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Crouching Orc, Hidden Panda

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Welcome back hordies and wannabe hordies. This has been an incredible week for the world of Warcraft. If you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past few months, Mists of Pandaria dropped last Tuesday, and I’ve gotten very little sleep since. Now, I didn’t get to take off TEN DAYS like the Fikkle, but I did get a day off of teaching to play on Tuesday. Now THAT was a great day. Nimrock and I started off hanging out at Spiffie’s (long time friend and guildy). Now, I’m not called OldManSy for nothing, and 12am PST is NOT 12am central… I barely made it to midnight. I am an old man. Up and down a few times to log in, see a few things, get tired twenty minutes later and go back to bed… Next time, I’m just going to bed at “normal” OldMan time and tearing through the next morning. No question. Now in a week I’ve really not played my main, Gozz much. I’ve been in love with the monk class. I spend Tuesday morning and afternoon leveling my first monk as a windwalker. He made it to the ripe old age of 29. Now, it was at this point that I decided I wanted an Orc Monk. Soooooo, I’ve spent the rest of the week leveling an Orc, also a windwalker. I love the panda, don’t get me wrong, I’m still planning on leveling my panda, but he’s going brewmaster. It fits, I mean panda brewmaster. It has to happen. Back to the Orc. I spent the first fifteen levels flying through quests, and since then have been hammering the instances. Little by little I’ve gotten him to 32. Now, that’s not “flying,” but for me, it’s been a lot of playtime. Some of the abilities that the windwalkers have are amazing!

20120930-221201.jpg This move is SICK!!! Flying through the air, moving at extreme speed is not only fun, but sometimes DANGEROUS!!! My first instance after getting this ability was Rage Fire Chasm. Or as I like to call it, “take a bath in Lava…” I’ve since then learned to control my flight, but I’ve seen monks fly into the next pull, fly off of ledges, into lava, and even pull bosses. Yup. DPS pulling bosses is bad, mmmkay? Now, I am in love with orc’s, so my new monk, Galrog, has been a blast. As most of you know I’m a bit into RP… Soooooo, if you aren’t into the RP, skip the next short paragraph, look at the pictures, then leave your obligatory “RP is for nerds” comment. Kthanks.

20120930-221943.jpg So that’s the new Orc, son of Gozz, my main hunter. Now, Gozz was a fan of Thrall, Galrog has fallen into Garrosh’s camp and is happy with the direction he is taking the Horde. This has put stress on the family ties. Now, more to come in later posts on the Gozz/Galrog family feud. (See, i told you it would be a short paragraph!)

Okay, back to the monk flying kick of awesome. Here is a bit of a visual if you haven’t had the chance to see just how far this moves you. We start out here, look at the farm in the background, that’s where we are heading.

20120930-222515.jpg Hit the kick…

20120930-222538.jpg BOOM DRAGON!!!

20120930-222657.jpg Aaaaaannnnnndddd now I’m at the farm. Now, put fire pits, tons of mobs, and bosses all around, you can see how this could be a huge problem for some monks. Some monks. I’m really afraid that we are going to end up with the monk version of the huntard…. The monktard. Hopefully, after a month or two of the monk being over powered, and super fun to level, the NERF bat will come back out, and everyone will go back to playing their favored class, and the number of monks that get to 90 will level out a bit with your hunters, pallys, priests, and druids. Honestly, I’m hoping this happens. Afterall, who wants to play world of monkcraft? It leveled out for death knights, so I don’t see why it shouldn’t even out for monks as well.

Leave me a comment with your thoughts, I really am curious to see what you all think of how monkmania is panning out for you guys. Now, I leave you with your monk zen moment of the post. Enjoy.

20120930-223319.jpg OldManSy


Why am I excited about playing WOW again.

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I know it’s still kinda summer and lots of guilds are bored and can’t wait for MOKFP to drop so they can race to 90 and start the raid prep process again.

I get it. I am excited for MOKFP too. It’s a gear reset my characters need badly. My hunter, Halkale has an iLevel of about 312. Three freaking twelve.  As in, I got into a LFG regular dungeon and someone said, man hunter you need better gear.  Oh how the mighty have fallen…well or the maybe sorta kinda mighty.

I was never in a world first guild. Never so cutting edge that I had to give up everything but raiding. BUT, I was in a guild raiding Black Temple in BC, when BT was the top raid of the expansion. I was the hunter lead, I was in charge of the pulls (Side Note to the kids: back in BC you had a hunter pull the packs of mobs back with Misdirection, the warrior then taunted them off the hunter and the hunter Feigned Death to drop aggro so the tanks could take over. Or, you failed to drop aggro, got roflstomped and spent the next few minutes watching the trash fights from the floor.) Hell, I was the survival hunter for the raiding team because you had to have one, but only one, while BM ruled the DPS world.

