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A quick word

Posted in A Word, Pie, Real Life with tags , , , on October 18, 2012 by forthepie

Just a quick little post to let you know what’s going on. No, 4thehorde isn’t going away, I know we’ve been a little quiet in the post department, though. Real life has crept up on us and a couple of us haven’t been able to log in for a week or so.

My issue is reoccurring issue with tendonitis in my right wrist. The Sunday raid with BigBearButt in ICC really aggravated it. Basically, I am a mouse clicker, keyboard turning player. To be honest, it’s really not an issue for me, because I don’t PvP much. After this bout with tendonitis, I’ve decided to retrain myself to use the mouse to turn and the keybinds to use my abilities. It’s a lot to relearn.

But, right now, I am taking a break from the game to give my wrist some rest. I haven’t even logged in to harvest my vegetables. I am enjoying WOW enough to know I won’t stop with just harvesting.

Have a great weekend everyone.


Weekend Warrior

Posted in A Word with tags , , , , , , , , on October 7, 2012 by sylus

Aaaaaaand, another weird weekend. I should have this thing figured out by now, plans never go as planned, and I will never stay on target by playing on the one toon I plan on playing… This weekend is no different! My PLANS were to get my little Orc monk to level 50… He’s barely 42. My PLANS were to spend Friday evening, Saturday afternoon, Saturday evening, and Sunday afternoon, and Sunday evening gaming to accomplish that goal… I played a little Friday evening, then fell asleep much earlier than planned due to my wife having a migraine and I was tired from wrangling my kiddos(not complaining, I’d do anything for my wife and kids, just pointing out this wasn’t in the plan) Saturday afternoon I never got around to the computer due to odd nap times and a wedding, Saturday evening is where this story gets interesting, and this guy gets some wow monk time. So, as some of you are aware of, I’m a huge transmog fan. Seriously, HUGE. Now, when I sat down Saturday evening, I had a clear three hours ahead of me, three hours I would devote to doing nothing but Q’ing up for the random dungeon finder… Right after I fly out to stone talon mountains to start doing the quests to get the sweet shoulder pads from the quartermaster. Yeah, go figure I DIDN’T Q… I just keep right on questing… And pet battling… And logging back and forth working the AH… Seriously, I am a sad, sad altaholic/ADHD gamer. This really shouldn’t surprise me. But you have to admit, my transmog monk gear looks pretty sweet.

20121007-225123.jpg Lets move onto Sunday… So, I woke up Sunday morning feeling like crap. My allergies were destroying my face, and my head was pounding. I let my wife take the kids to church while I stayed home, sleeping. Lets fast forward a few hours, I’ve slept off my headache (side note, let’s just say the headache was entirely my Caffiene addicted brain was deprived, I had runout of my drug of choice and not had any coffee yet. Caffiene deficient. Some ibuprofen, coffee, and sleep turned half of my battle around. Now, I enjoyed a good lunch with my family, put the kiddos down to bed for their afternoon nap, booted up my trusty wow machine, went to the refrigerator to get a caffeinated beverage, some pretzels, and sat down to finally tear through the 8 levels I’m lacking in my level 50 goal for the weekend. I start up Netflix, I’m addicted to cheesy sitcoms, and double click the ol’ wow icon. I input my gaming info, and watch the connecting screen…. And I continue to watch the connecting screen. Ok, what gives? I pull up the wow forums to see what’s going on. Low and behold this takes place… Dualshockers This was their official statement, courtesy of Nethaera:

12:17 p.m. PDT – We are continuing to work to resolve the connection issues that many players are experiencing while attempting to log in to the game. We do not have an ETA for when this will be resolved but will provide an additional update at approximately 1:15 p.m. PDT. —————————————————————————————————- 11:15 p.m. PDT- We are currently experiencing an issue after the performed rolling restarts that is affecting the authentication servers. We are currently investigating this issue and will provide further updates within an hour.

And what was suppose to be quick rolling restarts ends up being them fixing back doors, stopping general mayhem at the core, and in the process, leaving the servers down for a few hours. Now, technically it wasn’t the servers that were down. Just the authentication servers. Now, I wasn’t in game, so that screwed me over. After about fifteen minutes I went down stairs, watched five episodes of the Big Bang theory, then the kids were up, my day was game, set, match. So, here I am, sitting at 42, where I should have been at least 50. Oh well. Wow is of course not everything, heck for me it’s barely anything most of the time. Life comes first, but honestly, screw you hacker guy for ruining my Sunday afternoon game time.

