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I play a number of different classes in WoW. My first main was a Mage (Fikkle), who I started a few months after the launch of BC.  He was into his 60s when I started playing alts, but he was ultimately my first 70.  After that, I rolled a Hunter, Grimshot who is, was and always will be BM.  Following that we re-rolled to a pvp server and I started a Druid, Anteaus.  For a while, I focused on these three toons, before leveling a Warlock and a Shaman using the recruit a friend program.

With the launch of Wrath of the Lich King, I had five level 70 characters and a slew of other toons at or above level 60 including a Paladin, Priest, Rogue, and another Shaman.  I also have a level 30-ish Warrior that I’d like to level eventually as well as a Death Knight that I’m working on. As have many people I decided to refocus my efforts in the game by changing my mains.  My first toon to level 80 was my Enhancement Shaman, Brak.  After that, I leveled my Paladin, Juris, from 64 up to 80, where he is currently.   Since then I’ve been working on various alts and having a blast with the new expansion.

IRL, I’m from the Frozen North of Canada where I live and mostly complain about the cold.  I’ve been a casual computer and console gamer most of my life and WoW is my first real MMO.

Lok’tar Ogar!  For the Horde!


almost four years into my wow career, and I’ve been writing at 4theHorde for just over a year now. I’ve played many classes, and many many alts. I am fairly knowledgable in the hunter class, as well as the rogues, but I’ll never tell you how to play your game. After all, it is a game! PLAY IT HOW YOU WANT TOO!!!!! I’ve always been DIE HARD HORDE…until recently. I’m still like 95% horde, but I have a few gnome alts on a pvp server… yeah, you heard me right, gnomes. My Home server is currently Dawnbringer, but I’ve traveled the globes of Azeroth on a nuber of servers, and currently have alts on Earthenring, coilfang, drainor, Maelstrom, venture company, cenarion cirlce, and half a dozen other toons hiding away until the day I decide to play em! 

So, that’s my wow endeavors in a nutshell, other than that I’m a Kansan, having a blast playing the game, and living it up with my lovely wife Sarah. She’s into crafting too, just another kind, paper crafting, if you are into that kind of stuff too, check out her paper crafting blog at Sarah’s Studio. Okay guys, thanks for the read, and i hope you enjoy 4 the horde!!!(and a few gnomes)!!!


Hey, it’s Nim. I’ve been playing WoW since April 2005. Nimrock was my first character and I started him on Earthen Ring to be with Sy and several other friends. It’s a good thing they started horde though because I fell in love with the Tauren at first sight. Except for a short stint at the end of BC I’ve been prot the whole way. As is the tradition around here, I’m a confirmed altaholic and I’m constantly deleting toons to get back under the 50 character limit. I’ve also been known to dabble in the RP and I tend to spend more time planning a character’s personality than his talents. My playstyle leans toward Deliberate vs. Reckless and Sociable vs. Serious. I also have a habit of adopting new players and helping them get a solid start. If you need leet strats, ask someone else but if you want some big, hairy plate-clad company in the World of Wowcraft, holla atcha boi.


I am also a Kansan, although I live in the KC area and not down south with the other two hoodlums on this blog.  I have been playing WoW since 11/11/06.  I started on the Alliance side and hated all the idiots on that side.  I started on the Horde side because a co-worker was on the Horde side and I wanted to try something different.  I found a couple friends who also played Horde side and switched to their server.  I made 70 with Halkale around the end of the 07 and joined a reroll guild on the QD.  I raided with them until raiding got to be too much time for me.  I experienced kills through Terron Gorefiend in Black Temple.  Since WOTLK, I’ve leveled Halkale to 80, then Piepal, my pally and I am working on a few other characters.  Like most of AoT, I have a few alts.  I actually have 1 of each class on Dawnbringer.  My alliance toons reside on Drenden where I sometimes go to give a hard time to BRK.   My Role Playing stories can be found on For The Pie!!


Hi, I’m the female mascot for these crazy/cool guys! I love hanging out with them. I live in an entirely different time zone from the rest of them — I’m in California. I’ve been playing WoW for three years and shaman is my favorite class but, like the others in our guild, I goof around with plenty of alts. I’ve been blogging about WoW throughout the time I’ve played, mostly at The Game Dame, but I also did a stint at WoW Insider and sometimes help out at Azeroth Advisor. I’ve been pretty Horde-exclusive with my players, but recently started an Alliance hunter on a PvP server, so that should be… interesting! Come say hi!

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