And now, I have less than 5 hours /played at 85 on my hunter.

My first character to 85 was my paladin, my second was my mage, the priest was third and now Halkale finally dinged right before 5.0.4 dropped. My first character to 90 will be Bratwurst. My second will be Halkale. Why? Because 4theHorde rides again. Yes, we have issues with schedules. Yes, we don’t all play like we used to, but we are planning. We are working on plans for a 5 man group time. We are hoping we might be able to do some raiding, casually in MOKFP.

But, Pie, you still haven’t answered the question, Why am I excited about playing WOW?  Technically, I have answered the question. If you’ve read 4thehorde for any amount of time, or gone back and reread the older posts, you’ll discover what makes this blog different. Not different good or bad, although as a member of this fine group, it’s great for me. You see, I’ve met some really awesome people through this blog. I’ve spent time with them both in game and out. Most I’ve met face to face. I’ve laughed and cried with them. I’ve celebrated victories in game and in life..and was saddened by losses. 4TH is more than a blog, it’s family. Fikkle, Nimrock and OldManSy are more than just pixels or people in my Vent. They are my brothers, my friends.

I’ve spent thousands of dollars to hang with these guys, both in subscriptions and game fees. I’ve traveled to Sy and Nim’s homes. I’ve set out on my driveway in the sun to make pulled pork for ShenaniCon 2011, because it was a part I could play.  I’ve talked/emailed/texted these guys most every day for the last 4 years. Playing with these guys in some sort of game is the highlight of my day, most days.

I am excited about WOW again, because we are playing together again. Sure we played for a while in TOR, we have an online RPG adventure going on in email and blogger. Saturday night we whipped the Lich King’s butt, with a lot of help from our friends.

Friends we couldn’t have without this blog. Sy and Fikkle met. Sy knew Nim. I met them through this blog and through this blog we recruited Repgrind and then through her blog I found Shadow Rising.  All these friendships spider web out from the blog.  We have friends like Slig and others who don’t play WOW anymore but we still email and play RPG with, even if it is a webcam of Slig sitting on Nim’s dining room table while we sit around eating Crispers and trying to figure out which dice to roll.

These are the things that make WOW great. The new purples are nice, Pandas look awesome, but it’s the community that keeps most of us here. It’s the community that brings a lot of us back, or makes us stay longer than we probably should. It’s the community that has me watching Gnomer and BBB‘s children grow up, even though I’ve never met them.

So, yeah, I am excited about playing WOW with my friends, old and new. Bring on Pandas and all the other things that are coming with MOKFP!

The Final Days…

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Lok’tar friends!

So we’re down to the final days of the Cataclysm expansion and while the lead in patch for MoKFP has already dropped, none of the new content has really arrived. So what to do?

For my part, the first thing I did after the patch was to log in all of my characters that hadn’t been played in ages. Wit the new account wide features, the only way to ensure that everything gets loaded to the account level is to log in to all your characters, and from what I’ve read over at WoW Insider, the account wide effects are for all the accounts across all of your accounts. I only have one account activated right now, but I will likely put a game card on some of my other accounts just to load up my other characters and get all of the applied benefits. And ya, I actually have five accounts from back when I tried out my hand at five-boxing shaman. It was quite an interesting gimmick, but it was only a minor interest for me, so I gave up on it pretty quick.

In other news, as I recently returned to the game, I’ve been trying to get myself ready for MoKFP. I basically left the game in the first few days after the pre-Cata patch, so aside from my time in the beta, I really haven’t seen a lot of what Cata had to offer. The majority of my time has been spent leveling Kor up to 85, which I reached the other day. I have a lot more level 80 characters, but I’m not really sure I will actually level any of them just yet. I completed all of Vashj’ir, Hyjal and Deepholm with Kor and have gotten started on Uldum. I haven’t done a single Cata instance yet, but I was more interested to get the story of the different zones first. I will probably continue through Uldum and the Twilight Highlands and I suspect that will be about all I accomplish before the expansion hits.

I’ve also been leveling a little Goblin warrior (I’m addicted to playing a warrior now, it’s a serious condition known as meat head, and I have it), and finished off all the starter zones. He’s in the middle of Azshara questing right now, and with heirlooms, he’s pretty much outleveled the quests he’s on, but the zone story is pretty good, so I decided to stick with it, at least until I get the zone questing achievement completed.