I found this article this morning that tracked down one of the perpetrators of my crappy Sunday afternoon. Read this link, it is amazing. And I would say to him, seriously? Blaming blizzard for your asshatery? Screw you guy.

Screw you guy. Screw you, and get off my lawn!(just the hacker bs guy),

Writers block… Or the Post that Needs to be More than one Post

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Writers block… Or the post that needs to be more than one post

Greetings friends, bloggers, and crazy readers. I’m hoping your weekend was as good as mine. In preparing to write this post I had jotted down several notes throughout the week, but never got to putting them together into a coherent post until this weekend… Yeah, I procrastinate sometimes, what of it? as I was digesting the notes I had accumulated i realized that this would either be one gigantic metric crap ton of information, or I could break it up into three or four posts over the next week. Of course, this was before my epic evening Saturday night.

So, on the downside, you don’t get to hear about my “away from wow, wow time” post about the mobile AH, or my “transmog for dummies” post, or even my ” Thrall: Twilight of the Aspects review. ” but that’s okay, Saturday was my most eventful day in wow. Period. Sort of.

Let me back up a few days to Thursday night. As Fik stated on Friday, we rolled through our old stomping grounds tearing up Gruel and Magtheradon, then ripping apart Kara to get my gun, jerk wolf finally gave er up! That got us both fired up to do some old raid content. We sent out the word, and were rewarded with all of the FortheHorde crew showing up, along with some longtime friends, Ace from Repgrind, Lyssianna from Dots and Hots, and Orange Slice from Orangeslice> Other Sodas. We destroyed the place on ten man mode. Honestly, I had never seen the content, so I was super excited to FINALLY down the Lich King. Yes, we did ICC. I know, I know, its only an expansion late, it’s not like I had never seen Black Temple…(I haven’t finished that place…ever.) Or the Eye…(I hadn’t downed KT until Sunday)… but you get the point. It was something that needed to be done, and we did it. That’s how we roll. After destroying Lich King, we tromped down to the Obsidian Sanctum and got Pie his drake for OS3D. That was a blast, and one I will be doing weekly until I get that drake, and weekly still until all of my boys get it as well. I am a mount whore.

Speaking of Mount whores, I got mount number 119 yesterday, finally earning exalted with my guild and picking up my ugly scorpion of doom. He;s pretty cool, but he’s no raven lord. Sunday was our good friend Spiffie’s birthday, so we rolled into the Eye to down KT. Good times. We gathered a guildie, along with Pie, and rolled through like we owned the place. Low and behold, we DID own the place. No Ashes of Alar, but it was still a blast.

Now, I know this seems like such a “cop out” post. Yes, I had a blast this weekend playing wow like I hadn’t in a very long while. In fact, the last time I played as much with a group WAS Burning crusade… maybe a little bit in wrath, but not nearly this much during the cataclysm. Ironically, this was the expansion that really drove me forward lore wise. I loved the books written during this expansion. The Shattering and Thrall:Twilight of the Aspects were two amazing reads. I flew through them both.

I’m excited to see what Panda brings to the mix. I love the casual way things are headed, they fit my playstyle. I look forward to being able to solo more old world content. As a hunter, soloing old stuffs is fun! That’s how this orc gets most of his transmog stuff. So, look forward to some very fleshed out posts in the coming weeks. I’ve got some good ones on tap between now and the launch of panda.

Time for bed,

Sylus Returns… Sort of?

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This week was great. I’m settling into my real life routine with the new job and family life, and even found some world of warcraft time! I was able to log in, play a bit, and have decided that the unusual play patterns I’m going to ahve will best be spent playing lower level characters that can be logged in and out at will, rather than being stuck in a raid or instance for hours on end. So, introducing Turas, with the long U sound.  (Too-ras)

My HU-MAN rogue may appear to be of the alliance… but my mind doesn’t work that way… I’m an “RP” guy. My alliance rogue is human… but not working for the alliance. He dispises King Varian Wrynn. His father was banished from Kalimdor and was never seen again. Turas has vowed to find him and has left the safety of Stormwind to venture forth, making allies where he needs, despite their factional alliances. Anyway, look for more from my “Not -so-alliance” friend. Also, it was great to see you Fik, Duke, and Kev. All win my friends. All win.

From the Blue,

A Word: On Tanking

Posted in A Word, Tanking on September 13, 2010 by Kor

Lok’tar friends.

I’ve been tanking for most of the Wrath expansion in one form or another. I started out as a Protection Paladin tanking Sarth and Naxx back before Ulduar. I was in a mix of blues and epics, which were sufficient to do raids at the time, provided the blues were from heroics not Borean Tundra quest rewards.

