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Crouching Orc, Hidden Panda

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Welcome back hordies and wannabe hordies. This has been an incredible week for the world of Warcraft. If you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past few months, Mists of Pandaria dropped last Tuesday, and I’ve gotten very little sleep since. Now, I didn’t get to take off TEN DAYS like the Fikkle, but I did get a day off of teaching to play on Tuesday. Now THAT was a great day. Nimrock and I started off hanging out at Spiffie’s (long time friend and guildy). Now, I’m not called OldManSy for nothing, and 12am PST is NOT 12am central… I barely made it to midnight. I am an old man. Up and down a few times to log in, see a few things, get tired twenty minutes later and go back to bed… Next time, I’m just going to bed at “normal” OldMan time and tearing through the next morning. No question. Now in a week I’ve really not played my main, Gozz much. I’ve been in love with the monk class. I spend Tuesday morning and afternoon leveling my first monk as a windwalker. He made it to the ripe old age of 29. Now, it was at this point that I decided I wanted an Orc Monk. Soooooo, I’ve spent the rest of the week leveling an Orc, also a windwalker. I love the panda, don’t get me wrong, I’m still planning on leveling my panda, but he’s going brewmaster. It fits, I mean panda brewmaster. It has to happen. Back to the Orc. I spent the first fifteen levels flying through quests, and since then have been hammering the instances. Little by little I’ve gotten him to 32. Now, that’s not “flying,” but for me, it’s been a lot of playtime. Some of the abilities that the windwalkers have are amazing!

20120930-221201.jpg This move is SICK!!! Flying through the air, moving at extreme speed is not only fun, but sometimes DANGEROUS!!! My first instance after getting this ability was Rage Fire Chasm. Or as I like to call it, “take a bath in Lava…” I’ve since then learned to control my flight, but I’ve seen monks fly into the next pull, fly off of ledges, into lava, and even pull bosses. Yup. DPS pulling bosses is bad, mmmkay? Now, I am in love with orc’s, so my new monk, Galrog, has been a blast. As most of you know I’m a bit into RP… Soooooo, if you aren’t into the RP, skip the next short paragraph, look at the pictures, then leave your obligatory “RP is for nerds” comment. Kthanks.

20120930-221943.jpg So that’s the new Orc, son of Gozz, my main hunter. Now, Gozz was a fan of Thrall, Galrog has fallen into Garrosh’s camp and is happy with the direction he is taking the Horde. This has put stress on the family ties. Now, more to come in later posts on the Gozz/Galrog family feud. (See, i told you it would be a short paragraph!)

Okay, back to the monk flying kick of awesome. Here is a bit of a visual if you haven’t had the chance to see just how far this moves you. We start out here, look at the farm in the background, that’s where we are heading.

20120930-222515.jpg Hit the kick…

20120930-222538.jpg BOOM DRAGON!!!

20120930-222657.jpg Aaaaaannnnnndddd now I’m at the farm. Now, put fire pits, tons of mobs, and bosses all around, you can see how this could be a huge problem for some monks. Some monks. I’m really afraid that we are going to end up with the monk version of the huntard…. The monktard. Hopefully, after a month or two of the monk being over powered, and super fun to level, the NERF bat will come back out, and everyone will go back to playing their favored class, and the number of monks that get to 90 will level out a bit with your hunters, pallys, priests, and druids. Honestly, I’m hoping this happens. Afterall, who wants to play world of monkcraft? It leveled out for death knights, so I don’t see why it shouldn’t even out for monks as well.

Leave me a comment with your thoughts, I really am curious to see what you all think of how monkmania is panning out for you guys. Now, I leave you with your monk zen moment of the post. Enjoy.

20120930-223319.jpg OldManSy


Dreaming of Pandaria

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Welcome back friends. I dont know about you, but I am REALLY enjoying Mists. In particular, I’m enjoying the new monk class. So far I’ve leveled a panda monk to 29, an orc to lvl 5, and I honestly have 5 monk names saved on my main server…. this is bad for my altaholic tendencies. Now, I’m not happy with my Panda monk at the moment. I’m leveling him a windwalker, DPS, and he’s fun, don’t get me wrong, but he really needs to be a brewmaster. It just fits. Pandas+drinking+pissing things off=win. He will be a tank. I’m really wanting an orc monk to run the dps spec. Last night I created one I am happy with, and will be leveling him as a brewmaster to lvl 29, then swapping spec’s with the panda. All will be well with the world. Yes, I know I can just swap specs out now, but I’m more of a “learn as I level” kind of guy. For me, I want to be brewmaster from the Begining, windwalker from the Begining, mistweaver from the Begining. You get the picture. Anyway, now that you know my next few weeks worth of wow plans, let me show you what I’ve been playing with on my ipad. I love drawing, art, ANYTHING creative. I’ve been fiddling with an app called Brushes. It was 6 bucks, and well worth it. I’ve taken the WoW armory screenshot, and “fiddled” with them. I draw overlays on top of them. Now, some might consider this cheating. It probably is. I’m not selling them, I’m not making them for anyone else other than me. So, call it what you will, I like it. So, I present you with this weeks project, titled “Dreaming of Pandaria. I hope you at least get a giggle out of it. I’m a fan.


