I have a puntable marmot and I am not afraid to use it.

Some minor spoilers for those of you who haven’t stepped foot in the Valley of Four Winds. Oh and in the news, apparently, Kor’s Rant from yesterday about not getting random regular dungeons at 90, heard by Blizz and already fixed. Behold the power of 4theHorde!

For those of you that have, do you remember reading the quest text and saying, I get to what? On Vent, I asked Kor how long he stayed punting Marmots before he left and he dropped the bomb. YOU get your own puntable marmot!
My first punt knocked it out of the park, I mean I have no idea where he landed, but next time the cooldown was up I punted him on one of the river islands..to prove a point to Li Li. He went to the edge of the little island and stopped, so I guess water has a different code.

The kick is up and its good!

Let me talk about Pet Battles for a bit. First, you should know this was the least important thing in the expansion to me. I figured I’d try it out, but meh. Seriously, I would hear Nim and Sy talking about it but wasn’t really interested. Sy is the mount and pet greedy goblin in the group, we give him crap for it. But, like Kor, I am hooked. I spent all my play time on Monday night searching for new and rare pets and battling up my stable of pets. I got my first uncommon pet from a creepy crawly in Duratar. I grabbed my first rare from Northern Barrens–fear my Prarie Dog! Then I found the Cheetah Cub. My first thought was awwwww. Then I had to have one. Kor grabbed a rare one, but I just have a Uncommon. I hate Kor. My main pet is my Onyxian Whelpling, I’ve named it Moar Dots, I named my Prairie Dog Rabbit, because they seem to breed like rabbits in Northern Barrens. My Baby Blizzard Bear is named Liter, Kor named his Kola.

Do we sell Liter Cola?

I picked up a Winterspring Cub and I think I probably won’t fret over the cheetah as much. I think my team will consist of Moar Dots, the new Winterspring Cub and probably a mechanical..although I may go with Mr. Pinchy.

On Tuesday, Nim wrote a post about Panda hate. I mentioned in the comments that I’ve seen positive reviews in the bloggers I follow. BBB has mentioned his like or love of the Pandas in two posts (I’ll add the links later, work blocks his site and my feed reader butchers the links). Navimie has written several posts about pet battles, which I read and printed out the sheet she linked in this post. Bocat hates leveling in MOKFP, but I think she likes the expansion…or at least getting hammered. Repgrind is excited and is also potentially a traitor. Please note, Shadow Rising and Skullreaver have the same guild tabard, great minds and all.

Last night, Halkale got to 600 skinning by skirting the wall and riding into Dread Wastes and killing turtles and fishing up Mantis Shrimp for cooking recipes. Basically, Skullreaver has a challenge. A challenge to get heirloom pants. We will get our pants. FOR THE PANTS!!! FOR THE HORDE!!! Lok’tar Ogar…wait whats the Orcish word for pants?


12 Responses to “I have a puntable marmot and I am not afraid to use it.”

  1. pants. bah. who needs pants?

    Van got that rare Cheetah Cub last night ๐Ÿ˜€
    And a rare Gazelle Fawn, too!

  2. Apparently Pie needs pants

  3. I do believe Crits got their pants already so…FTA? ๐Ÿ˜€

    Pet Battles…omg! After doing all the “required” stuff I found out there are baby Snow Leopards outside of Ironforge. I think I battled every one of them to get a rare.

    Never got a rare (yet!) but I got about 7 green ones. Had to keep “releasing” one because you can keep only 3 at a time and the captured ones can’t be caged ๐Ÿ˜›

    I did find a rare Beetle and a Lizard. Lil’Deathwing + Disgusting Oozeling + Landros’ Lil’XT = win!

  4. Crits is orders of magnitude bigger than Skullreaver. Heck they have more 85s before launch than we had members. They may even have more 90s right now than we have members. Plus we get distracted easily…SQUIRREL!!!!!

  5. Best blog post title EVAR.

  6. LoL – I just noticed you are from Canada and neglected to greet a fellow Canuk appropriately:

    How’s it goin’ eh? Hockeytimmiesbeerhockey ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. Kor is from Canada, I am from Kansas.

    Send Crispers please.

  8. Ooops just saw my mistake. Crispers? Don’t think I’ve ever had them but we can buy them anywhere.

    How many cases would you like? ๐Ÿ˜€

    Will trade for Folger’s Chocolate Truffle Coffee since this is the only flavor they don’t sell in Canada /cry

  9. No worries, we speak the Canadian, eh.

    I like the Ranch ones, some of the others like the loaded. We tried to ask Kor to send us some, but he’s a jerk. I see that the coffee is available to the US only. Seems like a great time to buy a box at UPS store for shipments..

  10. I’m with forthepie. I’ll trade coffee for crispers, dollars for…monopoly money? Is that what you guys use up north? I know it’s got lots of colors…

  11. Canadian Tire bucks

  12. That’s it, tire bucks. Or was it hockey pucks? Meh, who knows.

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