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Operation: Lowbie-Hunter Levels 1-10

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Meet Wrasam, Night Elf Hunter.

Sadly my Mohawked wore off before I got this pic.

My attempt to level this hunter with a large amount of cash or heirlooms from my level 80’s begins now.  As I progress through this guide, the goal is to not tell you how to play each level, or to complete quests, or even go into a lot of detail on certain hunter skills.  Quite simply, why invent the wheel.   I will link you to the spells you get, through Wowhead.  In addition, any tips I might have for doing the things hunter do best, or ways to avoid being a huntard if possible, will be given when the spell or ability is attained.  For example, I won’t talk about kiting until you have the shots and abilities needed to actually kite a mob.

Let’s begin, shall we?

Level 1, bright eyed and bushy-tailed, you enter the world of Azeroth with a few things.  As a hunter, you get a 2 handed axe, a bow/gun (I suspect Dwarves get guns, perhaps Draenei), 200 arrows/bullets, a backpack, a 4 slot quiver and a hearthstone.  To be honest, hunters get it good here, the quiver provides you one more slot that other folks don’t get.  Keep this quiver until you get enough bags, I would suggest until you can step up to 10 slot or bigger bags.

Sadly, Hunters have to melee for the first 10 levels, without a pet. Yes, you get to shoot things, using your ranged weapon, but most times that mob is going to end up in melee and you are going to end up flailing at it with your melee weapon.  This, in my not so humble opinion (and others too), establishes bad habits in the beginning hunter, that must be unlearned when you get your pet at level 10.  More on that later.

At level 1, you have auto-attack (now called Attack) which is the melee attack and Auto Shot, which is your ranged attack.  In addition, you get Raptor Strike, which is your only mana using ability until level 4.

Level 2 brings you Track Beasts, which allows your mini-map to show dots that represent beasts.  Green dots are friendly, yellow are neutral and red dots represent aggressive beasts.  In the starter area, you should have no red dots, unless the opposite faction is in the area and has a beast present.

Until you get Serpent Sting at level 4, you should pretty much follow this attack pattern.  Click mob you want to kill, get to the max range you can attack using your Auto Shot ability (35 yards at this point in your WOW life).  Start firing by either right mouse clicking the mob (if you have the setting selected) or by hitting the button Auto Shot is assigned to, or by left clicking the ability.  When the mob closes to melee, activate Raptor Strike.  If necessary, if it comes off it’s cooldown, activate it again.   Rinse…repeat.  Depending on your hits, crits and damage, the mob may not make it to melee.

You think this is bad, go read the paladin guide, when it get’s posted.

At level 4, you get Serpent Sting and Aspect of the Monkey.  You will be in Aspect of the Monkey (Aspects are referred  to by just the part after the, e.g. Monkey) until you get the next aspect at level 10.  Aspects are like warrior stances or paladin auras, in that they serve roles for you.  Monkey is your melee damage reducer by buffing your ability to dodge.  Serpent Sting will now be the shot you open with on the mob.  This will put a DoT on the mob.  It’s not really that mana efficient, but at this stage you aren’t using mana a lot, and the mana regen at the lower levels is incredible, so use it.  It will help for those mobs that take off and run when their health drops to 20%.

At level 5, you can train professions.  I recommend training First Aid and Cooking and working on them, so that you can max them when you have time and money and mats.  For the primary professions, I would recommend Herbalism and Skinning, if this is your first character and whatever you want, if you have the bank of an 80 backing you up.  Why?  Herbalism gives you a healing spell, that unless you are Draenei, hunters don’t have.  Skinning gives you crit rating and crit is always welcome.  Plus skinning doesn’t require tracking.  Fishing is up to you.  Seriously, my 80 hunter is maxed, and I fish a lot, for mats for food buffs that all my characters use, but I can understand why folks wouldn’t want to do it.

At level 6, you get Hunter’s Mark and Arcane Shot.  Congrats, you can now effectively kite the mob if you’d like.  While moving, your Auto Shot will not work.  So you’ll be left with only 2 shots, Serpent Sting and Arcane Shot.  You may find it quicker not to kite mobs at this point, but to continue letting them run toward you why you put bullets or arrows in their mug.

