Fickle Friday: Old School Edition

Lok’tar friends!

First of all, TGIF. Second of all, if you ever have to draw straws, I’m probably the one person you’d want todo raw against. As there have been no other takers to post in our ‘open to the all the writers’ post category for Fridays, I ended up with the proverbial short straw.

A few days back I talked about what I would be working on between then and the expansion, which is primarily RP. Last night, however, Gozz and Kor decided to return to where we cut our teeth, Outlands. After Sy’s post from Monday, we decided to go chasing a helm for his red dragon hunter set, and there just happens to be a helm that drops off High King Maulgar that fits perfectly.

So off we went to Blade’s Edge. For anyone who was wondering, it’s still spiky. We didn’t get lost either. We knew exactly where we weren’t. And you know Gozz, that guy never wants to stop for directions.

Anyways, we ended up going in and taking out both High king and Gruul himself. The Maulgar fight turned out to be slightly harder and Kor watched as Hydra tank saved the day.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get Gozz’s hat, although we did pick up some cool BC raid pieces. Unfortunately I don’t have any screenshots since I still don’t know how to screenshot on my MacBook.

So all pumped up, we decided to go take on Magtheridon, and once again, I watched from the floor. Hydra tank ftw, yet again. Sy may have mentioned once or twice that Spirit Bond was a tad OP, although I think that his pet dodged enough to avoid major damage and the heals were enough to keep him alive.

Our final excursion of the night brought us back to Azeroth to the raid where I first tried my hand at anything harder than a five-man, Karazhan.

We took on the first boss (wow, I can’t believe I don’t remember his name considering the number of times I killed him), then Moroes. Afterwards, we went to the the opera event, which Sy had been trying for a while in order to get the gun from Big Bad Wolf. He’s had some bad luck, getting a lot of Romeo & Juliet, so he kept at it, until last night that is. Sure enough, we got the Big Bad Wolf and he dropped his Big Badass Gun!

All in all, it was a blast going back and seeing some old raids again, and I’m pretty sure we’ll be back at it again. I know for a fact that pie wants something out of TK, and I myself was working on Shadowmourn back in Wrath, so I think we’ll be back at it soon enough.

Has anyone else been running old school content while waiting for MoKFP? Let us know, and in the meantime,

Stay Hordecore!



3 Responses to “Fickle Friday: Old School Edition”

  1. Screenie on a mac in wow, easiest way is just to go into your keybinds in miscellaneous functions screen shot and set it to what ever you want.

    As the regular way to take a screenshot in mac in general, look that up online. There are different commands on what you want a screenie of and where you want the screenie.

  2. Thanks for the tip! Now all I have to do is find a button that I don’t use.

  3. You never use your eh button.

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