Wishing I was playing,

Panda-eve, or the Death of a Cataclysm

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On the eve of Panda-mas( when Pandas bring us gifts of five more levels, new zones, the monk class, and most importantly two days off from work to play with panda gifts.) I’m spending my last cataclysm night(Sunday) NOT playing wow. Don’t get me wrong, I still am a HUGE fan of the game, I’m just sitting ready for the new content. I’ve got no in game goals at the moment. I have a few things I COULD do, but honestly, nothing that is pulling me into the game. I’ve done the Theramore scenario everyday this week, and lets be honest, had I not read the book, I would be really pissed about the whole event, and probably given up running the whole stinkin thing after getting my mana-bomb and everlasting Horde firework. However, I did read the book, and like the part I am playing in the scenario… Once, maybe twice. After almost a weeks worth of runs, I’m getting sick of it already.

So, what do I have to contribute to the wow world blogosphere today, that others haven’t shared? Probably nothing. Honestly, there are some great write ups about the monk class, pandas, the new high level content, Theramore… I’m just honestly fresh out of good stuff.

Now, that doesn’t mean I’ve got no goals going into panda, that doesn’t mean I don’t have fun filled panda dreams in my future… I mean, I do. I’ll be having a pre-panda party tomorrow night, if by party you mean staying at a friends house so I can stay up playing wow all hours of the night and NOT be awakened by my beautiful daughter and delightful one year old son first thing Tuesday morning. Only to wake up on a couch, brush my teeth, and play pandaland all day. Yup. A party. Be jealous. Not to downplay my audience here, but many wouldn’t find this a party. To them, I say suck it. As a married man with two kids, all night gaming sessions are few and far between. So far between in fact, that the last time I did anything like this was the cata expansion. And even then I was so tired from having to actually drive an hour away to pick up the expansion that I was stupid tired when I got home and just passed out and went to bed. To this I say, thank you blizzard for offering digital content. You are my hero.

Enjoy this nonimportant post interwebs. Enjoy.

Mobile Auction House For Dummies

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When I think of fun things to do on my phone, playing wow usually isn’t the first thing to come to mind. Sure, I think of Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons, Angry Birds Rio, heck, even Angry Birds Space(I’m a fan of angry birds, ok?) but WoW? Nope, can’t say I’ve really thought of WoW on my phone.

At the beginning of the summer I was looking for a way to spend some time playing wow, but with two kids at home, running a swimming pool, and wanting to spend my “free time” pursuing family and friends, I was in need of some Azerothian time during my day.  I found this through the mobile auction house app on my iPhone. Spending five minutes here, five minutes there, I was able to amas mountains of gold. Considering I had never seen anything north of the 5k gold for each flying skill I had raised, my summer high of 50k was really an accomplishment for me. I say summer high, because I don’t have that in gold anymore. Granted, I’ve spent quite a bit of that on mounts, ie chopper, traveling tundra mammoth, and a few others, raised flying skills on a few toons that needed it, and spent way, way to much on transmog gear… I’m ashamed to say I paid 6k for the blade of wizardry on my bank alt… Yeah, sad, I know. Now, I am still playing the AH, and really enjoying it. The market seems to have slowed down on some things, and I think that will pick up after MOKFP drops next week, bit I’m still making gains. I’m sitting on too much inventory in my opinion, and on a few really pricy items that will sell, but will take some time to move, and I have 13K gold right now. Granted, there are many people sitting at gold cap. I’m nowhere near gold cap. No. Where. Near.

So, why should you listen to me about how the mobile auction house has made me gold? Well, because I’m just doing this part time. I rarely hit my 200 transactions per day limit, yes there is a limit, and I go days at a time without posting to the MAH, and I still have gold. If I can do this, what can a dedicated mobile auction houser do? Well, they are probably already gold capped. Let’s take a look at the MAH on my iPhone.