I won’t go over how to kite a mob.  Quite simply, BRK has put out the best example on how to do so in this video and this, it involves jump shooting and to be honest, while I can do it, I am not great at it. If you click the BRK link, you’ll find all of his “guide” posts.  Most of that stuff still applies, but I want to update the changes that have been made.

Hunter’s Mark each mob?  You can. The bonus isn’t great and it does use mana and you may find it’s not really helpful.  Either way, not a big deal at this point in your life.

At level 8, you get Concussive Shot and Rank 2 of Raptor Strike.  Not really going to spend a lot of time on new ranks, unless they add something to the mix.  Concussive shot….when do I use in my rotation?  Well, I’ve found that I open with Serpent Sting, then Concussive Shot, then Arcane.  This usually makes the mob die or really close, that if they run, they still have the slowing debuff and I can keep them from running away too far.


Congratulations, you’ve made it past the worst part of being a hunter, after a few quests and a lot of running, you’ll be able to tame a pet of your choice and your leveling speed and ability to burn through mobs will increase exponentially.

First, when you level, you get a talent point to spend.   Quite simply, my advice is to put a point in Endurance Training.  I know you can realistically level as any of the specs, but I think your downtime and ability to survive is just better, especially at the lower levels, with Beastmastery.

When you get to your trainer, and I would advise getting there quickly, you learn Parry, a passive skill, Rank 2 of Serpent Sting and Track Humanoids, which like Track Beasts will cause Humanoid mobs to show up on your mini-map, if you are tracking them.  A note here, apparently abilities are being added to you bars automatically.  You can remove the Tracking as their is a button on your mini-map you can use to access the tracking abilities.

Your trainer also has a quest chain for you to start.  Start it.  No really, stop reading and go do it.  It’s the chain that gets you to learn how to tame pets.  First you get a rod and you go train 3 mobs.  After the 3rd mob is trained and you return you learn the following abilities:  Call Pet, Dismiss Pet, Tame Beast and a quest to run to your major city.  There you will learn Feed Pet and Revive Pet.

The pet you choose to tame is entirely up to you.   A Tenacity pet is really nice because it provides a bit more health and armor and tends to hold aggro better.  A Ferocity pet is good because it does more damage and a Cunning pet has some abilities that make them useful in places like PvP.  Try out many different types and visit Petopia for more information on pets.

Next time we’ll go through levels 11-20.


Operation: Lowbie

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We here at For the Horde! believe in providing unbelievably helpful posts.  They may not be as often as many of you might like, but we never, ever post goofy posts.  Never, ever.  And if, by chance, one of those goofy posts sees the light of day….YOU fine readers would never make it one of the top posts in the past year.

Seriously Bonk Bonk Bonk?

Okay, apparently, you fine readers, don’t so much care if we post silly posts…just as long as we post.

But fine readers, and you too Gnomer, we are upon a new year.  A time when most of us will make a resolution and then break it…

So, what pray tell, is my resolution, well not resolution, but plan of action, for the new year?
You don’t think the title of this post was just catchy do you?


Fine readers, I am going to create two new characters this year (no Fikkle, not just two, silly Canadianian) with one thought in mind.  Creating a how to series.  One of those characters will be a hunter, because, I can be a hunter.  The second will be a paladin.  I am leaning toward making the paladin a human for a couple reasons:

1) They are not Belfs… Any long time reader of my posts or comments will know my loathing of the blood elf.  I am so much very happy that the Horde will get Tauren Paladins in Cataclysm.  Seriously, even troll paladins would have sufficed, but my second favorite race?  Woot!

2) Humans get extra rep, cuz we all know the rep grind is long…

3) Humans get that sweet Every Man for Himself, so I don’t have to invest in a PvP trinket.

Hush it right now Roz. Zip it!, Shhh,

Silence!  I keel you!

4) Blessing of Kings: who by the way sends the most traffic our way…for some reason.

(yeah you want me to roll your class, start sending folks this way…yeah..I can be bought)

Now, the major question is this.  Do I make my hunter an alliance too?  If so, what race?

Oh before we go much further, let me explain some of my ground rules.

1) Must be on a server where I don’t have characters

2) Only support should be the DK I roll on said server to provide some bigger bags.

