A quick word

Just a quick little post to let you know what’s going on. No, 4thehorde isn’t going away, I know we’ve been a little quiet in the post department, though. Real life has crept up on us and a couple of us haven’t been able to log in for a week or so.

My issue is reoccurring issue with tendonitis in my right wrist. The Sunday raid with BigBearButt in ICC really aggravated it. Basically, I am a mouse clicker, keyboard turning player. To be honest, it’s really not an issue for me, because I don’t PvP much. After this bout with tendonitis, I’ve decided to retrain myself to use the mouse to turn and the keybinds to use my abilities. It’s a lot to relearn.

But, right now, I am taking a break from the game to give my wrist some rest. I haven’t even logged in to harvest my vegetables. I am enjoying WOW enough to know I won’t stop with just harvesting.

Have a great weekend everyone.


5 Responses to “A quick word”

  1. Life gets crazy, we all know this! I think I may be the only one on a steady wow diet ATM… Leveling that monk has been a blast, I hit 62 last night, and made some great revelations. Zen Flight, not only does it look awesome, but you can instacast it, therefore, if you are falling, click the button, boom, you are flying. You can use it while gathering nodes, collecting quest items, yes. If you are flying over a dangerous area, you don’t have to dismount to collect…. E. P. I. C.

  2. I want to try monk, but I think it’ll be just like my other non-tank meless characters and languish in unplayed status.

    I may end up like Rep Grind and rolling multiples of hunters.

  3. I love the monk. It has so much more going for it ATM, which we all know could be a patch away from changing, but ATM, it is a blast to play, super amounts of utility, and just plain fun abilities and game mechanics. Good times.

  4. Sy … have you never rolled a druid? Their flight form works the same way :p

  5. I tried the Druid a long time ago… I could never enjoy myself long enough to get fliying form… I couldn’t get into the Druid. My guess is partly because of the races associated with Druids. All of the toons I’ve really loved have been orcs. Who knows, I may give them another chance. Bear tanking might be okay!

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