This is the basic home screen. On it you will see several pieces of information. Browse, My Bids, My Auctions, and Create are the main headers, while information about your current auction house activities are listed below. The interface is pretty self explanatory to be honest.

Some of the tricks that have been helpful in making money using the mobile auction house aren’t really tricks at all. Any idiot can do these few things, and make money hand over fist. Now, this may sound stupid, but here is the number one, biggest trick to make money using the auction house. It isn’t professions, it isn’t farming and selling, it’s buy low, sell high. There you have it. The biggest secret to making money. Buy low. Sell high. Now, I know what you are thinking, if everyone knows this, why aren’t they all doing it? One of the biggest advantages to the mobile app over the in game client, is that you can do it anywhere. Are hitting on a train on your way home? Pull it out. Are you in your office at work looking busy? Pull it out. Are you sitting at your computer playing wow… Okay, so it won’t work if you are actually logged into the game, but enjoy that time. Spend it playing, not worrying about the auction house. It will still be there when you log off.

Don’t go going ho, buying up every scrap of a single item on your first day. Gt to know your market. Start small. Pick our two or three items that you think you can successfully buy at a steady price, and mark it up several times per day, knowing that at times you will have a ton of that material lying around, and no, it doesn’t move everyday of the week. Some days will be slow, and all you will do is buy. Don’t fret. That is why you need to take a week or two to know the market. Know other sellers who are attempting to do the same thing. I have a few sellers for transmog goods on my server who always, always have the same set prices on certain sets. I’ve learned this, and now know where to set my prices when they come up without even looking at what he is selling at the moment. Trade goods are better money makers in the long run, even if they don’t net the huge amounts as fast. Over time, these will be your biggest markets.

I don’t have secrets really, in fact, I’ll tell you my number one seller. Embersilk cloth. Plain ol’ simple embersilk cloth. Yup. I buy any piece that sits below a set value, them resell them just above that value. Let’s pretend it’s 3G 50s. (it is 3G 50s) now, if I buy up every piece, every time I log in to the mobile ah, I have a Crapton of embersilk. I never post as much as I took off the market either. Creating a huge amount on the ah just drives prices down in the long run. No, I sit on my stockpile, selling it slowly. Some days you will sell more than you started with, other days you won’t. In the end, it pans out if you set your price points correctly.

The mobile auction house has been a way for me to spend some time in Azeroth, without dropping everything I am doing to go to my desktop, log in, avoid getting trampled by toddlers, while still feeling like I am contributing to my warcrack habit. It did the trick for me this summer, kept me playing while others had moved on, and honestly became my game within a game. There would be almost whole weeks where the only wow time I got was playing the mobile AH…

So there you have it, the mobile AH in a very short, very small package. If you have any questions about my experiences with the mobile ah, please leave a comment and I’ll try to get back with you ASAP. Now that it’s free, you have no excuse to not get out there and make some gold! Just don’t forget your buddy,


Writers block… Or the Post that Needs to be More than one Post

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Writers block… Or the post that needs to be more than one post

Greetings friends, bloggers, and crazy readers. I’m hoping your weekend was as good as mine. In preparing to write this post I had jotted down several notes throughout the week, but never got to putting them together into a coherent post until this weekend… Yeah, I procrastinate sometimes, what of it? as I was digesting the notes I had accumulated i realized that this would either be one gigantic metric crap ton of information, or I could break it up into three or four posts over the next week. Of course, this was before my epic evening Saturday night.

So, on the downside, you don’t get to hear about my “away from wow, wow time” post about the mobile AH, or my “transmog for dummies” post, or even my ” Thrall: Twilight of the Aspects review. ” but that’s okay, Saturday was my most eventful day in wow. Period. Sort of.

Let me back up a few days to Thursday night. As Fik stated on Friday, we rolled through our old stomping grounds tearing up Gruel and Magtheradon, then ripping apart Kara to get my gun, jerk wolf finally gave er up! That got us both fired up to do some old raid content. We sent out the word, and were rewarded with all of the FortheHorde crew showing up, along with some longtime friends, Ace from Repgrind, Lyssianna from Dots and Hots, and Orange Slice from Orangeslice> Other Sodas. We destroyed the place on ten man mode. Honestly, I had never seen the content, so I was super excited to FINALLY down the Lich King. Yes, we did ICC. I know, I know, its only an expansion late, it’s not like I had never seen Black Temple…(I haven’t finished that place…ever.) Or the Eye…(I hadn’t downed KT until Sunday)… but you get the point. It was something that needed to be done, and we did it. That’s how we roll. After destroying Lich King, we tromped down to the Obsidian Sanctum and got Pie his drake for OS3D. That was a blast, and one I will be doing weekly until I get that drake, and weekly still until all of my boys get it as well. I am a mount whore.

