Warrior Tank Leveling Guide, Part 2

Hey gang, I’m here again to talk about leveling a warrior tank! Today I want to go over some of the basic prot abilities from level 1-30 and maybe discuss my talent choice at level 30.

Prot Abilities from 1-30

With the new talent system, there’s a stronger demarcation between specialization and non-specialization abilities, at least in your spellbook. Here are the prot abilities and a few of my thoughts on each one.

Shield Slam (level 10) This is your best and most used ability. Shield Slam does massive damage, causes a bunch of threat and, with the latest patch, generates Rage. It’s the top of your priority until you get Revenge at level 30.

Vengeance (level 10) You won’t like me when I’m angry. This is Passive, you don’t have to worry about using it but I mention it because it makes us even more able to deal awesome damage.

Shield Block (level 18) One of the big changes with the new system is that your mitigation is now active instead of passive. Shield Block is your go to ability for damage reduction. And when I say reduction, I mean all of it. Shield Block now stops every melee attack against you for 6 seconds. I’ve found that if you have a good healer or you’re slightly higher level than the content you don’t have to use Shield Block all the time. In my opinion, it’s nice that we now have an option between burning rage on mitigation and dps.

Devastate (level 26) Use this instead of Heroic Strike when you’ve got the rage. It does good damage and works  just like Sunder Armor. Definitely use it at least three times on bosses.

Revenge (level 30) Here’s the big one. It does sweet damage, against three targets no less, it procs when you dodge or parry and on top of all that, it generates rage. This is now the top of your priority list. Hit it whenever it cools down and when it procs.

Other Relevant Warrior Abilities

Heroic Strike: Use it when you have rage until you get Devastate then take it off your bar until level 58.

Victory Rush: Most useful when you’re soloing but it comes in handy in instances from time to time now that we’re doing enough damage to kill things.

Execute: I don’t use it because I like to carry more rage from fight to fight. Your mileage may vary and I’d like to hear counter arguments in the comments.

Taunt: Only works if a target is not attacking you. It sits on your action bar, unused, until an idiot mage in a random pulls everything with AoE and you’re clicking it on every cooldown.

Sunder Armor: Just like Devastate until you get Devastate. Then take it off your bar and laugh at other warrior specs that wish they were you.

Thunderclap: My favorite ability. Good damage, awesome AoE threat, will eventually spread your bleeds.

Heroic Throw: I like this a lot now that warriors don’t have a ranged weapon slot. I also like it when my taunt is cooling down and I need to grab aggro from a distance.

Pummel: A lot of you will ignore this but it still counts as damage mitigation. It’s off your Global Cooldown so there’s no reason you shouldn’t be using this. Especially against bosses and casters that can hit hard.

Disarm: Now I need to listen to my own advice but I always forget this isn’t just a PvP ability. If you’re up against a tough melee pull, liberal use of Disarm and Shield Block makes your healer’s life easy.

Level 30 Talent Choices

Enraged Regeneration Instantly heals you for 10% of your health and an additional 10% over 5 seconds. My choice. I picked it because I like to have a self heal in my toolkit that I can rely on and because it’s what I’m used to.

Second Wind When you’re below 35% health, you heal 3% health per second. I didn’t pick it because I don’t see myself using it all that much. Especially when I’m leveling in random dungeon groups, if my health is below 35% we’re already in big trouble.

Impending Victory A big attack that also heals you for 10% health. If you kill the target, it resets Impending Victory and the next one heals you for 20%. I’m interested in this, tempted even. I settled on Enraged Regeneration because I’m used to it and I like that self heal but the more I think about this, the more I’d like to try it. I’m worried that in the chaos of a dungeon I won’t be able to get the benefit of the kill shot very often but even so, it’s a 30 second cool down.


So there you go. Next week I’m going to talk about some basic tanking strategies for absolute beginners and maybe a priority rotation of your abilities.




6 Responses to “Warrior Tank Leveling Guide, Part 2”

  1. hooray! Another post to bookmark to reread when panda tank rolls through Azeroth! I’m thinking “Gozzybear” as a name. I love the reference, tie in with my in game name, and I’ll be a cute and fuzzy bear. All is wrong with the world.

  2. also +20 to content. My last post seemed a bit “on the surface.” I’ll step up the game for the mobile AH post coming next week…

  3. Hoping you tell me later why Heroic Strike reappears on my bars at 58.
    Almost makes me want to keep my gnome warrior, but so many other things to do.

  4. Sy: Here’s to keeping each other trying to do better.

    Pie: Stay tuned!

  5. Impending victory is awesome to have when you’re out soloing, but when you’re in a group and running dungeons it really doesn’t activate all that much. Besides, if you’re the tank, 10% of your life might be a lot, but you’re healer should be looking after that. Granted, that can be said about all the talents at that tier, but having the on demand heal is more useful, since you don’t have to find something to smash in the face to use it.

    As for Execute, since its only useable when a mob is below a certain health %, its really not one you need to worry about all the time. While out grinding, most things die in less than a global cooldown between when it lights up and when I can use it. For dungeons, its more useful with elites and on bosses, since you can use it more, but its basically a high rage dump for high damage ability. Not sure how that translates in Prot though, since I’ve only tried Arms since the patch… You may have changed my mind though.

    My 2c… And I’m also curious to know HS makes a comeback!

  6. A good way to get a feel for how often you can use impending victory is to create a power aura that lights up when Victory Rush is available, and then remember that you can use it every 30 seconds on top of that (at half power). There are a lot of dungeon non-elites that proc it that go down with one well-placed shield slam.

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