Seriously, Blizz, increase the drop rate of bags in the starter zones or up the bag space to 20 in the backpack.  No food or water was a great step /golfclap  :rollseyes:

So, here’s my question to you, which server should I roll on.  That leaves out: Dawnbringer, Winterhoof and Gnomer’s server in the Oceanic area. (since he gaves me stuff already)

I have no problem rolling both characters as alliance, nor do I have a problem rolling one alliance and one Horde.  Realistically, I could do both on the same server.  My goal here is to provide a decent leveling guide for the new player.  Either new to the game or new to the classes.    Sure, I could roll these up on my “home” servers, but let’s be honest, I’ve got lots of alts bankrolled by by level 80’s and it’s just not the same experience.  Heirloom shoulders, trinkets, chest and weapons make the leveling process a breeze.  No recruit a friend.

This doesn’t mean that I just want to roll on a server I don’t know anyone, so if you’d like Pie to hang out with you on your server, feel free to suggest it.  I don’t want boosted through the process, which is one of the other reasons to not roll on one of my home servers.  Let’s be honest, my rogue got boosted through BFD and got the sweet bow, where I would normally have to get a group to go.

So there it is boys and girls, give me some suggestions.  What would you like to see me do?  I am not saying I’ll spend every playing moment playing these characters, but I would like to advance enough to get a few posts a month out of these characters. I’ll split them so one post will focus on the hunter and the other on the pally.

Apparently, I am not the only one who got this idea.  Go check out BBB for his project on a new bear tank!

How not to be a huntard.

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For how to be a good hunter, please read BRK. Seriously, there are several great posts over there and I am NOT reinventing the wheel. But as I read BBB’s post on Bear Tanking 101, I realized when he said to practice, practice, practice, how much it applies to other classes. Oh and this will be long. And it most likely will require a series of posts.

A small history. I have a level 66 Dwarf Hunter, which was my first main. I also have a level 80 Orc Hunter, which raided with Fire and Blood through Gorefiend in Black Temple. By the way, shout out to a couple bloggers from that guild. Guild Leader and shaman Windfury; Bear Tank and nice guy Think Tank. A couple other little hunters spread out on a couple different servers. So, basically, I’ve played a hunter for a bit.

As many of you might have read here, Slig has a baby hunter, Calysong and I have a baby druid, Naciasto. We are leveling together, with me being bear and her being DPS. We have made it to Arathi Highlands, following Jame’s Guide. I noticed as we were moving from mob to mob that I would see a shot fired by Calysong and her pet racing toward the mob. I asked Slig if she needed a mark/pet attack macro (I didn’t use a ? so I was hoping she didn’t think I was barking at her. She didn’t) and she said she had one and was just being lazy. Well this got me on my soapbox a bit. Before I continue, let me say, Slig is no huntard. Slig knows how to play the game, but she’s new to huntering and she is loving it. Hunters can be very easy to play and it’s very easy to allow bad habits to become just that…habits. Not that firing a low threat shot and letting your pet pick up the mob on the way in is horrible, it’s just that until you get to the point where all your skills as a hunter are second nature, you have to make a constant effort to do everything right. Practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.

Let’s examine a couple of scenarios, After the break.

Conceptions of the Hunter Class

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Let me first say, I like hunters. Well over 50% of the active members of my guild are hunters. Well over 50% of the good friends I have in WoW are hunters. My second highest character is a hunter.

Having thus disclaimered, let’s have at it.

Hunters drive me batty. Do you remember Othello? The game, not the tragedy.

“A minute to learn, a lifetime to master.”

I think the number one reason hunters have such a bad rep in groups is the fact that there is such a disconnect between solo play vs. group play. When you’re soloing a hunter, you’re the party. You heal, you tank, you dps. They get it in their heads that they don’t need anyone else. A hunter friend of mine never quits with the “my pet could totally tank as well as you.” Then they join a party and suddenly become a caster.

Someone made the point that, with so many hunters around, there’s a better chance you get the bad ones. I completely agree. Same goes for DK’s. I used to see the same thing a lot with rogues too.

Speaking of rogues, what’s with the feign death and the vanish? I guess it makes sense and I’d probably do it if I could, but it just rubs me wrong. Seems selfish somehow.