Of course nowadays with the Dungeon Finder, T9 gear on vendors and the general ease of gearing up to that level, no one is acceptable anymore until they have i245 gear or better. Sorry, that was a side rant, short but sweet, right?

Anyways, after my warrior hit 80, I created a prot spec for him with his dual-spec and spent a week that I had off from work gearing him up. It was a lot of heroics, but it was worth it. Since then, he’s managed to tank at the ICC level, VoA level, and he even got his ‘of the Nightfall’ title for doing Sarth 3D a few months back. I have successfully tanked every Dungeon and Heroic in the expansion; I’ve cleared ToC-10 and done parts of Ulduar. Now, I’m not saying I’m uber or imba or anything, as I didn’t do all of the progression raiding when it was hard or relevant, but I’ve seen a lot of these fights and haven’t had any problems with them from a tanking mechanics perspective.

All of that being said, I like to think that I know what I’m doing, and I think I’ve gotten fairly good at warrior tanking. Now, a warrior tank is a bit of work to do, especially when AoE tanking is involved, but it’s not impossible and I think I can safely say I’ve gotten good at it. Despite what Jong may think, I don’t think it’s a snoozefest, although he’s right that the priority of abilities becomes second nature.

However, even I run characters as dps through dungeons, dealing with other people tanking. A while back, while I was running as my mage through Nexus, I had quite the experience. What follows is based on actual events…

So we get into the instance and the tank up and left after getting everyone’s buffs. Thanks, arse. Have fun failing at life, it seems like you have a head start. So we re-q and we all know we’re in for a wait since tanks while levelling are even more rare than tanks at endgame. We did, however, have a DK with us, so we had him throw up Frost presence and go to town. The resto shaman did a great jorb keeping him up and my leet level 76 frost skillz were brought to bear, despite no druids being present. Just after we killed the mob, another DK joined the group, and said hello. Wow, off to a decent start. We have a warm body for a tank and he said hello when he joined the group, demonstrating some form of manners, which can be rare.

While we were waiting for the tank to get caught up, we ran up to the next tunnel, where the mage hunter and two demon dogs pat and we sat and waited.

Now, when I sit and wait I tend to try to do stuff to keep busy, like telling /silly or dancing with non-combat pets. Murkimus is a usual suspect for dancing, and since he has the single greatest sound effect in the game, he’s one of my favourite pets. So anyways, at this particular moment, I had swivelled my camera angle and was looking at my toon and what he looked like with the cloth heirloom gear on. (He’s a BElf, it comes with the racials). While I was standing there, admiring BElf virility in a dress, the pat found me and tried to get my mojo. Of course, magepanic means frost nova and blink, turn and burn, which is exactly what I did. Now the rogue in the group, he didn’t fare so well. See, for those of you that don’t know what happens to a mob when it gets rooted, by say the Blizzard spell or the Frost Nova spell, read on. Because mobs know that while they’re rooted they absolutely can’t reach the Badass beauty that they find irresistible, they turn to whoever is within range. It’s kinda the ‘Love the one you’re with’ mentality. So of course, after I rooted them, they ate the rogue for breakfast and burped him out before brunch.

I continued to AoE them down, looking fantastic with my hands in the air the whole time, and eventually our Forsaken DK caught up just as the other DK jumped into the mix. So from there it was business as usual. After the pull I gave the ole — hey my bad, I was busy trying to see my own reflections in the eyes of others, I didn’t realize they were the eyes of the bad guys — apology. Thinking that was the end of it, I planned to never speak of it again. Of course, that’s when it all started going sour. The DK tank assumed that because the rogue got chewed on and died, he must’ve been the one who aggro’d the pat. So he starts shouting at him, which didn’t get too out of hand, but was enough to give me that suspicion that this wasn’t going to be all sunshine and roses. Then we got into the room with the icecapades, and sure enough, the Berserker mobs did their whole knockback thing, something about needing their personal space to swing their big… ahem… Nevermind. Anyways, the rogue brought back some friends who decided to say hello. After the pull, the tank again began to berate the rogue, as we tried to explain the reason the rogue was standing behind the mobs and what ‘mechanics’ are. Of course, the tank started the whole ‘no u’ thing with all of us, and then he even had the cohones to try and kick the rogue, as if his arguing with us and saying ‘u shut ure fase’ to us had won us over to his incredibly horrible spelling and grammar.

