Welcome to No Shave November!

This post is a bit different. It’s a rare thing to get a glimpse behind the curtain, but today you are in luck. With November now under way, some of us at forthehorde are having a friendly little competition, not on the battlefield, but on our faces…. Okay, it’s more innocent than it sounds. Let NO SHAVE NOVEMBER BEGIN!!! Forthehorde bloggers, Nimrock and Sylus, will be joined by friends of the blog(and real life friends). We have Kaza, brother of our Canadian correspondent and founder of forthehorde, Fikkle, we have Spiffie, one of our long time friends and guildies, and Jaarka, of former Wow fame, and current correspondent at Gaming Invaded. So, we will take a pic a week to keep you guys updated on the state of our faces. So, here’s our first picture… Looks like some crazy mugshots if you ask me. You guys be the judge. Anyway, stay tuned to further developments on our faces…?

From left to right we have Nim, Spiff, OldManSy, Jaarka, and Kaza.

Until Monday, Monk Up.


3 Responses to “Welcome to No Shave November!”

  1. What Sylus doesn’t mention is that Nim will win this going away. Job prevents me from joining them.

  2. Job prevents, lol. Lts face it, you are scared of Nims bearded greatness overshadowing all of us at once…. Which it will.

  3. We are actually trying to drum up support for the No-Shave, but we have to put something together, make a big deal about it. Sam will look awesome in his beard +100, I will look like a meth dealer.

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