Hunters also have unholy amounts of things they have to remember before ever showing up for the instance:

  • DPS pet
  • Growl off (please)
  • ammo
  • bandages
  • potions
  • buff food
  • pet food
  • mana drink

That’s probably not even the complete list.

The longer I ponder, the less this post becomes about bad hunters (I refuse to use the popular term) and more about good hunters. I might even be making excuses for the poor guys.

I do appreciate a good hunter. I happen to know a few.

I apologize that this post is so disjointed but I really wanted to get some of my immediate reactions to Sy’s post down before I forgot them.

So in closing, I give you Nim’s advice on being not a bad hunter.

  1. Bring ammo.
  2. Bring a DPS pet, with growl turned off.
  3. If we wipe, run your lazy butt back with us. We could use aspect of the pack.
  4. Use misdirect, lots.
  5. Autoshot + tab targeting can get you in serious trouble.
  6. Focus fire.
  7. Learn to trap.

That’s it.


Edit: No more consumable ammo? Well there goes that excuse. Back to hating hunters I guess…

*waves goodbye to profits from Mammoth Cutters*

Hunter Review Part 2: Synergy

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So as promised, this is the talent review for the spec I’ve chosen.  My main emphasis when deciding on which talents to choose was synergy.  Being a Beast Master means working with your pet so that together you both compliment each other in a never ending cycle of awesome!  To that end: 

Improved Aspect of the Hawk:  While many hunters feel that this proc doesn’t happen often enough to make it worthwhile, or it happens on the shot that kills a mob, making it wasted during downtime, I feel it’s a solid talent that will benefit when it does proc.  The increased haste is going to really make a difference, especially with auto shot now off of the global cooldown. 

Endurance Training:  This ability grants both me and my pet increased stamina, giving me more staying power.  Not necessarily a must have talent, but never a bad choice either.  Generally when I needed one or two points to get to the next tier, this is where I added them.  (Only taking 4/5) 

Focused Fire: This is a bread and butter synergy talent.  While my pet is active all my damage is increased by 1/2% and the critical strike chance of my pet’s specials while kill command is active is increased by 10/20%.  More damage for me, good!  More crits from my pet, very good! 

Aspect Mastery:  A new talent to the BM tree, it gives a bonus to three aspects, Hawk, Monkey and Viper.  While not a ‘must-have’ it is a pretty solid talent, especially with the announcement of Aspect of the Dragonhawk at level 75.  If the bonus to both Hawk and Monkey are applied to Dragonhawk, this will be even better than it already is. 

Unleashed Fury:  A must have for just about every BM build I’ve ever made.  This increases my pet’s damage by 20%. More pet damage means better aggro generation and faster killing.  Um, yes please.

 Improved Mend Pet:  I think this is an extremely useful talent.  Generally, healers either ignore or forget about pets and sometimes refuse to heal pets if a hunter won’t use Mend Pet, meaning that whether soloing or in a group, it will allow me to keep my pet alive much longer.  With the reduced cooldown for Beastial Wrath/The Beast Within, I think this is an essential talent, as keeping my pet alive + the mana reduction allows me to use more shots, more BW (thus conserving more mana) and just last that much longer. This one too, is all about synergy.

Ferocity: Another must have for a BM build in my opinion.  This increases the critical strike chance of my pet by 10% at 5 points.  More pet crits means more Ferocious Inspiration up-time which means more damage for me.  Synergy! 

Intimidation: Aside from having a cool name, this talent is a must have as well, for me.  While the actual ability to stun a target on command is nice and very useful in pvp, this talent is required to get Beastial Wrath. 

Beastial Discipline:  This increases the focus regeneration of my pet by 50/100%.  More focus means more pet specials go off and more growls go off meaning I don’t pull aggro while soloing, not to mention more dps for my pet and faster killin stuff for me.

Frenzy: This gives my pet a 100% chance (at 5 points) to increase its attack speed for 8 seconds when it crits.  More speed, means more attacks, means more Ferocious Inspiration.  And look what’s next…

Ferocious Inspiration: This is another definate must have for a BM build in my opinion.  When my pet crits, all party members get a 3% increase to all damage.  The beauty of this talent is that it scales, so the better you or your group becomes, the more benefit this provides.  Once again, feel the synergy. 

