Warrior Tank Leveling Guide, Part 1

Hello all, I hope everyone who got one had a good Labor Day vacation. For those who didn’t, sorry you missed out!

For the next few weeks, most likely until MoP launches, I think I want to talk about leveling a warrior tank. The first character I ever started in WoW was a tauren warrior and I’ve played him in Prot spec since Burning Crusade. It’s a spec I enjoy and one I feel has a lot going for it: survivability, good damage output, utility abilities and, of course, the option of tanking random groups.

Last week I started a goblin warrior to see what the goblin starting zone was like. Then I decided that it might be easier to learn the new talent system from the ground up rather than with a level 80 character. The goblin is now 25 and I think I’ve got a pretty good handle on what has changed and what hasn’t. Today I just want to introduce the new series and talk a little bit about your first talent choice.

First of all, if you’re new to warrior tanking, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend jumping straight into randoms. Wait til you hit 20 and get thunderclap. It’ll make a world of difference in groups where everyone targets a different mob. But I’ll talk about all of that later.

One of the reasons I like the new talent system is that, at least in my current opinion, there is a lot of choice. Not ‘choice’ like there used to be when you had a lot of options but were an idiot to pick the wrong ones. No, choice like you’re give three options and you get to decide which one fits into your play style and the current content you’re attempting.

At level 15 warriors get to pick between 3 talents: Juggernaut, which reduces the cooldown of charge by 8 seconds, Double Time, which lets you charge twice in a row, and Warbringer, which knocks down and stuns the target of your charge for 3 seconds. Each are valuable and each fit into a slightly different play style. Which one did I pick?

Double Time. I’ll admit, I took it mostly because I love being a pin ball, bouncing around in instances.

I didn’t take Warbringer because when I pull, I want to immediately be able to move and face the mobs where I want. I also didn’t take it because most boss mobs are immune to it.

Why didn’t I take Juggernaut? Well, although using the charge ability to gain rage more often looked nice, I decided the utility of being able to use charge twice, to pick up straggling mobs, to lock down caster mobs or to gather two groups quickly, was worth it.

Next time I’ll talk about a rotation and maybe, if I level fast enough, the next rank of talent choices.

Let me know in the comments what talents you picked and why and I’ll talk to you in a week!




3 Responses to “Warrior Tank Leveling Guide, Part 1”

  1. I’ll be rolling a panda warrior after my monk. Keep up the warrior talk, it might be before my monk… I’ve always wanted to roll a warrior, I just always hit a plateau that I could never get past. I’ve deleted many mid lvl (30-55) warriors in my day.

  2. I have a little gnome warrior who is 71. I leveled her tanking stuff, but I could use some good tips and stuff, otherwise she may be rerolled to a warlock. That’s right Gnomer! Gnome WARLOCK!

  3. Sy, I feel like one of the big benefits of the prot tank leveling is that you can solo really well. So if you get bored of tanking randoms, you can bounce out and do quests, pulling tons of mobs at once and plowing through them.

    Pie, bear with me. I’ll get up into BC content pretty soon, using Nim as my example if I can’t get the little gobby leveled fast enough.

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