Speaking of Mount whores, I got mount number 119 yesterday, finally earning exalted with my guild and picking up my ugly scorpion of doom. He;s pretty cool, but he’s no raven lord. Sunday was our good friend Spiffie’s birthday, so we rolled into the Eye to down KT. Good times. We gathered a guildie, along with Pie, and rolled through like we owned the place. Low and behold, we DID own the place. No Ashes of Alar, but it was still a blast.

Now, I know this seems like such a “cop out” post. Yes, I had a blast this weekend playing wow like I hadn’t in a very long while. In fact, the last time I played as much with a group WAS Burning crusade… maybe a little bit in wrath, but not nearly this much during the cataclysm. Ironically, this was the expansion that really drove me forward lore wise. I loved the books written during this expansion. The Shattering and Thrall:Twilight of the Aspects were two amazing reads. I flew through them both.

I’m excited to see what Panda brings to the mix. I love the casual way things are headed, they fit my playstyle. I look forward to being able to solo more old world content. As a hunter, soloing old stuffs is fun! That’s how this orc gets most of his transmog stuff. So, look forward to some very fleshed out posts in the coming weeks. I’ve got some good ones on tap between now and the launch of panda.

Time for bed,

The Final Days…

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Lok’tar friends!

So we’re down to the final days of the Cataclysm expansion and while the lead in patch for MoKFP has already dropped, none of the new content has really arrived. So what to do?

For my part, the first thing I did after the patch was to log in all of my characters that hadn’t been played in ages. Wit the new account wide features, the only way to ensure that everything gets loaded to the account level is to log in to all your characters, and from what I’ve read over at WoW Insider, the account wide effects are for all the accounts across all of your accounts. I only have one account activated right now, but I will likely put a game card on some of my other accounts just to load up my other characters and get all of the applied benefits. And ya, I actually have five accounts from back when I tried out my hand at five-boxing shaman. It was quite an interesting gimmick, but it was only a minor interest for me, so I gave up on it pretty quick.

In other news, as I recently returned to the game, I’ve been trying to get myself ready for MoKFP. I basically left the game in the first few days after the pre-Cata patch, so aside from my time in the beta, I really haven’t seen a lot of what Cata had to offer. The majority of my time has been spent leveling Kor up to 85, which I reached the other day. I have a lot more level 80 characters, but I’m not really sure I will actually level any of them just yet. I completed all of Vashj’ir, Hyjal and Deepholm with Kor and have gotten started on Uldum. I haven’t done a single Cata instance yet, but I was more interested to get the story of the different zones first. I will probably continue through Uldum and the Twilight Highlands and I suspect that will be about all I accomplish before the expansion hits.

I’ve also been leveling a little Goblin warrior (I’m addicted to playing a warrior now, it’s a serious condition known as meat head, and I have it), and finished off all the starter zones. He’s in the middle of Azshara questing right now, and with heirlooms, he’s pretty much outleveled the quests he’s on, but the zone story is pretty good, so I decided to stick with it, at least until I get the zone questing achievement completed.

Other than that, I don’t really know what else I want to do. I suppose I could try out the different classes and their new mechanics and talent options. I have three paladins at 80, a hunter, a second warrior, a shaman, mage and death knight, so there’s plenty of options.

The last thing that has really been occupying a lot of my time lately, however, is an out of game activity. Ever since I started playing I’ve always been a casual roleplayer. Over the years, my characters have each developed an identity of their own, and as I’ve thought about my characters and their motivations, a history of what got them to where they started (and onwards to where they are now), developed in my mind. Back during Wrath I wanted to start recording the history of my characters in a blog, basically an outlet for both my desire to write and to RP, but as I got wrapped up I the game, those kinds of things stopped being as important to me, and it kind of fell by the wayside. When I took a break for Cata, the idea was sidelined permanently (or so it seemed at the time). Now that I’ve come back to the game and have wanted to take a much more casual approach to my gameplay, the idea of putting together a story for my characters has come back around, albeit in quite a different shape than what I’d considered before.

So to side-step that story for a minute, I should mention for those that are unaware of my original beginnings in wow, my very first character was an Orc Hunter. The choice to play an orc was largely influenced by the Instance podcast, and I quickly came to love the lore of the orcs. While my main eventually turned outgo be a Mage during BC, my fascination with the lore & history of the orcs never subsided, and eventually I went on to play an orc shaman, an orc warrior and an orc death knight. I’m pretty sure I have an orc warlock kicking around somewhere to.