Other than that, I don’t really know what else I want to do. I suppose I could try out the different classes and their new mechanics and talent options. I have three paladins at 80, a hunter, a second warrior, a shaman, mage and death knight, so there’s plenty of options.

The last thing that has really been occupying a lot of my time lately, however, is an out of game activity. Ever since I started playing I’ve always been a casual roleplayer. Over the years, my characters have each developed an identity of their own, and as I’ve thought about my characters and their motivations, a history of what got them to where they started (and onwards to where they are now), developed in my mind. Back during Wrath I wanted to start recording the history of my characters in a blog, basically an outlet for both my desire to write and to RP, but as I got wrapped up I the game, those kinds of things stopped being as important to me, and it kind of fell by the wayside. When I took a break for Cata, the idea was sidelined permanently (or so it seemed at the time). Now that I’ve come back to the game and have wanted to take a much more casual approach to my gameplay, the idea of putting together a story for my characters has come back around, albeit in quite a different shape than what I’d considered before.

So to side-step that story for a minute, I should mention for those that are unaware of my original beginnings in wow, my very first character was an Orc Hunter. The choice to play an orc was largely influenced by the Instance podcast, and I quickly came to love the lore of the orcs. While my main eventually turned outgo be a Mage during BC, my fascination with the lore & history of the orcs never subsided, and eventually I went on to play an orc shaman, an orc warrior and an orc death knight. I’m pretty sure I have an orc warlock kicking around somewhere to.

While I’m known to all of my friends as Fikkle for my fickle playstyle and rampant altaholism, I have always come back to orcs. While some others may love the Draenei lore, I personally consider the tormented past of a people who allowed themselves to be corrupted and have tried to find their way back to an honorable lifestyle, while still retaining a warrior culture to be more appealing than a bunch of goody goody boy scouts who’ve been running from their enemies for an eternity.

In any event, I do have non-orc characters as well, my Blood Elf Mage & Paladin, my Forsaken Rogue, my Tauren Druid, my Dwarven Paladin & Warrior, my human Paladin and my Worgen Warrior & Druid. So when I was trying to develop the storyline that will become the tale of my characters, I tried to think of a way to make it so heavily orc based, without it seeming out of place. The answer kind of came naturally when I started to really look at it, and it was to make the story about the orcs themselves, with the other characters having some role in their story. That’s not to say that they don’t have stories of their own, and they might come up from time to time, but the main focus is going to be on the orc clan based around all of my characters.

Those who know me best will already have a good idea about what I’m talking about, but for now, I will keep the rest of it under wraps. My plan is to get a big head start on all of the stories before I start to publish anything, that way I’ll be able to release a story every day when I’m ready, and if later developments require any retconning, that can be done before its published.

So this has really been a big teaser for what will remain a super secret project for now. I will let everyone know where they can go to see the RP once it’s ready to go. In the meantime, get ready for Kung Fu Pandas and,

Stay Hordecore,

— Kor

The State of the World…of Warcraft

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Here we are, a week after the 4.0.1 patch drop. As I look around at the landscape of my personal gaming friends, I see more than just a game patch that changes how we play the game, but a game changer that is the end for some, and a new beginning for others.

Looking back over my personal gaming career change has always been the catalyst that drives my gaming style. Back on console games I would change games several times per day, constantly wanting something new, regardless as to how I was doing in my current game, a level of Mario, wait, lets play some Tetris. A level of Zelda, oooo, Battle Toads! I was a bit ADD, even if just in my gaming style. Onto the larger world of MMO’s. I started my online gaming career back in Star Wars Galaxies. I had tried Everquest a few years prior, but hated it. I just wasn’t ready for the MMO landscape. Galaxies was a blast. I played from about six months into the game through the NGE, aka New Game Enhancements.  This was through two combat upgrades and finally the death of SWG for me, NGE. SO, as you can see, I’m use to combat systems changing. When I left SWG, I migrated to WoW. I’ve loved wow for five years now. It’s been a great game, I’ve made some great friends, and learned alot about some friends I drug (or drugged?) into wow.

