Learning how to tank like a Paladin, again.

One of the things I decided to write about was my experiences re-learning how to be a Paladin tank, commonly referred to as a Tankadin.  Now, I am not going to go over all the theorycrafting and math, that’s Maintankadin’s job.  What I want to talk about is how I am learning to tank, again.

Bratwurst, the paladin formerly known as Piepal.  Yes, I used to tank in a dress, what of it? By the way, Bratwurst was so named because of this post. Which also started the alliance with the alliance guild Crits and Giggles.

I’ve been tanking as a paladin since BC, some. I played my hunter mostly in BC, raiding into Black Temple. But when WOTLKEE dropped, I leveled my paladin up and tanked for the Horde, even getting into some 10 mans. I got the paladin to 85 before I left WOW and did a little bit of tanking in 5 mans.  I have some gear, but it’s basically barely heroic level. I’ve tanked a few normal instances, trying to get my mojo back. I had to learn the new rotation again. Heck, I need to learn it better. I have a few new buttons, due to the changes in the talent trees and skills.

Now that I look at my talents, I probably need to reset them. I’ve got other classes and some their talents are hard to decide and the paladin is no different. One of the mods on Maintankadin said the nice thing about these talents is they are situational, whereas with the old talent trees, you set them at the first of the expansion and really never moved them, unless Blizzard did some really big changes.

One of the things that I like about paladin tanking, over the other tank classes, is mana. I like basically having all my abilities ready to go right away. I know that Shield of Righteousness requires Holy Power, so it’s not technically ready at the beginning, but it’s ready about the time you get to it in the rotation. And, I came back and there was one rotation and now that 5.04 has dropped, there’s another rotation of sorts.  I suggest you check out this post.

Just like Nim…wait, okay kinda like Nim, I’ll be taking you through my trials and tribulations as a paladin tank, once Mists drops and I level toward endgame. Hoping maybe that somebody might have use for a Beefy Meat Shield ™.


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