Panda Hate

I’ve read a lot of Panda hate across the WoW blogosphere. People seem to think that the Pandaren are a joke or are a waste of time. I’ll admit, when I first heard that Pandaren were going to be a race, I thought “too little too late.” Admittedly I was in the middle of the longest wow-fast to date and I didn’t think I’d be playing during this expansion. Still, my feelings were that Blizzard were trying to do some sort of fan service, pulling out all the stops in a desperate attempt to get player’s back.

Wow was I wrong. Turns out the Pandaren race has a deep and rich story line, a truly engaging continent and a fun style. So, without further discussion, I present my top 5 reason why the Pandaren are cool.

1. Raging Parties. I don’t want to spoil anything, but Nim woke up not once, but twice in the matter of a day from a Panda party.

2. Training montages. Seems like everywhere you go, there’s a group of pandas training and more often than not, you’re expected to join in.

3. Their obsession with food. I’ve never spent more time scrambling around trying to find enough foodstuffs for the NPC’s. From oranges to tiger steaks to shrimp dumplings, pandas likes their eats.

4. They’re cool with everybody. I’ll admit I haven’t played all the way through the new continent, but so far they all seem pretty cool with the Horde and the Alliance. So far as to allowing members of their race to join whatever side they feel like joining. Orcs couldn’t do that. Night Elves couldn’t do that.

5. The Monks. Those guys are just cool.


5 Responses to “Panda Hate”

  1. Amen to this list. Add they are pandas, they like brews, the arms warriors hold giant swords like total BA’s, and throw in monks again. Monks freakin rock!

  2. When I came back to the game I didn’t really feel all that excited about the expansion. I didn’t bother ordering the expansion until a few days before launch. Of everything, I was most excited about old characters and old content. And then I tried the expansion.

    While I think there have been some serious snafu’s, the story is brilliantly done so far, and the lore of the continent feels alive, almost as though it were seeping out of the ground and possessing people… Oh, wait, that’s something else…

    Anyways, Pandas are a lot of fun, monks even more so. The Grummels are now officially my favorite NPC race in the game, displacing the former kings, the Wolvar.

    On top of all that, Pet Battles are addictively fun, cooking is engaging, fishing is becoming tolerable (le gasp!) and tilling is oddly rewarding.

    I have been blown away by the amazing ness of this expansion, none of which I was expecting.

  3. And I wonder whether the awe we feel is because it’s really that cool or whether we’ve just been gone for a while and had no expectations. I’d like to hear from the people who played all the way through Cata. Is MoP really that cool?

  4. BBB seems to think it is, several other blogs I follow seem to think it’s well done. Obviously, the Harmony orbs/spirits whatever, must become BOE, pretty sure we did this in Wrath or something where they later dropped them from BOP? Maybe it was BC….

  5. Yeah, I vaguely remember a crafting orb that only dropped off of heroic bosses maybe?

    I mean, I guess I understand limiting high-level crafting to a certain extent, but there should be some sure-fire way to get them if and when you need them. Like Fikkle said, maybe from dailies or from dungeon bosses or from…I don’t know, fishing?

    But being at 575 and not having any way to level up, including vast amounts of gold? That sucks. Play time is a premium for me and farming motes at 8% drop rate isn’t fun.

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