Mobile Auction House For Dummies

When I think of fun things to do on my phone, playing wow usually isn’t the first thing to come to mind. Sure, I think of Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons, Angry Birds Rio, heck, even Angry Birds Space(I’m a fan of angry birds, ok?) but WoW? Nope, can’t say I’ve really thought of WoW on my phone.

At the beginning of the summer I was looking for a way to spend some time playing wow, but with two kids at home, running a swimming pool, and wanting to spend my “free time” pursuing family and friends, I was in need of some Azerothian time during my day.  I found this through the mobile auction house app on my iPhone. Spending five minutes here, five minutes there, I was able to amas mountains of gold. Considering I had never seen anything north of the 5k gold for each flying skill I had raised, my summer high of 50k was really an accomplishment for me. I say summer high, because I don’t have that in gold anymore. Granted, I’ve spent quite a bit of that on mounts, ie chopper, traveling tundra mammoth, and a few others, raised flying skills on a few toons that needed it, and spent way, way to much on transmog gear… I’m ashamed to say I paid 6k for the blade of wizardry on my bank alt… Yeah, sad, I know. Now, I am still playing the AH, and really enjoying it. The market seems to have slowed down on some things, and I think that will pick up after MOKFP drops next week, bit I’m still making gains. I’m sitting on too much inventory in my opinion, and on a few really pricy items that will sell, but will take some time to move, and I have 13K gold right now. Granted, there are many people sitting at gold cap. I’m nowhere near gold cap. No. Where. Near.

So, why should you listen to me about how the mobile auction house has made me gold? Well, because I’m just doing this part time. I rarely hit my 200 transactions per day limit, yes there is a limit, and I go days at a time without posting to the MAH, and I still have gold. If I can do this, what can a dedicated mobile auction houser do? Well, they are probably already gold capped. Let’s take a look at the MAH on my iPhone.

This is the basic home screen. On it you will see several pieces of information. Browse, My Bids, My Auctions, and Create are the main headers, while information about your current auction house activities are listed below. The interface is pretty self explanatory to be honest.

Some of the tricks that have been helpful in making money using the mobile auction house aren’t really tricks at all. Any idiot can do these few things, and make money hand over fist. Now, this may sound stupid, but here is the number one, biggest trick to make money using the auction house. It isn’t professions, it isn’t farming and selling, it’s buy low, sell high. There you have it. The biggest secret to making money. Buy low. Sell high. Now, I know what you are thinking, if everyone knows this, why aren’t they all doing it? One of the biggest advantages to the mobile app over the in game client, is that you can do it anywhere. Are hitting on a train on your way home? Pull it out. Are you in your office at work looking busy? Pull it out. Are you sitting at your computer playing wow… Okay, so it won’t work if you are actually logged into the game, but enjoy that time. Spend it playing, not worrying about the auction house. It will still be there when you log off.

Don’t go going ho, buying up every scrap of a single item on your first day. Gt to know your market. Start small. Pick our two or three items that you think you can successfully buy at a steady price, and mark it up several times per day, knowing that at times you will have a ton of that material lying around, and no, it doesn’t move everyday of the week. Some days will be slow, and all you will do is buy. Don’t fret. That is why you need to take a week or two to know the market. Know other sellers who are attempting to do the same thing. I have a few sellers for transmog goods on my server who always, always have the same set prices on certain sets. I’ve learned this, and now know where to set my prices when they come up without even looking at what he is selling at the moment. Trade goods are better money makers in the long run, even if they don’t net the huge amounts as fast. Over time, these will be your biggest markets.

I don’t have secrets really, in fact, I’ll tell you my number one seller. Embersilk cloth. Plain ol’ simple embersilk cloth. Yup. I buy any piece that sits below a set value, them resell them just above that value. Let’s pretend it’s 3G 50s. (it is 3G 50s) now, if I buy up every piece, every time I log in to the mobile ah, I have a Crapton of embersilk. I never post as much as I took off the market either. Creating a huge amount on the ah just drives prices down in the long run. No, I sit on my stockpile, selling it slowly. Some days you will sell more than you started with, other days you won’t. In the end, it pans out if you set your price points correctly.

The mobile auction house has been a way for me to spend some time in Azeroth, without dropping everything I am doing to go to my desktop, log in, avoid getting trampled by toddlers, while still feeling like I am contributing to my warcrack habit. It did the trick for me this summer, kept me playing while others had moved on, and honestly became my game within a game. There would be almost whole weeks where the only wow time I got was playing the mobile AH…

So there you have it, the mobile AH in a very short, very small package. If you have any questions about my experiences with the mobile ah, please leave a comment and I’ll try to get back with you ASAP. Now that it’s free, you have no excuse to not get out there and make some gold! Just don’t forget your buddy,



2 Responses to “Mobile Auction House For Dummies”

  1. This is a great idea for some more ‘productive’ time. I am going to need some real cash to buy those jewelled mounts in MOP.

  2. ‘xcuse me while I whip this out.

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