Play the Game

It’s been a couple of weeks since I posted here. That’s because it was a couple of weeks where I didn’t play much and if I did play, it was only long enough to harvest my carrots. However, last weekend, I did get a solid block of play time and got a lot accomplished. I got a lot accomplished especially considering that I’m usually the sort of WoW player to get about 25% of the way into any activity and then suddenly have the desire to log out and start a new alt. This time, however, things are different. By “this time” I mean this expansion, in fact.

The sheer amount of fun things to do at level 90 is stunning. I’ve been working on “fun rep” like Tillers and Anglers. I’ve been working on “srs rep” like the Golden Lotus. I’ve been working my way through all the zones in Pandaria; I’ve only got Krassafrassarang left. Dread Wastes was fun, and as a result, I’m already honored with the Klaxxi. (Best faction in the game, by the way. If Blizz ever adds the title “The Wakener” I’ll sell them my first born.) Even blacksmithing and engineering seem fun in comparison to last time because the better items also give more skill ups, saving me time and gold. Because of that, i actually got my gear level up high enough to do heroics. Heroics are fun. Harder than Wrath, easier than BC.

I haven’t even started in on pet battles, transmogging, challenge modes or a panda alt.

Here’s my point: If you think the end game consists of just raiding and getting ready to raid, you’re missing out. And if you buy into the people who say you’re “doing it wrong” if you aren’t killing yourself doing dailies to get exalted with a faction to buy a piece of gear that gives you a 1% stat boost, give yourself a break. Go talk to Mung-Mung in the Valley of the Four Winds. Free a Klaxxi from amber. Farm up a mini-pet. Make some gear and give it to a new level 90.

Just, play the game.


3 Responses to “Play the Game”

  1. Yes I’m overwhelmed by the amount of awesome waiting for my new guy when I get to Pandaria… In a few levels… I’ll hit 70 tonight, bust through a few more levels a week, so I’m assuming ill be 90 by Christmas break… If I’m lucky. Then I decide if I want to level my hunter to 90, or do end game stuff with my monk. I’m leaning towards my monk being a new main, and leveling Gozz up as a hunter alt. I can do rep,dungeons, etc on monk, and get Gozz to 90 for pets and being awesome.

  2. Gosh darnit… I really want to play now. :S

  3. Halkale is my main. Always has been, always will be. If I ever stopped being Hordecore, I’d even seriously consider moving him to dwarf. In fact, I almost did, after reading the last two Warcraft books. I’ve really lost my pally playing love. I log him in now and then, but I am a hunter and druid healer kinda guy now. My other characters are just for jobs. I’ll be honest, I really am not at all interested in trying a monk. And I liked the panda starting area, but I am not sure when I’ll try another.

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