Now we sit at a junction. 4.0.1 is one of those game altering changes. Not much about playing wow is as it was just over a week ago. Yes, you still have dps classes, tanks, healers, etc, but how they are played is different. Talents that were once must haves are gone, talents we didn’t know we wanted have magically appeared. Tree’s are simplified, or as in the case of Nimrock’s Druid Fang, only come out every once and a while now! With the coming of 4.0.1 and the huge wealth of information out about it’s imminent arrival I had alot of reading to do. At first I thought to myself, Crap. This is Star Wars Galaxies New Game Enhancements all over again. I was worried that this would alter the game to the point that it was no fun. The game would never be the same for me. I would have to wait six months to play another MMO that looks good to me(TOR). I was wrong for me. Others, this has been the case.

One thing I know about the oncoming Cataclysm is that there is going to be alot more change. Now might be a good time for some of us to “reroll” our characters and let go of what we cherished about wow pre-4.0.1. For some of us, it’s time to rekindle a love for older mains, reuse the characters in our wow-verse that were once very valuable to our playtime. This is where I stand. I’m back with my stabby toon, the rogue, and have almost abandoned my hunter. My DK tank is in the garage for the moment, and to be honest, might not come out again. That’s the brilliance about this game. He can sit there as long as I want, and one day, I may come back to him. For now, times are changing, and I need to roll with it, find something I do like, and nurture that.

For some of my wow friends, I know you have chosen other things. This game isn’t what you remembered, or enjoyed. That’s the choice you have to make. If you ever decide to come back to Wow, know we’ll be here with open arms, and just because you choose not to play this crazy game anymore, doesn’t mean you didn’t mean anything to those of us that still do. You will be missed in game. Keep in touch. Also, I CAN HAZ GOLDZ?

Sensitive and Insensitive at the same time,

Wrath Retrospective from an Altaholic

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Lok’tar friends.

Despite my absence from the blogging world, I’ve still been around the world (of Warcraft) for most of Wrath. I took two breaks from the game for a few months when I’d gotten burned out or bored, but I’m back for now, for the foreseeable future and I’ve missed blogging.

When Wrath hit I had planned on making my shaman my new main. He had just hit 80 prior to the Scourge invasion event and I was having a lot of fun as enhancement. After the expansion was released, he levelled quickly to 80 and then he was all alone. Most of my guildmates were taking their time or at least weren’t able to level as quickly to 80, so I had nothing to do. I tried to get into a few heroics and do some Naxx raids, but I didn’t have great gear, couldn’t craft myself any and all in all felt bored. Since the dungeon finder didn’t exist at the time, I had nothing really to keep me occupied and so I went and did something I hadn’t done before, levelled Alliance.

At the time I had some recruit a friend time left, so I rolled Dwarf and Human paladins and started dual boxing on the Alliance side to experience their levelling. That lasted for a while and then I just got bored. That was when the first break from the game came for me. When I got back, everyone else had finally hit 80 and our guild had done some recruiting. I finished levelling my Horde Paladin to 80 so that I had a second 80, and he became a tank. The guild had become quite vibrant and wanted to start raiding, so we scheduled some Naxxramas runs and downed the first wing up to the big spider thing. As we could never really kill her and due to the RL commitments of most of our guild, our raids eventually died out and people slowly left the guild for other activities.

After that, I went back to some alts. I levelled a Death Knight to 80 and had a lot of fun pvp’ing with him as unholy, back before the great DK nerf and the circumcising of Unholy Blight. My mage, Druid and Rogue got played on and off, all ending up around 74. I also took some time and levelled my hunter to 80, after which I never played him again. I have come to find the hunter class doesn’t interest me at all anymore, and while I know there are avid hunters out there, it just isn’t for me anymore. At this point, I had four separate 80s, the DK, Shaman, Paladin and Hunter.

From there, I started a warrior. I had been spending all of my badges at the time to purchase heirloom gear (instead of epics) and I had a full set of the plate gear and the 2-handed axe. I started doing battlegrounds with WSG and found that I was pretty powerful as a warrior. I took to defending the flag some games, running the flag in others and just fighting in mid in others. All in all, I got quite good at it and found that I really enjoyed it. From there, I continued to level almost exclusively through pvp, hitting 80 just in time to pick up the Brewmaster title last year. After that, I did some character shuffling. My BElfadin became a Draenei so that I would have an 80 on the Alliance side and I made my human paladin a Belf so that I would still have a Horde paladin if the mood struck me. I finished levelling him to 80 next, while running the Argent Tournament dailies every day on several characters and I burned out again.