Beastial Wrath:  Another must have.  Aside from its usefulness in pvp for making my pet immune to any form of cc or stun, it also increases my pet’s damage by 20% for 18 seconds.  I also love the tooltip for this talent: “The beast does not feel pity or remorse or fear and cannot be stopped unless killed.”  Oh yeah! 

Serpent’s Swiftness: One of the greatest Hunter talents available in my opinion.  This increases my ranged attack speed by 20% and my pet’s melee attack speed by 20%.  What does that mean?  Mucho Grando synergy right there.  My attack speed increases, giving me more shots, thus more chance to crit.  The more I crit, the faster my pet attacks, meaning more attacks and more chance to crit.  On top of that, my pet’s attack speed increases giving it more hits and more chance to crit, which in turn creates more up time for FI and more damage for me.  This is another never ending cycle of synnergistic hunter-pet goodness.  In fact, the icon for this ability should be changed to a hybrid between the symbol for infinity and the symbol for death.  I’m writing Blizz a letter. 

The Beast Within: When my pet is under the effects of Bestial Wrath, I also go into a rage causing 10% more damage and reducing the mana cost of shots by 20%.  Like BW for my pet, it makes me immune to all forms of cc, stuns, snares, etc and increases damage.  A definate must have for me, especially with the decreased cooldown.

Longevity: This decreases the cooldown of Beastial Wrath, Intimidation and my pet’s special abilities by 30%.  Must have.  More Beastial Wrath means less mana spent on shots, more pet damage and more hunter damage (with The Beast Within). Shorter cooldowns on pet specials also means more damage.  All win, all around.

Kindred Spirits: This again increases my pet’s damage by 20% and increases its movement speed by 10%.  Another amazing talent that I think is a must have. 


Beast Mastery:  While many hunters taking BM may forgo this talent in order to get 21 points in another tree or because they have no interest in exotic pets, I personally feel that it is worth it.  It allows me to tame exotic pets and it gives all my pets 4 extra pet talent points.  With the recent announcement that all exotic pets will be getting a 10% increase to damage above non-exotic pets, this became that much more appealing to me. 

That gives me 51 points in the BM tree which means its time to move on to Marksman to get some really great support talents. 

Focused Aim: This reduces the pushback suffered from damaging attacks while using Steady Shot by 70% and increases my hit chance by 3%.  Since the plan is for pets to share hit rating with their hunter, my pet will also get a nice little hit bonus from this.  More hits means more damage and more crits and… well, I think you get it by now.   

Lethal Shots: This gives me a 5% (at 5 points) increase to Crit chance.  As I mentioned before, with the synergy between me and my pet, increasing crit will increase my pet’s attack speed and thus increase its chance to crit, increasing FI up time.  Moar Damage? Uh-huh.

Mortal Shots: This gives me a 30% increased crit damage and is just all around win.  I like seeing those big numbers pop up on my screen.  This makes that happen.  Moar Damage? Yessum. 


Aimed Shot:  While not a must have, aimed shot is a nice extra shot to be able to throw into my rotation, especially now that it is instant cast.  The mortal strike portion (50% reduction to healing effects) is also extremely useful in pvp. 

Rapid Killing:  This decreases the cool down on Rapid Fire by 2 minutes.  More haste more often means more shots, which means more chance to crit which means more chances for my pet to increase its attack speed, etc, etc.  Starting to see the trend?  Synergy my friends. 

Go For The Throat:  This ability gives a chance for my pet to gain 25/50 focus when I crit.  Now that pets have so many more abilities that require focus, including a focus dump for every pet family, the more focus, the more damage.  MOAR is BETTAH! 

Improved Hunter’s Mark:  This increases the attack power bonus of Hunter’s Mark by 10/20/30%.  Once again, this scales, meaning it keeps getting better.  As I’ve used up all of my other points, this will be filled to 2/3.

So that’s the build and why.  While you may not agree, I think this build is right for my playstyle.  I love the synergy that it creates between me and muy pet, which to me, is what Beast Mastery is all about.  

Since this was way long enough, my Devilsaur, who recently received a new name, will be specced out in Part 3. 

