Fickle Friday: Screenshot Edition

Lok’tar Friends!

So today we have a few screenshots. The four of us will each post a screenshot from our collections and talk about why it’s our favorite (or why it’s our favorite that we could find).


I will admit I am horrible at taking screenshots AND I lost most of my old screenshots when I uninstalled WOW. But I couldn’t decide between two of the screenshots I could find:

This blog just needs more cowbell

I am not sure if this needs any explanation. Sadly, I was unable to get Cowbell for a name on Winterhoof. Otherwise, it would have been my paladin’s name, as it is on Dawnbringer. This is the name of my DK on Drak’Tharon, where Shadow Rising lives. I am a horrible DK, heck I am a horrible melee player.

Halkale, Szablya, with me in my Tier 5 gear.

I raided in BC, not cutting edge but still we were in BT when I stopped. Szablya was my go to pet. I was level 22 when I went all the way over to Darkshore and opened figurines for an hour until she spawned, I tamed her and she followed me everywhere. She once hit 20k crit on Magtheridon, under the influence of a lot of buffs, including Big Red and I think it was a Kill Command, but don’t quote me on it. I shouted in vent when it showed up on my screen, I think one of the other dps guys saw it too. I always felt closet to Szablya than any other pet, because all we did together and how long it took to get her. Close second is my Spirit Wolf Winterschill, again, a lot of time camping spawn points for that wolf. He’s the one that I have out in instances and raids, I use my “ghost” worm as my tanking pet.

Sylus, AKA OldManSy:

Ok, so this screenshot isn’t SUPER impressive, but for me this was one of my crowning moments in wow.

This was when I hit Loremaster. That, for me, was a huge amount of work. In fact, it was my entire summer playtime. The only zones I had completed going into this last summer, was Cataclysm Loremaster. Everything else was either not started, or FAR from being done. In all honesty, the zones I hadn’t even started were easier to complete than the ones I was already through part of the zone. Anyway, nothing fancy to see here, move along.

Fik, Kor and Many More (alts that is):

Okay, so since Pie cheated and posted more than one screenshot, I will as well.  The first one I wanted to post was one of the screenshots that myself and Nim took after we worked our buts off to get the Bloodsail Admiral title. As admirals, we needed a boat. And what better boat to claim as our than the one that Pie thinks is his.  Its ours now!  Also, I’m on a boat.



Next up is a screenshot I don’t remember taking, but I found it in one of my old folders and was flooded with some really good memories. This shot was taken back in BC, at a time when my hunter, Grimshot had become my main, and I’d worked hard to get him some half decent gear. I just really miss those days.


And last up is a screenshot I found of Kor. Kor became my main during Wrath, when I fell in love with playing a warrior.  After a lot of pvp with him, I purchased the level 60 pvp set because it looks awesome. Since this is For The Horde and Kor is all about that, I present Kor in all his glory.







6 Responses to “Fickle Friday: Screenshot Edition”

  1. Man, great shots guys, I miss some Nimshots though. That one of fik and Nim on a boat, PIE’S boat… Priceless!!!

  2. All my screenshots from the old days are stuck on a laptop with no monitor. Maybe one of these days I’ll get it working and retrieve them. Until then, I’m happy letting Bloodsail Admiral Fang stand up for me.

  3. Sy, I really like your UI

  4. I upgraded my boat.

  5. I’ve upgraded my UI since then, I really liked that one, but the tweaks I’ve made are all for the better!

  6. Love the screenies! I totally remember Pie’s boat — so funny! And moar cowbell… that one’s classic!

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