Thus came about my second break from the game during Wrath. I was out of the game for four or five months with that break, but when I came back, the dungeon finder had been implemented and things were getting easier to gear up characters at 80. I started back up with my new BElfadin, figuring I was going to make him my new main, but quickly found that I gravitated back to the warrior. Over the last five months, I’ve gotten my warrior’s prot gear up to 5k GS and his pvp gear up to 5.4k GS. I joined a raiding guild for a while (back when I had time) and got to do a bit of ICC and TOC (10 mans). I made it up to Rotface / Festergut and took down one of them (not the slimes one) and then had one attempt at Putricide before I had to leave the guild due to time constraints and RL commitments.

Since then, I went back and finished levelling my poor Dwarf Paladin that got left in the lurch for most of the expansion and he hit 80 about a month ago, which brings the total count up to seven level 80s, three of which are Paladins. Lately, I’ve been doing a number of things to keep busy, including a 2v2 arena team with the only other regular member of my guild (at the moment), Karag. I also started some new characters, a Dwarf Warrior, who hit 30 the other day and a Tauren Warrior, who is about level 22 right now. I have a Human DK at level 60, who’s only being levelled to 65 so she can be used as a Tailoring and Enchanting bot for my alliance-side server. So the current list of characters that I have on the go is:

1. Kor, level 80 Orc Warrior, Prot/Arms. He is my best geared character, most progressed and for all intents and purposes my main at the moment.
2. Jurithas, level 80 Blood Elf Paladin, Ret. He is my next best geared character and while I have some Holy and Prot gear for him, I really only play him as Ret.
3. Brak, level 80 Orc Shaman, Resto/Enh. Brak’s enhance gear is very, very near to what he has had since he hit 80, meaning its crap nowadays. I don’t have the patience to gear him out, and I find the dual-wield mechanics annoying. He’s got some T9 level Resto gear, but its still a work in progress when he does get played.
4. Martog, level 80 Orc Death Knight, UH(dps)/Blood(tank). My DK is wearing mostly Deadly Gladiator gear as he hasn’t really been played in a long time. He’s a miner/herbalist so I use him as a farming toon mostly. I enjoyed playing him as unholy, but I find what Blizz has done to that tree just doesn’t make it fun anymore, so he almost never gets played aside from farming.
5. Antos, level 80 Draenei Paladin, Prot. This was my first (Blood Elf) Paladin to 80 who has tanked some of Naxx and Sarth. Once he moved over to the Alliance he basically stopped getting played, and he’s still sitting idle with no plans for the near future.
6. Grimshot, level 80 Orc Hunter. This was my main for the second half of BC, but as I mentioned above, he isn’t getting played, nor is there any plan to play him in the future. He’s currently on an inactive account and will stay there for now.
7. Bannock, level 80 Dwarf Paladin, Ret/Prot. This is my newest 80 and he’s not on the same server as my other 80 alliance. He’s running dungeons as ret at the moment but I’m purchasing prot gear for him as I intend to make him a tank when he can put together enough of a set to start.
8. Fikkle, level 75 Blood Elf Mage, Frost. This is my first character I ever truly levelled, and my first toon to 70 back in BC. I haven’t seriously played him since the SSO came out, but he might get bumped up to 80 so I can see if any of the changes to the class interest me. So far, I’m enjoying what Frost has to offer, and I might check out the other specs after I hit 80 to see if they interest me.
9. Dwos, level 74 Forsaken Rogue. This is my rogue. I have no idea what I want to do with this character. I don’t really like the playstyle of the Rogue, but I don’t want to up-and-delete him. If I get really bored before Cataclysm, I might hurry him to 80, but even then, I don’t know that I’ll ever play him again.
10. Zaels, level 74 Tauren Druid, Resto/Feral. This is my druid, who was a pvp server toon while levelling. I don’t really know what to do with him as I put him aside for long periods and then come back to him, each time deciding I want to play as a different spec. As a result, his gear is a hodgepodge of greens that make his dps horrible and his heals mediocre. I have wanted to try tanking as a Bear, but I can’t seem to get the hang of feral.
11. Achran, level 30 Dwarf Warrior, Arms. This is my new baby Dwarf Warrior who’s up and coming. As I currently enjoy the warrior class the most, he’s getting levelled to be my de facto main on the Alliance side.
12. Caugruk, level 22 Tauren Warrior, Arms. This is my baby Tauren who I have no need of and am only levelling because its fun to play lower level warriors and own stuff. I log him in when I get bored with higher level content and I just want to feel overpowered and kill things.