— Fikkle 

May the Horde be with you.

Hunter Review Part 1: Pets’o’Plenty

Posted in Hunter Guide, Pets on October 18, 2008 by Kor

I think I have found the single greatest name for a pet-tank EVAR!  Unfortunately, someone else named it, I just stumbled upon it.  If you haven’t seen it yet, head on over to Snake in the Grass and say hello to Frank the Tank.  Please no feeding the pets, unless its pallies, you can feed Frank those.  I swear, Lactic Acid said so.  Just don’t pet him, wouldn’t want to catch the, err, well you know, plague.  Oh, and I hear he likes to go streaking up the Drag to the gymnasium.

Anyways, I posted a few weeks back my top 6 pets for WOTLK (using 1 for leveling, then abandoning it and picking up another at 80), but since then, things have changed and I’ve decided on different pets!  Go figure, I mean, I am called Fikkle after all.  Anyways, not all have changed, but here are the new choices (of the moment): 

1. Devilsaur (Ferocity)*: He’s still my king pin number one choice for a pet.  Besides the reasons that I mentioned on TNB #14, the Monstrous Bite talent is looking like it will scale very nicely but on top of that, Blizz has announced that they are going to be buffing Exotic pets to give them an extra 10% dps.  As the Devilsaur is what I was planning on using for Raiding, this min/max is what I’m after and that extra 10% is going to be extremely nice. 

2. Rhino (Tenacity)*: This is my ‘fun’ choice for a pet.  Rhino bowling looks like it is absolutely one of the funnest and coolest things in the game, and I can’t wait to try it out.  Aside from that, the Rhino is huuuge, and who doesn’t love a massive Big Red Rhino?  The last reason is for bridges and flags in BGs.  Can’t wait to send people flying off the choke point in AV or mid-field in EotS and it’ll be a great way to get 8+ flag cappers all away from the flag at the same time… Talk about relief for the relief hut!  Not to mention, being tenacity, he’ll likely stand up to a lot more punishment. 

3. Bear (Tenacity)*: If I need a pet to tank for anything, this is going to be my choice.  I’ve already settled on a skin that I like (the white one from Winterspring) and picked him up.  Frostpaw is his name and he’ll be what I use when I need single target tanking.  I’ve also noticed that Blizz modified the animations for the bear a bit so that their mouths are no longer in a perma grin, but now remain closed and open and shut as the bear moves in place.  Very nice and much more realistic looking.

4. Gorilla (Tenacity)*: I went and tamed Uhk’loc, the rare white gorilla from Un’goro about a week ago in anticipation of the extra stable slots.  Seeing as how awesome the AoE viability of a Gorilladin is, this will be my AoE pet.   


5. Wolf (Ferocity)*: This is going to be my leveling pet.  Seeing as how we’re planning the 5HPoA, I’m bringing the wolf for Furious Howl.  I’ll likely be ‘sending him to the farm’ at 80 in order to pick up a pvp pet. 


6. Bird of Prey (Cunning)*: This is going to be my pvp pet.  Having looked over some abilities many other classes are getting, there seems to be a trend that most classes are getting some sort of ability to remove movement impairing effects, making the Hyena’s tendon rip a bit underpowered with the long cooldown it will have.  Instead, I’m going to try out the Bird o Prey for its snatch ability.  I’m loving the idea of being able to grab that big two handed weapon out of the main hand of those darn fury warriors.  Depending on how this feels in pvp at level 80, this will be one pet that gets reviewed for its viability when the time comes.  The other possibility for me will be the anti-caster Core Hound of Doom! 

*All images from Petopia.


So I specced Grim when 3.0.2 went live in order to go get a Core Hound and romp around Org, shaking everyone’s screens and watch the plethora of tells from people who had no idea about anything about the patch, scroll across my screen.  Unfortunately, I missed some key talents due to my haste (read: Gozzishness) and now I’m regretting it.  So I decided to do a review of all the talents in depth and when satisfied, Grim got a respec.  I decided on a 51/10/0 spec for 70, going to a 51/20/0 spec for 80.  Call me plain, its what I know, its what I like.  The analysis and discussion of why I chose the talents is coming soon in part 2, hopefully to include the spec for my Devilsaur as well.

