The Final Days…

Lok’tar friends!

So we’re down to the final days of the Cataclysm expansion and while the lead in patch for MoKFP has already dropped, none of the new content has really arrived. So what to do?

For my part, the first thing I did after the patch was to log in all of my characters that hadn’t been played in ages. Wit the new account wide features, the only way to ensure that everything gets loaded to the account level is to log in to all your characters, and from what I’ve read over at WoW Insider, the account wide effects are for all the accounts across all of your accounts. I only have one account activated right now, but I will likely put a game card on some of my other accounts just to load up my other characters and get all of the applied benefits. And ya, I actually have five accounts from back when I tried out my hand at five-boxing shaman. It was quite an interesting gimmick, but it was only a minor interest for me, so I gave up on it pretty quick.

In other news, as I recently returned to the game, I’ve been trying to get myself ready for MoKFP. I basically left the game in the first few days after the pre-Cata patch, so aside from my time in the beta, I really haven’t seen a lot of what Cata had to offer. The majority of my time has been spent leveling Kor up to 85, which I reached the other day. I have a lot more level 80 characters, but I’m not really sure I will actually level any of them just yet. I completed all of Vashj’ir, Hyjal and Deepholm with Kor and have gotten started on Uldum. I haven’t done a single Cata instance yet, but I was more interested to get the story of the different zones first. I will probably continue through Uldum and the Twilight Highlands and I suspect that will be about all I accomplish before the expansion hits.

I’ve also been leveling a little Goblin warrior (I’m addicted to playing a warrior now, it’s a serious condition known as meat head, and I have it), and finished off all the starter zones. He’s in the middle of Azshara questing right now, and with heirlooms, he’s pretty much outleveled the quests he’s on, but the zone story is pretty good, so I decided to stick with it, at least until I get the zone questing achievement completed.

Other than that, I don’t really know what else I want to do. I suppose I could try out the different classes and their new mechanics and talent options. I have three paladins at 80, a hunter, a second warrior, a shaman, mage and death knight, so there’s plenty of options.

The last thing that has really been occupying a lot of my time lately, however, is an out of game activity. Ever since I started playing I’ve always been a casual roleplayer. Over the years, my characters have each developed an identity of their own, and as I’ve thought about my characters and their motivations, a history of what got them to where they started (and onwards to where they are now), developed in my mind. Back during Wrath I wanted to start recording the history of my characters in a blog, basically an outlet for both my desire to write and to RP, but as I got wrapped up I the game, those kinds of things stopped being as important to me, and it kind of fell by the wayside. When I took a break for Cata, the idea was sidelined permanently (or so it seemed at the time). Now that I’ve come back to the game and have wanted to take a much more casual approach to my gameplay, the idea of putting together a story for my characters has come back around, albeit in quite a different shape than what I’d considered before.

So to side-step that story for a minute, I should mention for those that are unaware of my original beginnings in wow, my very first character was an Orc Hunter. The choice to play an orc was largely influenced by the Instance podcast, and I quickly came to love the lore of the orcs. While my main eventually turned outgo be a Mage during BC, my fascination with the lore & history of the orcs never subsided, and eventually I went on to play an orc shaman, an orc warrior and an orc death knight. I’m pretty sure I have an orc warlock kicking around somewhere to.

While I’m known to all of my friends as Fikkle for my fickle playstyle and rampant altaholism, I have always come back to orcs. While some others may love the Draenei lore, I personally consider the tormented past of a people who allowed themselves to be corrupted and have tried to find their way back to an honorable lifestyle, while still retaining a warrior culture to be more appealing than a bunch of goody goody boy scouts who’ve been running from their enemies for an eternity.

In any event, I do have non-orc characters as well, my Blood Elf Mage & Paladin, my Forsaken Rogue, my Tauren Druid, my Dwarven Paladin & Warrior, my human Paladin and my Worgen Warrior & Druid. So when I was trying to develop the storyline that will become the tale of my characters, I tried to think of a way to make it so heavily orc based, without it seeming out of place. The answer kind of came naturally when I started to really look at it, and it was to make the story about the orcs themselves, with the other characters having some role in their story. That’s not to say that they don’t have stories of their own, and they might come up from time to time, but the main focus is going to be on the orc clan based around all of my characters.

Those who know me best will already have a good idea about what I’m talking about, but for now, I will keep the rest of it under wraps. My plan is to get a big head start on all of the stories before I start to publish anything, that way I’ll be able to release a story every day when I’m ready, and if later developments require any retconning, that can be done before its published.

So this has really been a big teaser for what will remain a super secret project for now. I will let everyone know where they can go to see the RP once it’s ready to go. In the meantime, get ready for Kung Fu Pandas and,

Stay Hordecore,

— Kor


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