort into trying, I would probably only run it once every other day or so. Therefore, this route would take me 2-3 weeks to earn enough marks of conquest to trade them in one at a time(fix this Blizz!) into the marks of heroism. Then purchasing the pve heirloom chestpiece. My other option is to save up 60 champions seals and purchase it from the argent tournament. I currently have 26 seals after running my dailies today. Now, I can earn 10 seals per day, with the occasional extra seal being looted from the bag they give out. That’s six days of dailies, which can be a bit time consuming considering I don’t play a ton anymore(school, work, NEW BABY, and family see to that).

Now, yes, I have 26 already, I could have that puppy in a few days. There in lies my next predicament. I want to get the ranged weapon from the argent tournament. It’s 90 argent tournament champions seals, and in my opinion easier to get than saving the 350 shards for the wintersgrasp ranged weapon(Also, it’s a gun wg, I like the zing of an arrow to the pow of a gun). So, add this to the equation, and that means I need 130 total champions seals. Subtract out the 26 I already have, and I’m looking at 10.4 days. Just short of two weeks. Two weeks, in which chances are my new baby girl will be born. You see the predicament here. Life will be upside down. My other option, gather a group of friends(Nim on heals, Fik, Pie, Roz, Jaarka…wait, Grubbs, Sliggy, or any combination of the listed above, and tank on my DK Abadon. If we hit a chain of heroics on say, a Sunday afternoon(tomorrow) I could get the heirloom chest piece relatively quickly. I think he has a few marks, less than ten. If each heroic instance drops an estimated 4 marks of conquest per run, we’ll say assuming I have 5(I know it’s more than 0, but less than 10, so 5 average), that would be 9 runs. Assuming 45 minutes per run, allowing a quick 5-10 minutes in between to repair/reammo/release bladders, we’re looking at roughly 8 hours total. Oi… I guess that’s out!

With all of these variables, class, how long is it going to take Gozz 1.0,Sy, and Aba to gather all of the heirloom gear for a lowbie BG Horde Hunter?

You sleeping in the back row…Slig, wake him up, yes you Nimrock. Answer the question please…

“uh, what is the square root of four-million-three-hundred-twenty-one-thousand-seven-hundred-fifty-six to the third power of the infinite subset of i…”

I don’t even know what that means, but you are obviously smarter than me, and can do math in your sleep that I could never do with years of training, therefore I’m going to assume you meant roughly three weeks.

Yes, with just three weeks of work, I think I can be ready to give all of my lowbie heirloom gear to a tricked out horde orc(or troll) hunter and start tearing up the battlegrounds. This is a good thing, seeing as I have no idea what name to use, and seeing as I also am not sure what toon to get rid of( I have ten toons on DB…) I’ve got time to ponder this predicament. Now, should I factor in name time? oooooo, this could lead into a naming contest….I’ll save that for another post.

Anyway, class lets review, the definition of Re-Hordifying is what? You, in the back, the one with the injured butterfly wearing a sling, yes, you Rozjin.

“Um, it’s you returning to your Horde ways?”

Close enough, close enough.
~Uncle Sy