After his vote to kick failed, he decided he was going to leave the group, so we continued with our Troll dps DK in frost presence, and it was actually easier for us to four-man it. So we cleared along and even fought all the way up to the second boss without a tank, having absolutely no issues. Then our group got filled out with a tank. So he gets in the group and says ‘hello’… I took one look at his name and one look at my recount and saw that it was the exact same tank that had left group. So, of course, the other four of us all lawl at him, but what the hell, we’re obviously not going to get rid of him and the chances of actually getting another tank are astronomically small. So we go on, and while it was once again harder to get through stuff with the crappy tank, we managed and made it all the way to Keristrasza.

We did the boss fight and a blue caster ring dropped, Band of Glitttering Permafrost, I believe. Now, this ring has on it for stats the following: 25 stamina, 33 intellect, 26 spell power and 10 mana per 5 seconds. Obviously, this is a caster ring. Not only that, but it’s a healer ring. So we all roll greed on it and the healer rolls need, an upgrade I’m sure, but who cares, it’s for the healer. And then the tank says ‘Can I have that’. Now, I’ve been typing since I was a kid and while I’m no courtroom transcript writer, I can type fast. I instantly say, ‘you’re an idiot, it’s a caster ring’. Of course he replies with ‘no, I need it for the stamina’. Of course, at this point, loot has been distributed. I saw three lawls, followed by three people leaving party. The tank is still trying to justify why he deserves this ring with Int, SP and Mp5 on it and I just told him no, and left.

I’m not usually one to be rude to other people, but this was one of the worst players I had ever seen, in more ways than one. If the person had just been new to tanking and learning the game or the playstyle, I’d have been more than happy to offer advice or support and give them the benefit of the doubt. But it wasn’t about that. He was not only bad, but he had a bad attitude, horrible spelling and grammar and was an all around douche. That was what sent my GAFF plummeting.

You know, cliché’s are clichés for a reason, and its people like this that make them so true. So I end today with a advice of sorts. It is better to allow people to think you an idiot than to open your mouth and prove them right.

Stay Hordecore,

— Fikkle

A Word: On Lore

Posted in A Word, Lore on August 31, 2010 by Kor

Lok’tar friends.

I’ve been reading for quite some time now, and while I don’t read every article they publish, there are some columns that I follow with great interest. One of those columns is the Know Your Lore column, written by both Matthew Rossi and Anne Stickney. I’m not sure when the column started, but over the last few months I’ve read every single one of them. They’ve covered lots of stuff, from the current politics of the races of both factions and the upcoming changes in the next expansion; they’ve looked at some of the Old Gods, the Titans and some of the new race/class combos coming in Cataclysm. They’ve even done a few Tin Foil Hat editions of the column where they speculate on specific lore topics and conceive massive conspiracy theories surrounding them.

The Lore of the game is one of the main draws for keeping me interested in the game. The phat loots and internet dragons are cool and all, but without the Lore behind them, they are really just ones and zeros. The Lore isn’t just the reason why of the game however, its intricate stories that can be completely unrelated to each other (aside from being part of the Warcraft universe) or they can be intricately interwoven stories. These stories bring the game world to life, make them more than just pixels. As someone who’s levelled countless alts through the game, roleplaying my characters as part of the story is what keeps it fresh and interesting to me. While that in and of itself doesn’t actually change whether or not I have to kill 10 boars, it gives meaning to the mindless grind. Some of my characters may take pleasure from causing the boars pain while they are cooking them alive or chopping them to bits, while other characters may realize that the sacrifice of these animals is necessary to feed their people and may kill no more than is absolutely required.

This type of roleplay isn’t the renfair kind, and it doesn’t even have to include other people, its just my way of weaving my own characters into the greater stories that make up the Lore. Some of my characters have spent most of their careers as soldiers on the frontlines battling the other faction, while other characters have never raised arms against them, focusing instead on ridding the world of the evils that plague it, or plotting their own supreme domination of that same world. It’s this kind of living story that keeps me so interested in the game and makes me want to roll alts so that I can approach the stories from new and unique directions.

If you’re not interested in the Lore of the game, I’m sure there is something equally as compelling that keeps you playing or coming back, but I would recommend looking a bit closer at the Lore as it can open up a completely new aspect of the game. One of my fondest memories of the game was exploring the Plaguelands shortly after having read the book about Tirion Fordring, and then finding him in game. There are so many ‘cool’ moments like that out there just waiting for you to discover them, and I’m guessing there are going to be a metric crapton more come Cataclysm.

Stay Hordecore,


PS. If you didn’t get the hint, go and read the Know Your Lore columns at, they’re well written, interesting and provide so much more meaning to the game.

PPS. I’ve been blogging from my iPhone lately, which is great and all, but linking is harder than from my laptop so I apologize for the lack of links.