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Movember week 1

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Just a quick update with the no-shaviness. Lookin good boys, looking good.



Pandaria, Here I Come!

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This weeks OldManSy post is going to be short and sweet… Maybe not even that sweet, I think I’m low on sugar. I made the big push this past week from 80-85. It was much easier than I thought. I wondered when it would slow down, and honestly, with the time I put in this past week, it didn’t slow down. Not as long as I had my monk +50% XP buff on. I made sure I did at least the daily every day, so when I did get to play I had the buff stacked up to a two hour total. This made cataclysm content very easy to move through. I did part of Mount Hyjal, until I hit 83, then did deepholm from 83-85. I didn’t even go to Vash’jir, twilight highlands, or Uldum. The monk leveling buff is amazing when paired with leveling gear. The helmet, cape, and pants go to 85. Now, I’m still in love with the monk, and am looking forward to leveling through Pandaria. Here’s the deal.

I have said many times that I didn’t want to rush through the new content, soar through to 90, but rather enjoy my time leveling. Up to this point on the monk I have flown. I leveled him to 85 in two days, ten hours time. Now, that’s not cooking, but it is a reasonable clip, even with leveling bonuses.

This week, I may get a few hours of play in. I’m not leveling my monk. This coming Saturday I am getting together with Nim and Spiff to start my Pandaria campaign in style with a marathon gaming day. I’ll start at 7 am and roll through until I’ve had my fill. I’m hoping for the wee hours of Sunday morning, but lets be realistic. They don’t call me OldManSy for nothing. If I make it to 10 o’clock I’ll be really happy! From everything I’ve ready it takes about 5-8 hours per level. With that I’d, I need at minimum 25 hours to hit 90. So, for next weekend I’m putting a conservative goal of hitting 87. Now, I’ll have a weeks worth of rested XP, I’ll have a two hour bonus leveling time built up, and when that runs out I’ll get another hour for Saturday. So, I may be stretching to 88… Maybe.

This week, if I get the time, I’ll head to Kara a few times for my horse run that I haven’t done since mid September, I have a few transmog pieces I’d like to get for the monk.(yellow rogue teir recolor to match my yellow JC panther) I might go out and level up my gathering professions in preparation for leveling up my real professions once I gather all of the mats, I’m going alchemy/herbing on the monk, and my hunter will do engineering once the monk gathers the mats.

Now, if 5.1 drops this weekend(I’m not even sure it’s off of PTR yet) then leveling those gathering pros ions would be quicker, as I have the violet protodrake, and would get insta 310% flight speed, woot woot. So, fingers crossed, and I’ll see you guys next week in Pandaria. Also, look for an update on the beard growing group soon!

Beard On Brothers!

Welcome to No Shave November!

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This post is a bit different. It’s a rare thing to get a glimpse behind the curtain, but today you are in luck. With November now under way, some of us at forthehorde are having a friendly little competition, not on the battlefield, but on our faces…. Okay, it’s more innocent than it sounds. Let NO SHAVE NOVEMBER BEGIN!!! Forthehorde bloggers, Nimrock and Sylus, will be joined by friends of the blog(and real life friends). We have Kaza, brother of our Canadian correspondent and founder of forthehorde, Fikkle, we have Spiffie, one of our long time friends and guildies, and Jaarka, of former Wow fame, and current correspondent at Gaming Invaded. So, we will take a pic a week to keep you guys updated on the state of our faces. So, here’s our first picture… Looks like some crazy mugshots if you ask me. You guys be the judge. Anyway, stay tuned to further developments on our faces…?

From left to right we have Nim, Spiff, OldManSy, Jaarka, and Kaza.

Until Monday, Monk Up.