Slow Down, I am NOT Prepared. (Or the Little Cliché Post That Could)

Lok’tar friends!

So patch 5.1 is just around the corner. Is it too soon? As far as I’m concerned, the answer is most definitely yes. I mean as Illidan would say, “I am NOT prepared”. I have a million things left to do, or at least it feels that way. I hit 90 fairly early and have since slowed down with what I wanted to accomplish. In past expansions I’ve always split my time between dailies, dungeons, heroics, pvp, old content, crafting, farming, and goofing off.  This time around, I’ve focused on crafting, dailies and pet battles (which I would lump into the goofing off category). 

Pet battles have been extremely fun and an excellent draw to spend (read: waste) time doing something fun that isn’t overly taxing or trying, although I had a bit of a nerd rage moment the other day when I found a pet that I didn’t have in Thousand Needles and started the battle, only to realize that my level 11, 10 and 4 were no match for two level 13s, and I lost my second pet battle ever (the first loss came just after having gotten my 50 consecutive wins achievement, and this one after probably climbing back up that consecutive win count to around 60 or 70).  For now, I’ve kind of stopped progressing as I try to level up various battle pet families up to level 10. I’m not overly concerned with the achievement to get a bunch of different pets to level 10, but I like to have the option to pick and choose whichever type of pet that I want from the various available pets that I have.  Oh and I’ve been out collecting, because “Gotta catch’em all” and all that.

On top of that, the dailies that I’ve primarily focused on were the cloud serpent, tilling, cooking and fishing dailies, primarily because the new tilling is fun, the guild needed professions levelled for Working Better As a Team and because I really want to fly on a cloud serpent. When I’ve felt in the mood I’ve gone and done the Golden Lotus dailies as well, but I’ve been extremely lax in doing them, particularly because I didn’t really feel any urgency to get them completed. There is normally a few months between when an expansion is released and when the first content expansion is released. But now, with the 5.1 content right around the corner, I feel like I’m behind already, and I’ve only just begun. If I want to get things done at level 90, I’m going to have to ignore my alts, something which I’m not all that keen on doing. The guild still needs about five or six professions levelled for the achievement and several of those are profs that I have the highest skill of those available in the guild (with my alts).  I often joke that between my alts I have my own little fickle economy going on, and it’s kinda sad but true. The real tragedy, however, is that “Time is Money” and I’m always broke because I waste my time on so many damn professions.

In addition to those things, I’ve run a few scenarios (only two or three) and I did one BG, a Warsong Gulch during the double honor days because Kor has been trying to work on exalted with the Warsong Clan since he levelled exclusively through pvp. I realized very quickly however, that my quest greens were no match for the way BGs are nowadays and so I haven’t been back because I’ve been working on getting better gear (or so I planned on doing that, I haven’t really followed up).  I also haven’t finished the Dread Wastes yet. I started questing there at level 89 and died repeatedly before deciding that I should go to Towlong first. I made it far enough to meet the Klaxxi and then I didn’t go back. I’m not really sure why I haven’t bothered other than the fact that without the little xp bar at the bottom of my screen, I don’t really have to, so it seems I can’t be bothered.  I mean “Why do today what can be put off til tomorrow,” right?

But all of that to say, I haven’t even started the dailies with the Shado Pan yet, nor the Klaxxi. When the announcement was made by Blizzard that they were removing rep requirements from JP / VP gear, I assumed that it meant both, and I could’ve swore that I went and checked both vendors and all the rep requirements were gone, but when I went back the other day, the VP vendor gear still requires rep. So now I’m not sure if they changed it back or never changed it to begin with and perhaps I’m just going crazy, because we all know that “Crazy is as crazy does”.

In any case, the game is chugging steadily along, and I know that progression players want more and more content quicker and quicker.  Long gone are the days of 40-man raiding when clearing a single raid took months and months. Now, the first day a new raid is released, the content is cleared the same night. I’m not really interested in getting into the debate about all that, and while I’m fully supportive of making raids accessible to casual players like myself (who would never be able to see any of the content otherwise), it feels like the rushing of content is pigeon-holing players into picking only one thing to focus on and sticking with it.  That being said, just because 5.1 is coming soon doesn’t meant that I have to be ready to go out and do all of the content the same day its released, I’m not a progression raider after all, but I hate the feeling of getting behind the gear curve, you know, “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.” (Or, an epic on your character is worth two on the vendor).

I fully intended to start making use of the raid finder to gear my characters during this expansion, something I haven’t really had a chance to do since I was gone from the game when it was introduced.  As it stands right now, I still feel fairly behind on the gear curve, so I need to hunker down and go finish the Dread Wastes, and then actually start to run some scenarios and / or heroics to start hitting the valor cap each week.  On top of that, I actually need to start forcing myself to do the dailies that I actually require the reputation with so I can start to progress through and unlock access to pieces of gear that are currently unavailable to me.  For about a week there, I actually thought that I was ahead of the curve, but now it just feels like “I took a puntable marmot in the knee.”

I also did a bunch of crafting, and since Kor is a jewelcrafter, I finally levelled his JC skill to max. Now I have a metric crap tonne (because well all know that metric crap is much heavier than other types of crap) of jewels in my bank and no gear to gem. I honestly don’t remember the last time that I had so many gems and no gear to put them in. A part of me is tempted to sell them all off, but another part of me knows that at some point I’m gonna start getting gear drops that will need to be gemmed. In the past, despite having a max level jewelcrafter, if I’ve gotten a piece of gear it was much more expedient to go and purchase a cut gem of the type I want than to actually farm for the ore, prospect it and hope for the right color gem to proc and then cut it into the one I need.  If I sell them now, I’m essentially just “robbing Peter to pay Paul,” but

As I contemplate the sudden urgency I feel to complete all of these things so that I can take part in the end game content, I’m reminded of the very common voice reply that you get when clicking on pandaran characters, and I was thinking that perhaps Blizz should take their own advice: “Slow Down.”

Stay Hordecore

— Kor


One Response to “Slow Down, I am NOT Prepared. (Or the Little Cliché Post That Could)”

  1. I’m no progression raider either and I feel left behind already, and I have plenty of free time to play!

    I definitely feel like I’m lagging behind the curve since I’ve only got one level 90 all dressed up and no where to go and two more stuck at level 86.

    I’ve been really enjoying scenarios – instant queues, relatively quick and actually fun compared with long queues for heroics.

    Yeah…pet battles…love ’em but I feel “guilty” when I play them for a break because I feel I should be doing something more “important.” 😛

    I guess if I want to raid I’ll have to quit my real full-time job 😀

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