— Fikkle 

May the Horde be with you.

Raiding Preparation for the BM Hunter Part 1

Posted in Hunter, Hunter Guide, Raiding, Tips & Tricks on June 4, 2008 by Kor

Well, now that Grim has reached 70, its about time I got him ready for raiding.  On that note, I started looking into what I’d need to get going.  Matticus had a guest writer come in a while back and wrote an excelent post on what gear and enchants a fresh 70 Hunter should be trying to get .  Matticus gave me permission to reproduce some of that here and I’d like to expand upon it a little bit, and possibly offer some differing opinions or alternate suggestions.  I do realize most people are past the ‘get ready for kara’ stage, so this post is mostly for myself (or anyone else leveling an alt hunter and wanting to take them to Kara).  Aside from Badge gear, if anyone knows of a quest reward or regular instance drop that is a clear upgrade from what I have listed, please feel free to make a note of it in the comments.


As the great one often says, the BM Hunter is all about achieving a balance with your stats.  A BM Hunter who has insane RAP and Crit won’t be much use if their mana pool runs out after the first minute of combat.  On that note, the stats that a BM Hunter is interested in are:

Agility, Stamina (HP), Ranged Attack Power (RAP), Crit, Intellect (Mana) and +Hit. Mp5 could also be considered, but core stats shouldn’t be sacrificed for a few more mp5 (it should really only be considered when debating between side-grades). As for the general targets to strive for when gearing for Kara, you’re going to want your paper doll to show something like this*:

HP : 8500
Mana : 6500
AP : 1400-1500
Crit : ~20%
Hit : 9% (142)**

*As I don’t have a Hunter who is/was geared for Kara (yet), these numbers are based off of what I found while researching this post.  There may be disagreements with these numbers, which is fine.  They are here only to provide a guideline.

** Hit should be stacked until you reach the hit cap at 142 (without Surefooted). After that, hit is wasted.  I used BRK’s reasearch here for this calculation.



[Stalker’s Helm of Second Sight] is the head piece that you should be looking at getting. This is the reward for two quest chains in Shadowmoon Valley. The first quest in the chain is called [Malefactor’s Eyepatch] is another choice.  It comes from a quest chain in BEM that starts with Baron Sablemane’s Poison  and ends with Showdown .


[Choker of Bloodied Feathers]  is a quest reward from The Skettis Offensive (Group) in Terokkar Forest.

[Insignia of the Mag’hari Hero]  is a Horde only reward after you have finished all the Garadar quests.  This piece contains +14 Hit so it is a nice choice for anyone trying to max out their chance to hit and not wanting to switch something out elsewhere.


[Beast Lord Mantle]  drops from Warlord Kalithresh in the Steamvault.  The set bonuses for the BL set are very nice, so if you can grab multiple pieces, I’d say go for it.

[Towering Mantle of the Hunt]  is another option.  It drops from Sarannis in the Botanica.  These are not better than the BLM, so if you can get that, take it, but they are an alternative.


[Perfectly Balanced Cape]  is a quest reward from Heart of Rage in Hellfire Citadel.

[Delicate Green Poncho]  is a quest reward from Bring Me The Egg (Group) in Nagrand.  This is another great choice having +14 Hit Rating again it can be used to max your hit so you can have options in other slots.


[Felstalker Breastplate] is a LW crafted item that is part of the 3 piece Felstalker set.  The 3 piece bonus for the set is +20 Hit Rating, if you need the hit.

[Salvager’s Hauberk]  is a rep reward from the Lower City.  Since there are a few other pieces that will require you to run Lower City rep instances, this may be a very easy solution, especially if you’re not a Leatherworker.  Requires Lower City: Revered.

EDIT: As suggested by Daxe:

Beast Lord Curiass is a drop from Warp Splinter, the end boss in Botanica.


[Felstalker Bracers]  is another piece of the Leatherworking crafted set.

[Auchenai Bracers]  is an alternative for the non-LWs out there.  This is a quest reward from The Soul Devices in The Shadow Labyrinth.  Fairly easy to complete, even with a PUG.


