The Grinch Who Stole the Miracle of Pre-Pandmas

Lok’tar friends!

So I’ve been messing about on a lot of my toons lately, real A.D.D.-like.  Today I was originally going to post a few screenshots of some comments I’ve captured over the years. But those will have to wait.  Instead, I wanted to rant a little bit. It’s short, and very bitter.

Today everyone was talking about the new Theramore scenario and how excited they were and who was gonna do it and what not.  Now, I took part in the scourge invasion pre-wrath event and the Darkspear and Gnome pre-Cata events and really enjoyed both. But this time, Blizz put a short, very short instance together with a gear level requirement. So not only do you have to be 85, you have to have the gear to be able to take part.  Now technically, this event is different in that its not a one-time event.  When KungFu Pandas drop kick they’re way onto Azeroth, the scenario is getting moved to level 90 where it will join the other scenarios that Blizz is planning for the next expansion.  But that’s a terrible design choice, if you ask me.

One of the great things about the scourge invasion and the retaking the cities events were that they were special because they could only be done at a certain time. Hell, the opening of the gates of AQ is another example, one which I wasn’t around for and never got to see.  The other thing about the other ore-expansion events was that they were accessible to everyone. During the Scourge invasion, not everyone could kill the high level mobs, but they had invasions near the capital cities with lower level mobs that you could take a low level character to and see the event. People could be turned into ghouls and infect their friends and their faction. It was awesome.  With the Troll/Gnome event, even lowbies could participate in the battle.

When the shenani-hooligans got talking about today, I basically told them not to bother counting on Kor being able to go with them… I wouldn’t be able to attend without a Miracle of Pre-Pandmas. Kor’s only been 85 for a few weeks, and I haven’t tried to get gear for him because its all getting replaced in the next expansion. So I levelled lowbies. Because of that, the item level on my gear is too low to join the Theramore scenario, and Kor is my only 85, so tough cookies, go be a sadpanda off in a corner by yourself.  Luckily, there is a workaround to this problem if you a) have golds or b) know someone who has golds and is willing to give you somes.  I was able to buy about six pieces of the vicious pvp gear and get my iLvl up high enough to participate.

And then I went and did the scenario! And then I said, ‘That was it? Really?’ And then there was a cut scene! And then I said, ‘That was it? Really?’ And then back in Orgrimmar I opened the loot bag they gave me and I got …. Fireworks?  “THAT IS @#$%^*% IT REALLY?”

Thanks Blizz for a terrible world event that isn’t worth the ten seconds it took the q to load when we joined with a full group.  Really, you sh!t the bed on this one.  For the rest of us,

Stay Hordecore,

— Kor


2 Responses to “The Grinch Who Stole the Miracle of Pre-Pandmas”

  1. I Was okay with the event… No, it wasn’t epic, didn’t feel nearly as fleshed out as the other pre release events. Granted, I didn’t have to power lvl, spend gold to get gear, and then gt disappointed, I was just disappointed. The book was MUCH better at telling this tale.

  2. I don’t have the iLevel and I could spend some gold/time to get gear, but I agree with BigBearButt, Blizz probably allowed too much expectation on this scenario. People see this as the pre-expansion stuff. It’s not big enough. It’s a 10 year old singing the national anthem at the World Series, but we thought it was going to be Whitney Houston; no matter how well the 10 year old does, it won’t measure up to our expectations.

    (yes I know Whitney is dead, but she also did one of the best renditions of the National Anthem, so I figured it was a good analogy)

    Sucks you did all that work and it is a let down man. Makes my decisions for this week a lot easier. IE: get Halk through Twilight Highlands, through the Call of the World Shaman quests and I am seriously considering dropping leatherworking and picking up either mining or herbalism.

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