Dreaming of Pandaria

Welcome back friends. I dont know about you, but I am REALLY enjoying Mists. In particular, I’m enjoying the new monk class. So far I’ve leveled a panda monk to 29, an orc to lvl 5, and I honestly have 5 monk names saved on my main server…. this is bad for my altaholic tendencies. Now, I’m not happy with my Panda monk at the moment. I’m leveling him a windwalker, DPS, and he’s fun, don’t get me wrong, but he really needs to be a brewmaster. It just fits. Pandas+drinking+pissing things off=win. He will be a tank. I’m really wanting an orc monk to run the dps spec. Last night I created one I am happy with, and will be leveling him as a brewmaster to lvl 29, then swapping spec’s with the panda. All will be well with the world. Yes, I know I can just swap specs out now, but I’m more of a “learn as I level” kind of guy. For me, I want to be brewmaster from the Begining, windwalker from the Begining, mistweaver from the Begining. You get the picture. Anyway, now that you know my next few weeks worth of wow plans, let me show you what I’ve been playing with on my ipad. I love drawing, art, ANYTHING creative. I’ve been fiddling with an app called Brushes. It was 6 bucks, and well worth it. I’ve taken the WoW armory screenshot, and “fiddled” with them. I draw overlays on top of them. Now, some might consider this cheating. It probably is. I’m not selling them, I’m not making them for anyone else other than me. So, call it what you will, I like it. So, I present you with this weeks project, titled “Dreaming of Pandaria. I hope you at least get a giggle out of it. I’m a fan.


Wishing I was playing,


3 Responses to “Dreaming of Pandaria”

  1. What are you doing wearing the SR tabbard?


    BTW I think it looks awesome.

  2. That Panda is a Skullreaver!

  3. Well then the Skullreavers and Shadow Rising have the same tabbard and colors!

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