70-80, Now I’m Wolverine!!!

What a whirlwind of a weekend for me in Wow. It felt like I played a ton this weekend, but looking back, I may have had an extra hour… Maybe? My play schedule usually revolves around when our little ones are asleep. Now,if you have, or have had two little ones at home, 3 and 1, then you realize that this is usually not very much time when both are asleep, everything that needs completed(housework, homework, yard work, cooking, errands, lesson plans…you all know the drill) is done, and you have some spare energy left over to commit to some gaming. I had an extra day off Friday due to parent teacher conferences last week, so technically I got an extra hour and a half Friday when both kids were down, somehow, at the same time for a nap! I played Friday night for about two hours, Saturday at nap time for another two hours, I didn’t have the energy to play Saturday night, so I instead watched some Big Bang Theory with the wife, and played during naps Sunday afternoon. When I quit Sunday I was two bubbles from 80. Later that day I snuck off, did three quests, and was done. 80. Boom. Milestone.

No, if this was two expansions ago, I would be ready to start gearing up my little monk, too bad this isn’t two expansions ago… I still have the slog from 80-90. The big slow down in leveling is about to start, half of my leveling gear turns to mush, further slowing down my slow crawl to 90… Oi. On the bright side, I haven’t leveled a hundred toons through cata and panda yet, so I am excited about that prospect. The content will seem fresher, and I won’t feel as bad about going through it slower.

On another great note from this weekend, I was able to acquire the Sunstone Panther! I got it for a steal off of the AH. Now, I know the mats alone run well over 20k, making the 20K I paid for it seem like a huge steal!!! It is so far my favorite mount. Had it been the sapphire panther, I would feel better about it, as that is beautiful, and blue is my favorite color… Why did I hear that crappy Aerosmith song “pink” in my head as I typed that…. Anyway…

On November 10th I’m having a gaming day with Nimrock and friend to the blog, Spiffie. Now, my goal is to hit 90 that day. We are starting around 7ish that morning, and gaming as late as I an handle. We will do a few instances, as I want to see all of the panda ones, but I plan on mostly questing. That gives me roughly two weeks to get ready for this day of dinging 90 awesomeness. It can be done, even on my meager play schedule.

What I need from you studly “I’ve already got four toons to 90” gamers is this: what level should I be at when I start gaming that Saturday? Basically, how long did it take you to go through panda content? Should I be sitting at 85, and a good 18-20 hours would get me there? Should I be sitting at 88? Is two levels doable on that final day? I really don’t know, as I’ve really done nothing in game but level my monk, who is now 80, with just under two days played time. Help a monk out! I’ll take full advantage of the monk daily with enlightenment, doing that every day. I’ll play a few evenings each week, and get a few good hours in next weekend. I can easily see myself at 85 without pushing it, but I really think I need to push further into panda stuff… Thoughts? Comments? Helps?

Now, one of my favorite parts of hitting 80 is doing away with my heirloom weapons. They stop getting better at 80, and I really want to use fist weapons! The ones you can buy in the monk zone at 80 look fierce. I mean seriously fierce. Best looking I’ve seen in quite a while. Here is a pic I took shortly after dinging 80, equipping my weapons of awesome, and doing my very best Wolverine impression. I’ll leave you with this for the day. Enjoy.




11 Responses to “70-80, Now I’m Wolverine!!!”

  1. I estimate that it takes about 8 hours to gain a level in the 85 to 90 grind but I’m a slow leveler, so I’m sure it can be done.

  2. Do the pants stop at 85, like the helm and cloak? I am guessing you are going to not be able to level from 85-90 in a day, group leveling will proabably make the questing go faster, plus you can group up for some dungeons. Jade Forest has some vehicle type quests where you spend 3-4 minutes playing but not killing anything that gains you exp. In addition, you’ll have no rested XP, so that will add. You are looking at 13 million from 85-86 and I think 15 million from 86-87. I think I’d plan on at least 88 and then that might stretch it some. I am not super slow, nor am I that fast, but as a hunter I leveled in a week, I think from start to finish, most of that solo and I wasn’t rushing, I spent some time gathering leather and fishing, but I was getting exp most of the time.

  3. Thanks guys. I think I’ll shoot for being 88 by the 10th…. If you see me on, please ask me if I want to run a dungeon or quest! I need as much help as I can to reach this HUGE goal!!!

  4. I sat down last night and started Mount Hyjal. In 1 hour 15 minutes I hit level 81… It seemed just as fast as 79-80… I’m still waiting for the slow down.

  5. It slows down in Panderia, that’s for sure. It’s just the amount of XP you need is so massive. Go look at Gozz (who I think is still 85) and how much he needs vs what you need for 82. Wouldn’t be surprised if they buffed leveling up to 85 so people can get into the new zones more quickly with alts.

  6. Last night I sat down for about an hour and a half. I’ve replaced my heirloom helmet and chest piece, therefore dropping off 20% of my bonus xp. I did notice a slow down, not drastic, but I’m not at 82 yet. I’m a few bars from. With any luck I’ll be there tonight. Happy Halloween!

  7. I think the helmet and cloak go to 85 though.

  8. As do the pants…

  9. So removing your helm was just a test? Or did you mean cloak and chest?

  10. Cheap. I just saw my mistake… I meant shoulders, not helmet. My bad, sorry for the confusion!

  11. First character 85-90 took a while because it was all “new” (didn’t play the beta) maybe 3 or 4 evenings and a weekend (and no dungeons.)

    Second character 85-90 took a lot less time – think I did it over a long weekend. The worst (slowest) part was 87-89 but 89-90 went fast on both characters.

    Neither had any heirlooms starting out and just used quest gear, so I’d say it’s reasonable for you to reach your goal (and you’re not a squishy priest.)

    I have one more Horde priest to get to level 90 (she’s 85) only because she’s got the maxed out crafting professions. With dailies taking up all my game time I’m not sure when I’ll get to do it…

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