Now I’m Back, From Outer Space

Hey everyone, it’s me, Nim. I imagine I’ve been gone the longest from blogging, if not the game. When Sy first mentioned getting back into blogging, my first reaction was to pass. After all, I’ve only been back in game for a month, and that’s only because someone gave me a some free game time and my minecraft server is down. The more I thought about it, however, the more I realized that I might still have something to say. I hope I’ll be able to bring a hardcore perspective to what has become a very casual gaming schedule. If nothing else, I’ll be here to correct Sy’s grammar and make sure Pie doesn’t eat all the cake.

Why did I quit?

When I stopped playing WoW, it wasn’t a drastic or heroic or even dramatic thing. I didn’t do the “scorched earth” strategy that I’ve heard about other people employing . I didn’t delete all my characters, purge the game from my hard-drive and use the disks as coasters but I did walk away without any plans of coming back. I thought I might play on a weekend or get resurrected for a month but I never intended on paying money to play the game. And that’s really the main reason I quit: the amount of money I paid wasn’t equivalent to the amount of enjoyment I gained from the game.

There were days when I had a lot of free time. I could play WoW for hours on end and still manage to have a life. At that time, even if I spent all my time grinding rep or doing dailies or running endless dungeons, I still got my money’s worth. Then I got a promotion at work, I got married, I bought a house. All of a sudden, I had other things to occupy my time. The time I had to spend on WoW was lessened and I found myself needing to wring more and more enjoyment out of less and less screen time. It eventually got to the point that I realized that WoW didn’t fit into my life any more. It coincided pretty well with the release of Cataclysm so I let my account lapse and I faded into the dark.

When Blizz offered Cata for free, I grabbed it and played for about a week before I quit; the pressure to pick everything back up and play all my characters and level all the things and see content and…it was just too much. When Sy needed a cold body to resurrect for his thousandth mount, I was there. I logged in and played a Troll Shaman to 21 before hanging it up again. I had a new grill that needed something cooked on it and a busted water pipe in the downstairs bathroom that needed fixing.

Why did I come back?

In a word? The people. In two words? A fresh start.

Our little band fractured when ToR came out and then when it didn’t live up to peoples’ expectations, we drifted. We kept in touch over e-mail but we never really played together. There was a couple of months where we were on the same minecraft server and that was awesome but it didn’t have staying power. When everyone started popping up in WoW, I was surprised. I logged in. I got lost in Orgrimmar again. I picked some herbs in Hyjal. And something strange happened: I had fun.

I feel like enough time has passed that I can play the game without all the baggage of numerous characters across multiple realms. I have the luxury of doing what I want to do and enjoying the content at my pace. I don’t feel the pressure of completing things, and that is refreshing. Just last night Sy told me hunters were losing melee weapons. I honestly thought he was putting me on. Then I realized that I was happy not knowing. I was happy not having a talent build or a leveling plan or a crafting spreadsheet for the next expansion. I was happy floating around Nagrand picking herbs and chatting with my guild. That’s the WoW I want to play now and I can’t tell you how happy I am that it still exists.

What now?

Enough navel gazing. What is Nim doing in WoW these days?

Well, the character Nimrock, the original Casual Commoner, is relaxing in Orgrimmar. The Northrend weather was too hard on his aging joints. He spends most of his time Blacksmithing and tasting brews from around the world. He may have a new future as a Monk though. Time will tell.

In the mean time, I’m playing a new Goblin priest that I instaleveled with the Scroll of Resurrection. I’m healing dungeons and leveling alchemy. Turns out Pug tanks are still jerks.

When the new expansion hits I’m planning on starting a Pandaren and checking out the new zones. Remember, I still haven’t played in most of the Cata content.

I’ll be blogging from the perspective of a noob here. I’ll tackle things as they come and I’ll keep plugging away in Azeroth.

Thanks for having us back,



5 Responses to “Now I’m Back, From Outer Space”

  1. It’s great to see you back nim. Even if casual, I’ll take some nim rock in my wow diet any day!

  2. Hai Nim! 🙂

  3. Welcome back Nim, it’s been too long since we’ve got to hear your silky smooth tones (I’m not the only one who can hear Nim saying all that in his head am I?).

    Kor (or the blogger formerly known as Fik)

  4. I can definitely hear that Nimrock smooth jazzy voice in my head… but that may just be because we are Canadians and we are CRAZY!!! Welcome back Nim, hopefully Artoo will make a guest appearance also!

  5. Hi Ace!

    *In smooth Jazzy voice* Hey ya’ll, this is Nim, bringing the sweet dulcet tones of motown on the Late Night Soul Hour. Keep it here for some more hot tunes, you crazy cats!

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