Fickle Friday: What’s Your Lucky Do?

Lok’tar Friends!

Today’s Fickle Friday is brought to you by the letter ‘N’ and the numbers ‘9’ and ‘0’, in the hopes that the information contained herein will entice Nim to level to 90. He’s fallen in love with pet battles and tilling and his desire to actually level has been usurped by ‘Casual Fun, the Usurper,’ and we’re not sure what we can do to bring him back. Eventually, I suppose he’ll get his battle pets up high enough and be forced to head into zones where he’ll get experience for killing things. But maybe, just maybe, we can find a luckydo that will, well, act as a cattle prod.

So as I mentioned in my last post, I’ve hit 90 and have been finishing up the various questing zones that I hadn’t completed prior to hitting 90. The main goal here was to try to get a few upgrades from questing and ensure that the iLvl on my gear was as high as it’s going to get. Throughout the course of questing through Pandaria, we meet many new races that we’ve never seen before in game, and one of my favorites is the Grummles. As you quest through the Kun-Lai Summit, you will get to know the Grummles better as they ask for your assistance with their trading. While doing so, you will find out what a luckydo is, and, occasionally, you will be asked, ‘What’s your luckdoo?’

Something that I really noticed while out questing during Pandaria was that there are a ton of fun little vanity items that you will be given as quest rewards, and I wanted to talk about them today. While I call them vanity items, that’s really only for a lack of a better description, they are mostly just items that take up an inventory slot, but they provide some sort of fun effect, and most are on a short cooldown timer. While some are an on use effect for a trinket, they aren’t all trinkets. I think that with the introduction of the Grummles and their new vernacular, I think calling these items luckydos is a nice little way to identify them separately from other items in the game.

On Kor, I already had a few luckydos in his bags from previous game content. He carries around an Iron Boot Flask so that if he feels like being a runic iron dwarf for a while, he can. If he’s not in the mood to play the dwarf, he can always show his Darkspear Pride and fight as a troll warrior in a pretty sweet looking armor set. Just in case there’s a party going on, Kor’s always carrying his Brewfest Pony Keg to ensure that nobody’s mug goes dry. I have also appropriated a Mini Mana Bomb so that I can relive the glory that was Theramore’s destruction whenever I choose. There are probably some other luckydos available from old content, but that’s all that Kor has, at least had, until Pandaria.

Punting is a required skill in Warcraft. You never know when a Gnome is going to materialize and need to be punted. But while Blizz has yet to allow us the proper animations to actually punt Gnomes, they have given us something almost as epic, the Puntable Marmot. The marmot is a luckydo that you place on the ground and then click on, after which your character will diligently punt it quite a ways. If you’re fast enough, you can run to the location and give it a second punt for good measure, but it generally doesn’t last much longer than that. If you’re friend also has one of these cute little kick the baby toys, you can stand opposite each other and kick them back and forth to each other. Good times all around.

Up next is a notable & tote-able, incredible & inedible, elusive and all inclusive, the lightweight pocketmate, the floor bowl with a top hole, the luckydo that could be used by a bear for a forest poo, Shushen’s Spittoon! This is something that you’ll want to bring with you into every pub, bar, alehouse and brewery that you visit since you’ll never know when there will be an ungulate in the room that may have a desire to spit (we all know they do). You could have them just do it in a little pool in a corner, but without a puntable gnome to clean it up, you’ll wind up with a mess, that’s for sure. Just grab the handy-dandy gift from a pandy and go to town. And, just in case you have that one friend like ours, the portable spittoon can also be used as a drool cup for any old mans in your party. WARNING: The portable spittoon is not responsible for spillage caused by excessive spitting, brewfest inebriation, fel reaver patrolling, traitorous Forsaken betrayals or earth-shattering black dragon cataclysms.

Onwards, next we have The Golden Banana, which is avail from a quest here. If you’re a hunter whose tamed a monkey, or someone who happened to have a tiny primate companion who has suddenly grown to epic proportions, the golden banana is the perfect distraction for them, since it’s kinda like Mjolnir. Only the chosen may carry it or pick it up. To be perfectly honest, I haven’t really figured out what the golden banana is for, although I have a sneaking suspicion that it is a reference to another video game franchise. I haven’t tried it yet, but perhaps it’s a distraction for all the rampaging hozen that run amok.

The introduction of training dummies to the game has done wonders for theorycrafters wanting to test their rotations or damage per second. While the training dummies don’t necessarily provide a complete boss battle simulation (i.e. they don’t hit back, or drop sticky stuff on the floor you don’t want to stand in) they have allowed players to test things that they could only test before during raids. The other major drawback to the training dummies is that they’re rooted in place and only available in certain places. But fear not, for there is now another option! Both theorycrafters and those who hate their vegetables can now rejoice at the Turnip Punching Bag, which is a luckdoo that you can place on the ground and test your abilities, and you can do it anywhere! Always wanted to go train at the top of mountain in Stormpeaks where there isn’t a soul around to disturb you? Ever wanted to stand in front of Angrathar, the Wrathgate and listen to the wails of the common people while you smash/melt faces? Have a desire to annoy all those market barrens in the Orgrimmar / Stormwind auction houses with the constant sounds of combat? Now is your chance!

The Turnip Paint Gun is another luckdoo and this one I think is a reference to a certain song by a certain band of rotating boulders. I haven’t actually tried this one on anyone yet, but from what I gather, it turns a friendly target orange for six seconds.