While I’m known to all of my friends as Fikkle for my fickle playstyle and rampant altaholism, I have always come back to orcs. While some others may love the Draenei lore, I personally consider the tormented past of a people who allowed themselves to be corrupted and have tried to find their way back to an honorable lifestyle, while still retaining a warrior culture to be more appealing than a bunch of goody goody boy scouts who’ve been running from their enemies for an eternity.

In any event, I do have non-orc characters as well, my Blood Elf Mage & Paladin, my Forsaken Rogue, my Tauren Druid, my Dwarven Paladin & Warrior, my human Paladin and my Worgen Warrior & Druid. So when I was trying to develop the storyline that will become the tale of my characters, I tried to think of a way to make it so heavily orc based, without it seeming out of place. The answer kind of came naturally when I started to really look at it, and it was to make the story about the orcs themselves, with the other characters having some role in their story. That’s not to say that they don’t have stories of their own, and they might come up from time to time, but the main focus is going to be on the orc clan based around all of my characters.

Those who know me best will already have a good idea about what I’m talking about, but for now, I will keep the rest of it under wraps. My plan is to get a big head start on all of the stories before I start to publish anything, that way I’ll be able to release a story every day when I’m ready, and if later developments require any retconning, that can be done before its published.

So this has really been a big teaser for what will remain a super secret project for now. I will let everyone know where they can go to see the RP once it’s ready to go. In the meantime, get ready for Kung Fu Pandas and,

Stay Hordecore,

— Kor

Chips and Salsa!

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Welcome back to Monday folks! Look on the bright side, this week, if you reside in the U.S., you have the day off for Labor day. If you live elsewhere, sorry, welcome back to work. On Saturday, 3/4theHorde Got together while pie traveled south to visits family. Nimrock and I met up with him at one of the local Mexican establishments for dinner. Good food, good friends, and talking yours truly into playing D&D over the Internet makes for a great evening. It just sucks our other 1/4theHorde (Fikkle) is not just all the way north in Canada,  he’s even FURTHER north than usual. Who knows, if all goes as planned, we’ll be traveling to Northland next summer for a true Cana-Shenanicon meetup.
Back to WoW. As I stated in last weeks post, I am in love with the gold sink/time sink that is transmogrification. Seriously, I have multiple “outfits” for each character that I play/bank with ,and usually switch them up at least weekly… Sad I know. I wanted to take a minute and show off some of the great looks I’ve achieved over the past few months since transmoging became a thing.
First off we’ll start with my main Gozz. I’m a fan of red on my hunter, so I have a few red sets, one my self titled dragon hunter. I love the shiny red plate look with the dragon gun from BRD. My only regret is finishing the quest in SMV that gives the all red dragon head helmet years ago, before transmoging… So I can’t fully complete the look I want. Oh well.
Next is his take on the deadly gladiator set. The shoulders and helmet are the defining pieces of this set, and then throw in the org tabard and the horde bow…. S. I. C. K. Not to mention his rare Hydra pet, that can now be my tank solo pet!
Next is my two banker toons, Vos and Jesuit. Vos has spent some gold on his outfit, but with the cash he’s brought in, I’m okay with it! Here is his Silvermoon Vigilante look.
Next is his Templar Set, complete with Blade of Wizardry and His Tome of Auctionhouseing.
Next up, my bag man. He’s the guy that puts together all of the raw materials I find into bags. Bags=gold atm for me. Anyway, here is his Silver Thread set.
Finally, the character that has been through the most changes over my years of wow. He’s been an undead rogue, a gnome rogue (sad but true), a female orc rogue, a female bloodelf rogue, and now finally, has come full circle, an undead rogue. Just typing that makes me hate myself and the amount of money that has went into just race changes with this toon… not to mention server changes, and faction changes… I should quit while I’m really behind… Anwyay, here is Sylus in his newly minted Guild Colors PVP Sickle Set.
As you can see, I’m pretty sold on Transmoging. I want my gear to look how I choose, not how some dev thinks my “high end” armor should look. Some of my favorite pieces are random drops and quest loot. Those daggers Sy is sporting come from rep… from the walrus people.. I forget their name off the top of my head. What I’m saying is, they are sick, and easy to get, not heroic-hardmode-haters-gonna-hate-mode-82-man-raid content.
I really want to see some of your transmog sets. Leave us some links to your armory pages. Who knows, I might come up with something nice for my favorites.
It’s past my bedtime,