Menagerie of Guilds

Lok’tar friends!

So me and the other guys here at For the Horde have been talking a lot about our guild and what we want to do with it come Mo(KF)P and that got me thinking about all the guilds that I have been in over the years.

When I first joined wow, I was running around Eversong Woods putting arcane intelligence on any player I could find. I stopped to smell the flowers and I played in-character. There are times when I really miss the feeling of discovery I had back then when I first started. Anyways, I got invited to a guild, which I can’t remember the name of. That’s where I first met Sy. Back then he was an officer, although the guild was an all-RP guild, so his actual title was Executioner. Back in those days we ran five-man dungeons, but really, we RP’d a lot. Our guild master held regular ‘meetings’ in character that felt more like my day job than an RP event, but they were held in character. We always met at one of the ships off the coast of the barrens with the pirates and the giant parrot. Those days were pretty fun. And then our guild master totally ninja looted and hearthed while we were in SM. there were three guildies and a random PUG we found, and our GUILD MASTER totally ninja hearthed from the PUG. Of course we tried to figure out what happened in guild chat while apologizing to the fifth guy and saying that there must be some mistake. Bu this was back in the days before dungeon loot was tradable and there was nothing to be done… Except continue to RP. So we did. Both Fikkle and Sylas orchestrated a coup d’état, taking the best members of the guild with us and forging ahead on our own.

Which brings us to guild number two, the guild what were I an officer for the first time. Sadly, I don’t remember the name of that guild either, but it was a good time for us. Sy was the guild master and I and one of his other friends were the officers. BC was still going on and we were still leveling. It was a lot of fun, hanging with friends, running dungeons together. It was in this guild that I met the steadfast and soulful Nimrock, who always knew how to have fun doing anything we were doing and was almost always sitting down.

That guild lasted us quite a long while, that is until we got to end game and decided we wanted to raid. At the time, I wanted to see some of the end game content, but most of our guildies were not yet at endgame. I had taken over running the guild in everything but name as Sy had gone back to school and his other friend got busy with RL, and it came to a breaking point. Running the guild and managing the forums (yes, at one point we had forums), had become too much like a job, and I no longer wanted to do it. So after talking it over with Sy, who couldn’t do it either based on his RL activities, we simply allowed the guild to dissolve. We took our mains over to a raiding guild where we could do our dailies every day and go raiding and we didn’t have to plan anything. But at the same time, we allowed our guild to fall apart and have since lost touch with most of those people, something which is too bad.

After that, we spent time in several temporary guilds, none of which I remember, and then we went on to other servers where we re-rolled lowbies and tried that out.

Eventually, we decided to strike out on our own again, creating Ashes of Tirisfal. The name for AoT came out of the lore of the Council of Tirisfal. The Tirisfalen, and the guardian, were the protectors of Azeroth for generations until Sargeras took over Medivh and killed them all off. AoT was a group of heroes who wanted to take up the mantle of the Tirsfalen and protect Azeroth from the Legion, which seemed pretty apropos during Burning Crusade. This is guild where we stayed for a long time, moving our alts there and keeping it as a place where we could all come together and have fun. It’s the place where we all went casual and where we met some new friends, including Pie and Sliggeh, and later Grubs, Josh and Roz. My brother joined us at some point, and AoT was the place where those common interest grew into true friendships.

But AoT as a guild didn’t last forever, even if those of us who became friends in that guild have continued to keep in contact through our infamous shenanigans threads in email. Now, I have characters in a few guilds on different servers to be able to play with friends, but our new guild effort is one based around my impending RP project that I’ve been working on. This is where the shameless plugs begin…

So we have started a guild called >;Skullreaver<; on Winterhoof (Horde) where we’ll be leveling going into the KungFu PokePanda expansion. For now, the guild is still a home for my alts, and I has lots. My brother has a few toons there, and there are a few random people I’ve met that have joined us as well. As I mentioned above, most of us are pretty casual players now. We don’t really have time to raid seriously, but we all love to fool around and have a good time, and run some dungeons when we have a chance. Right now I have no idea if we’ll end up trying raiding in Mists. If its only the few of us, odds are we won’t, at least not as a guild. If we get some more people to join us, it’s possible we may do a trial for a once a week casual raiding schedule. But that’s cake in the sky (cause we all know that Pie is a dirty stinky lie) at this point, so we’ll see what happens. But if you’re a casual player who has real life commitments and looking for a place to hang out and have fun while you’re in game, drop us a line on Winterhoof Horde and come join Skullreaver. In the meantime,

Stay Hordecore!

— Kor

PS, Grats to my brother on finally finishing Sulfuras!



18 Responses to “Menagerie of Guilds”

  1. You know, what you guys CAN do, even if you don’t have enough to make a guild raid, is all join LFR together. We do that in Crits and it is a lot of fun.

  2. Kev, the DSA(Dirty Stinkin Alliance!!!) Grats dude, canada is a better place for it.

  3. Your post made me realize I do NOT had a Horde Shadow Priest on Winterhoof O.o
    However, I plan to level a Panda Spriest and would be happy to join your guild if you’re looking for members.
    I can bribe…err….send Rep some gold so she’ll give me a good reference 😀

  4. No bribes needed, but if you feel so inclined, make checks payable to OldManSy, that’s american dollars, not Canadian monopoly moneys.

  5. Woah woah woah. You are hardly on, why should you get paid? Shouldn’t that be paid to Fikkle or Nim or myself?

  6. The First guild we were a part of Fik, was Dark Allegiance. When we went rogue and took the best and brightest with us, we started Day of Reckoning. I am a nerd for remembering this? Na, just very attached to my toons.

  7. You all should be goblins.

    You can pay Sy. The only acceptable currency being “Boots in his Arse”.

    But ya, come ‘kick it’ with us (c wut I did thar?)

  8. I found a really horendous RP story I wrote when we left DA, and started DOR… Check this out….

  9. Feelin the love… and keep it away from my backside.

  10. I have a baby horde toon on Winterhoof. I will probably hit you up for an invite on her.

    You know, when I ever log into her >.>

  11. And we’d be happy to have you!

  12. Even though she is a baby huntard?

  13. Especially because she is a baby huntard!

    You know we have Gozz and Halk in our guild, and as the saying goes, you can never have too many huntards!

  14. Are you positive about that? Cause I had always been told that there was a max allowed for huntards.

  15. You got me, what are guilds capped at again???

  16. Well as far as I knew you could only have one huntard per guild.

    I know there are ways around it, I mean if you guys have two already then you’ve found it somehow.

    I just worry about the world imploding from all the fayle.

  17. I was referring to how many players are allowed in guilds periods, because that would be the huntard cap.

    Huntards are the fuel that drives shenanigans, so I stick to my original point, the more the merrier 😛

  18. I refuse to believe that I am a huntard. I can agree that I am just a matter what class I am playing.

    Don’t feel bad about pulling aggro in ICC, I had a lock pull aggro 4 or 5 times in normal Grim Batol, he/she apologized and I said, hey no worries, I know warlock is now Blizz for NOM NOM I am stealing your aggro. Whatever heavy hitting spell you guys lead with is a beast. I can hold aggro once I get in my rotation, but OMG, I hit three skills and watch the purple line go all the way to 11 and I am reaching for my taunt button.

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