[Ar’tor’s Mainstay]  is a quest reward from a quest chain in Shadowmoon Valley.  The chain starts with The Bundle of Bloodthistle and finishes with The Cipher of Damnation – The Third Fragment Recovered .

[Gauntlets of the Redeemed Vindicator] is another choice.  They are a quest reward in Netherstorm from the quest Deathblow to the Legion , which is a three part chain that starts with Socrethar’s Shadow (Group) .


[Felstalker Belt]  is the third piece in the Felstalker LW crafted set.  The pattern can be purchased at Friendly reputation with Thrallmar (or Honor Hold).

[Girdle of Gale Force]  is a random world drop, so check for it on your local AH.


[Scaled Greaves of Patience]  is a drop in Caverns of Time: Old Hillsbrad from Captain Skarloc.  It has excellent stats and three gem slots, so its a very nice pair of leg armor pre-Kara.

[Beast Lord Leggings] drop from Warlord Kalithresh in the Steamvault and are another great choice.


[Sky Hunter Swift Boots]  are dropped by Darkweaver Syth in Sethekk Halls.

[Outland Striders] are dropped by Zereketh the Unbound in the Arcatraz and [Boots of the Outlander]  are a drop from Pandemonius in Mana-Tombs and are both alternatives if you can’t get the SHSB.


[Slayer’s Mark of the Redemption]  is a quest reward from Dissension Amongst the Ranks (Group) in Shadowmoon Valley.  The quest is the end of a 5-part chain that starts with The Path of Conquest .  This is another piece that has Hit Rating (+10) and can be used to increase you to the hit cap.

[Band of Anguish]  is a quest reward from News of Victory , the last part of a 6-part chain of quests in Shadowmoon Valley, starting with Bring Down the Warbringer! .  Again, this ring has +10 Hit Rating.

[Longstrider’s Loop]  is dropped by Nexus Prince Shaffar in Mana-Tombs.  It has +11 Hit Rating.

[Lightwarden’s Band] is an option for any Aldor aligned players which can be obtained at Revered reputation.  It doesn’t have hit, so it would be better to use this if you’re over the hit cap and want to swap something out.


[Hourglass of the Unraveller]  is a drop from Caverns of Time: Black Morass, which happens to be my favorite instance in the game.  (I know a lot of people hate it, but I like the fast paced challenge of it all.)  It drops from Temporus and is fairly rare, so if you do get one, count yourself lucky.  This is an excellent trinket with a very nice proc effect.

[Bladefist’s Breadth]  is a quest from Cruel’s Intentions (Group) in Hellfire Peninsula.  Most people pick this up in their early 60’s and keep it for a long time as it is a very nice trinket.  I’m still using it.

[Abacus of Violent Odds]  is a drop from Panthaleon the Calculator in The Mechanar. It has an on use effect that gives you increased haste, which does stack with both Serpent’s Swiftness and Rapid Fire. ZOMG!!! BM Heaven.

[Core of Ar’kelos] is a quest reward from Ar’kelos the Guardian in Netherstorm. 

Melee Wpn

[Sonic Spear]  is a drop from Murmur in the Shadow Labyrinth.  It comes with +24 Hit Rating, which is extremely nice to put you up at the hit cap.

[Blackened Spear]  is a reputation reward for Thrallmar: Revered reputation.  It also has +19 Hit Rating.  The Alliance Hunters can always get the Honor Hold equivalent.

Ranged Wpn

I decided not to go into too much detail for the Ranged Weapons.  They are one of the most important features of a Hunter.  So instead, I’m listing a bunch and letting you make up your mind about what works for you, what you like and which one you want to go look up for yourself.

While you’re out getting the rest of your stuff, you should be able to come across a couple of these that are drops.  I’d suggest getting as many as you can so that you can switch them up as you see fit to better suit your play style.

[Lohn’goron, Bow of the Torn Heart]   
[Wrathfire Hand-Cannon]
[Melmorta’s Twilight Longbow]

[Recoilless Rocket Ripper X-54]
[Skyfire Hawk-Bow]
[Telescopic Sharprifle]
[Valanos Longbow]

[Emberhawk Crossbow]



Okay, I was going to include this in this post, but its been taking too long and I haven’t had time to get around to it, so I’m going to work on putting that out as part two.