Why am I excited about playing WOW again.

I know it’s still kinda summer and lots of guilds are bored and can’t wait for MOKFP to drop so they can race to 90 and start the raid prep process again.

I get it. I am excited for MOKFP too. It’s a gear reset my characters need badly. My hunter, Halkale has an iLevel of about 312. Three freaking twelve.  As in, I got into a LFG regular dungeon and someone said, man hunter you need better gear.  Oh how the mighty have fallen…well or the maybe sorta kinda mighty.

I was never in a world first guild. Never so cutting edge that I had to give up everything but raiding. BUT, I was in a guild raiding Black Temple in BC, when BT was the top raid of the expansion. I was the hunter lead, I was in charge of the pulls (Side Note to the kids: back in BC you had a hunter pull the packs of mobs back with Misdirection, the warrior then taunted them off the hunter and the hunter Feigned Death to drop aggro so the tanks could take over. Or, you failed to drop aggro, got roflstomped and spent the next few minutes watching the trash fights from the floor.) Hell, I was the survival hunter for the raiding team because you had to have one, but only one, while BM ruled the DPS world.

And now, I have less than 5 hours /played at 85 on my hunter.

My first character to 85 was my paladin, my second was my mage, the priest was third and now Halkale finally dinged right before 5.0.4 dropped. My first character to 90 will be Bratwurst. My second will be Halkale. Why? Because 4theHorde rides again. Yes, we have issues with schedules. Yes, we don’t all play like we used to, but we are planning. We are working on plans for a 5 man group time. We are hoping we might be able to do some raiding, casually in MOKFP.

But, Pie, you still haven’t answered the question, Why am I excited about playing WOW?  Technically, I have answered the question. If you’ve read 4thehorde for any amount of time, or gone back and reread the older posts, you’ll discover what makes this blog different. Not different good or bad, although as a member of this fine group, it’s great for me. You see, I’ve met some really awesome people through this blog. I’ve spent time with them both in game and out. Most I’ve met face to face. I’ve laughed and cried with them. I’ve celebrated victories in game and in life..and was saddened by losses. 4TH is more than a blog, it’s family. Fikkle, Nimrock and OldManSy are more than just pixels or people in my Vent. They are my brothers, my friends.

I’ve spent thousands of dollars to hang with these guys, both in subscriptions and game fees. I’ve traveled to Sy and Nim’s homes. I’ve set out on my driveway in the sun to make pulled pork for ShenaniCon 2011, because it was a part I could play.  I’ve talked/emailed/texted these guys most every day for the last 4 years. Playing with these guys in some sort of game is the highlight of my day, most days.

I am excited about WOW again, because we are playing together again. Sure we played for a while in TOR, we have an online RPG adventure going on in email and blogger. Saturday night we whipped the Lich King’s butt, with a lot of help from our friends.

Friends we couldn’t have without this blog. Sy and Fikkle met. Sy knew Nim. I met them through this blog and through this blog we recruited Repgrind and then through her blog I found Shadow Rising.  All these friendships spider web out from the blog.  We have friends like Slig and others who don’t play WOW anymore but we still email and play RPG with, even if it is a webcam of Slig sitting on Nim’s dining room table while we sit around eating Crispers and trying to figure out which dice to roll.

These are the things that make WOW great. The new purples are nice, Pandas look awesome, but it’s the community that keeps most of us here. It’s the community that brings a lot of us back, or makes us stay longer than we probably should. It’s the community that has me watching Gnomer and BBB‘s children grow up, even though I’ve never met them.

So, yeah, I am excited about playing WOW with my friends, old and new. Bring on Pandas and all the other things that are coming with MOKFP!


7 Responses to “Why am I excited about playing WOW again.”

  1. Aw, man, I miss you guys!!!!

  2. These are the same things that have brought me back, and kept me playing for so long. If not for you guys, guild wars looks good… So did tor for me, but none of them had you hoodlums/shenaniganizers.

  3. You are missed teh dude.

  4. Bloody Filthy Horde… I luvs you too!

    I agree with you about the bond I have formed with the community, whether it’s in game, or on blogs.

    I find myself celebrating the good times and commiserating the bad times with people that I have less connection with than my work mates.

    I find myself coming to the defense of people only glimpsed briefly through blog posts or twitter rants.

    While my physical friend group shrinks due to natural “aging attrition” (the moving away etc), my WoW-based relationships somehow still remain strong… even with slacker Horde bloggers who never seem to blog…

    I find myself here, in the home of the Horde, celebrating the return to WoW, return to blogging (maybe) of one with whom I had shot many a nerf arrow.

    With this X-realm chicanery, it is now easier than every to reach out across feeble realm-server boundaries and give a playful slap on the cheek.


  5. Speaking of which, somebody better slap me before I decide to get back in-game!

  6. None of us are going to talk you out of rejoining us. But, that said, we want you to be happy and have fun playing the game. Nostalgia is fine and all, but in reality it probably won’t keep you, if you don’t enjoy the game itself.

  7. What Pie said. We would love some dude trinkets in the game, but you need to come back for you, not for these crazy guys who are NEVER on at the same time… but then again, my new play schedule of 9:48-10 central time would be around when you use to play. I would spend all of my time saying hi to slig, THEN have to log off again! I could get behind this plan.

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