All in all, I’ve experience much more of the classes in Wrath than I ever did in Burning Crusade, although I found that some of the changes Blizz has made haven’t been that interesting to me. I like playing as a BM hunter, but I don’t find anything about hunters compelling in Wrath. The same thing goes for Death Knights. I liked the playstyle that I had back when I first started playing him, and now I’ve found that it isn’t fun anymore. On the other hand, I really enjoy playing Ret Paladins and Arms Warriors. Ret is probably one of the few specs I enjoy that is really strong. Arms is great for pvp, which is what I use it for, however its weak for pve, which bothers me. Come to think about it, I think I like playing all of the ‘weak’ specs of every class I play, except for Paladins. Arms Warrior (weak PvE), Subtlety Rogue (weak PvE), Frost Mage (weak PvE), Enh Shaman (not necessarily weak, but has issues), BM Hunter (weak for everything except levelling), UH Death Knight (not necessarily weak, but not as strong as the other trees). I wonder why that is. Am I that much of a masochist or have all those specs just been scaled back because they were really popular at one time? I don’t know, but I’m guessing it’s the self-destructive explanation.

As far as the future of what I plan to do for the rest of the expansion, I’m not really sure. I may decide to level characters, get achievements or simply take another break. The problem with being Fikkle is that what I chose to do today, may change tomorrow.

Stay Hordecore,


Fikkle found being dps by moths for his balls?

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Lok’tar friends. Well I doubt anyone still has us in their feed readers at this point, after months of defunct blog status, but I think I might make a reappearance to the blogosphere soon. For a while I didn’t think I had much to say. Now, I still don’t think I do, but I miss writing, so there it is. Today I’m going to talk about my mage. I’ll probably do a post about what I’ve been up to over the wrath expansion soon.

So I got back to playing my mage last night for the first time in I don’t know how long. The toon, Fikkle, hasn’t been my main since mid-BC and hasn’t received any kind of serious playtime since the Shattered Sun Offensive began.

I levelled him a bit sometime since Wrath was released, as he’s level 74 (now 75), but the only reason he got any playtime at all was so that he could learn to port to Dal, which is useless for my other 9 characters on that server / account, but was done for my friends.

Lately, however, I’ve grown nostalgic a bit about him. He has just under 10k lifetime honor kills and is a bag making and gear chanting machine. But I’ve never had any desire to play him after I started to seriously level alts and discover the other classes. For whatever reason, last night I decided to pull him out of mothballs (Merciless Gladiator mothballs, no less) get him into some heirloom gear and go start levelling. I did a bunch of quests and some Arathi Basin pvp, as well as a random DTK run.

When I logged him in, I realized he was Fire spec’d, which is odd, since I haven’t played him as fire since he was level 50. I decided to go back to Frost for pvp and survivability and oh man was it ever a great choice.

During the DTK run the tank and the other two dps died to black bad on the ground and the three mobs turned toward me. Blizzard and the other roots in frost saved me and allowed me to survive and kill the mobs. The healer tossed a few heals, but that was about it. The same thing happened again later and once again I solo’d them, with a few heals.

Now I’m not saying that Gnomer said was wrong about the whole fire/frost/arcane arguement, but I do know for a fact that if I had tried that as fire I would have been the proverbial bug on the proverbial windshield. Frost’s survivability and control is wickedly powerful and so I think I’ll stick with it, at least for now.

That being said, there was that one Rogue in AB that really wanted roasted steak on a stick for dinner, but was forced to settle for tenderized mage on two daggers instead. I still contend that rogues are far too powerful. Nerf rogues. Make them dps with chopsticks… Toothpicks… Dental floss! Yep, we have a winner. Rogues dual wielding dental floss in the next patch. Blizz make it happen, and don’t worry, you can claim the idea was yours, I totally don’t mind.

Stay Hordecore,

— Fikkle

Fikkle’s Citizenship Status

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Here at 4theHorde we like to keep you all up to date on teh many changes we have going on. So here’s a rundown of the most recent changes. Gnomageddon has deleted his gnomes and started a tauren Warrior. He looks good in a side of beef. Nimrock’s Healer tree has now began tanking heroics for a tank set. That’s going well. Pie’s Hunter is running a fulltime BM spec. My Priest was reformed into a troll… and finally Fikkle has the most changes of all. Kor is now a gnome warrior, not an orc warrior, his shaman is now on the alliance side waiting on the dwarfs to get their act together and start doing shaman stuffs, and finally Fikkle is working toward American Citizenship. If that doesn’t work out, he’s moving down south with Gnome. So, have a great day all, and I’ll keep you aprised of the changes as they occur. Also, the Grammer Hammer can Eat this post up, I’m okay with it.