So while questing out in Kun-Lai, I found that there are way too many people in this game who have way too many golds. It’s like that Timberlake movie, In Time. I feel like I’m the guy from the ghetto and the rest of those people are from Grenwich. You know who I’m talking about, all those people who have the Grand Expedition Yak mount already. Well, if like me, you’re from the time-ghetto, I’ve got just the luckydo for you. Ruther’s Harness can you make you feel like part of the group by allowing you to call upon a yak of your own. Unfortunately, you can’t ride him, pet him, touch him, shove him or even keep him.

If you’ve been playing warcraft for any kind of duration, odds are that you have a BFF in the game. Again, we have just the luckydo for you! The B.F.F. Necklace is a drop from an elite in a cave in Towlong Steppes called Huggalon the Heart Watcher. Apparently this is a nice little dual reference to something that was obvious and I got and a reference that was less so and I totally missed until it was pointed out. In the back of Wintergrasp, there are a bunch of bosses, Archavon the Stone Watcher, Emalon the Storm Watcher, Toravon the Ice Watcher and Koralon the Flame Watcher. These four represent the earth, air, water and fire, or the four elements. Huggalon was called the Heart Watcher to link him to the other four (the obvious reference) but when all five are taken together, with the fifth reference being to Heart, makes a Captain Planet and the Planeteers reference (the one I didn’t get). Anyways, Huggalon was not soloable by my level 90 prot warrior (apparently he wanted to hug me and squeeze me and name me George just a little bit too much) and there were several times where I was near death and had to pull a group of the weak mobs to kill and activate my Victory Rush ability just to stay alive. Luckily for me, there was a Night Elf priest who had been questing in the cave at the same time as me, and we had been helping each other out, taking turn pulling groups but burning them down together. He helped me kill the elite and so he was the first to get the on use effect for the BFF luckydo, the friend’s forever buff.

Up next is a little reward you get as you’re helping the Grummles out in Kun-Lai. I’m not really certain as to what the point is, other than for show, but the Silversage Incense will allow you to summon an incense stick for one minute. I suppose if you’re into RP’ing ceremonies, the incense stick provides some extra options. Unfortunately, due to bag space limitations, this is one that I had put in the bank, but who knows, maybe someday it will get to serve a greater (or evil) purpose.

Now, if you missed out on getting the Brewfest Pony Keg or Brewfest Keg Pony, you can rest easy, or if you just want a little variety in your brews, you can always offer Jin Warmkeg’s Brew to your friends, who will surely appreciate the delight that is Pandaran brewing.

If you’re out questing solo, or just hanging around your capital city while all your friends are off adventuring without you, there’s always Lao Chin’s Las Mug, which is a mug of ale that you can drink, and wonderfully fills itself back up ten minutes later. This little luckydo could wreak havoc upon the NPC economy of the game, putting all servers out of work. If you’re mug fills itself after ten minutes, why would you ever need wait staff again?

If getting your characters drunk in game really isn’t your thing, and you prefer a more spiritual approach to the world (of warcraft), or if you’re just fed up with the Motes of Harmony, then perhaps the Totem of Harmony is for you. Please note: The totem of harmony does not produce, reproduce, create, procreate, or otherwise generate any offspring in the form of Motes of Harmony.

World of Warcraft has been around for quite some time now, and every now and again, you’re going to get sick of looking at your friends’ ugly mugs. I mean let’s face it (har-har), you’re friends are just not as pretty as you. I know for a fact that I could say the same about all of my friends, “I’m Prettier Than This Man.” Well, when you’ve had about enough of them, you can always opt for Ken-Ken’s Mask, which will surely be a delightful change over whatever they walk around with all the time.

The final luckydo that I wanted to cover just happens to be my new favorite of the expansion. It’s called the Hozen Idol. Now, the X-Men are probably some of the most well known comic book heroes, and while I would never claim that one group of comic heroes was better than another group of comic book heroes, we all know that certain people have certain favorites. Unfortunately, as there are no adamantium skeleton in the game *yet*, we’ll have to settle for another really cool and really awesome mutant power: the ability to kill things with giant laser beams from your eyes! Yes, that’s right, the Hozen Idol allows you to shoot laser beams out of freakin your eyes and kill freakin critters! I haven’t double checked this yet, but I really hope this form of critter killing counts towards the guild achievement Critter Kill Squad, because that will be the most fun I’ve ever had killing 50,000 critters in wow.

I have to say that I was blown away by the sheer number of luckydos that Blizzard decided to throw into the game, and for the record yet, I really haven’t done more than two or three quests in the Dread Wastes yet, so who knows there could be more (as well as more like Huggalon too).. For a collector, or a pack rat, it’s a nightmare, since each one takes up a bag slot. There is a quest reward for one of the Kun-Lai Summit Grummle quests that rewards a 32 slot bag, and Kor’s Grummlepack is almost completely filled up with his luckydos. On the scale of collector v. pack rat, I think I’m bi-polar and could be placed at both extremes simultaneously. I don’t use all of my luckdoos all the time, but I like to have the option to use them when it would be fun or appropriate (or inappropriate). I mean, walking into the Shado Pan Monastery and punting a marmot at Taran Zhu’s head prior to attacking him will only serve to piss him off, but it’s irresistibly fun. When standing before Xin the Weaponmaster and setting out the spittoon so that Kor can alleviate the excessive rage-froth build up during the fight is always a sensible precaution. When you head to the Stormstout Brewery, you can always suggest that during the brewing process that the recipe could use More Golden Banana. If you’re in the Jade Temple and things are just a little too green for your liking, you can always spray a friend and get a nice green and orange complimentary color scheme going on.

These are my luckydos and what I use them for. Have you found any luckydos that I’ve missed? (I know archaeology has a bunch that my brother showed me). What is your favorite and why? What do you use them for? In the end, what’s your lucky do? Anyways, good hunting and remember,

Stay Hordecore,

— Kor


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