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A long time ago, in a galaxy quite near actually…

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April 6, 2010, I made my last post on 4theHorde. It was a review of the WOW headphones. 2 years, 4 months and a 23 days later, I return. I haven’t been gone from WOW that long, but I haven’t had much to say, unless you count the comments I’ve made on other people’s blogs.  My feed reader still has a couple WOW blogs in it. 4TH good friend and lover of all things holy paladin Repgrind, and of course the one and only Big Bear Butt and a new one I love, by Garrosh himself. I was reading and looking up stuff for Cataclysm and then, as the others have said, the group started to lose their love of WOW. Fikkle and I tried hard to find our lost love for Azeroth, spending money switching servers…then switching factions, then switching back. Star Wars: The Old Republic loomed on the horizon and probably sometime in May or June of 2011, I left WOW, for what I thought was for good. I actually deleted the game from my computer. Which, I will tell you, is a bad thing, if you ever play again. All my settings were gone. I had to find my addons by trial and error. Before you delete the game, copy and save your WTF folder. Seriously.

In the first part of July 2011, I was invited to SWTOR Beta, the only one of the group and I was probably the least interested in the game. I was only going to play because the others were going and they were pumped and I hoped that we’d all group up again in a galaxy far, far away and it would be good.  I played Beta from July through the release, then switched over to live and grouped up with Fikkle and his brother Kevin, leveling in a group most of the time. I started out as a healing bounty hunter, Fikkle an evil Sith Warrior and Kevin as a dps bounty hunter. Things were great. We then started leveling a group on another server on the Republic side. I was a Sage, Kevin and Fikkle were troopers. We spent a lot of time in the warzones, PvPing it up. Fikkle healed us, while Kevin and I spent most of our time killing the other team. Sadly, Kevin and Fikkle got ahead of me level-wise because of a vacation they took. Then, the big patch Fikkle talked about hit. Fikkle left TOR and I went back to my bounty hunter to level him to 50. I found another guild, great group of friends that welcomed me in. I switched over to dps and we raided. Then summer hit and I got tendonitis in my right wrist, which reduced my game time. The guild started leaking active players and I couldn’t find another place.  I stopped gaming for a bit to allow my wrist to rest and heal, and to catch up on some of the shows I watch, to start some new ones and to slog through the Song of Ice and Fire series. (book 4 how you drag on…)

Meanwhile, Sy and Kevin and even Nim were talking about WOW and I started getting a little homesick for Azeroth. Kevin needed a Scroll of Resurrection to get the new mount Blizz offers, so I took it at the end of July, 2012. Soon after, Fikkle received my SoR. We’ve wandered around visiting places and learning the game again. We didn’t really want to delve too deep since the game changed Tuesday.  This post was written Monday morning and scheduled for my normal post day of Thursday, so as you read this, I am learning the game over again, just like you. For the foreseeable future, I’ll be posting from the perspective of a paladin. Yes, I know, Halkale is pretty much my main, but Sy has been playing his hunter most in Cata and he wants to bring you the hunter perspective, so I’ll be bringing you the world of Bratwurst, the Tauren Tankadin.

Welcome back 4theHorde

Before I end this post, I wanted to sum up my thoughts on what TOR does that I really think Blizzard ought to put into WOW. By this, I don’t mean making WOW like TOR, but some quality of life things that I really enjoyed.

1) Cross Faction mail system for your account. There was no Bind on Account or Heirloom gear in TOR, if it was bound to your character it was bound to your character, but credits and other supplies were able to be moved from one character to another. Now this only came about after Legacy was introduced, but still, I miss that so much in WOW. I have a few alts, I’d like to be able to move stuff around.  Heck I’d really like for them to get to a point where we could mail our heirlooms across servers, too. That way I wouldn’t have to pay for server transfers…..hey, I see what you did Blizzard.

2) Crew skills vs professions. First, I don’t think WOW should have crew skills, what I mean by this is how TOR allows you to keep your mats in your bank and then be able to use them to make things. It’s so annoying to have to go to my bank and fill my bags to create some items. I realize part of this is to require folks to get into town or blow their mobile banking cool down, but really is it that fun?
I had a couple more ideas, but then Blizzard went and announced they were coming in the next expansion. I am interested in seeing how the really work in game.

Lastly, it may be blue, but it sure is epic:

It seats 5, but has no vendors.


Blood and Thunder! Lok’tar Ogar! For the Horde!

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Lok’tar friends!

It has been a long time since I’ve uttered those words here at For the Horde. But as you may have seen from a few posts, we’re back. Most of us anyways. We came back to the game, and we came back to blogging. I wanted to talk about what’s been up and why I left and why I came back, as well as what I’ve been up to in the mean time.

Back when the Cataclysm beta was still closed I was lucky enough to receive an invite from Blizzard to come and test the expansion. At the time, I was super excited. There’s only a few things I would’ve considered more exciting (like writing for Blizzard (hint, hint, wink, wink… lol). Deathwing was the big baddie, worgens and goblins were the new races, and I’d been wanting to play a goblin since BC. The world was being torn asunder and being reworked… All of it was really cool. I am also a huge fan of Garrosh, which I know puts me in the minority, but I don’t care. For an Orc Warrior, Garrosh was my kind of leader.

But then they decided to change the talent system. And I hated it. I absolutely hated it. From a player who had almost every class at max level, the thought of having to relearn how to talent and spec all of my characters (all of which had dual specs, usually to fulfill multiple roles), just seemed rediculous. But that ‘work’ wasn’t really what made me leave, it was the fact that I hated the way the new classes played. I think it was a matter of too many radical changes all at once.

In any case, I wasn’t the only one who felt this way about Cata. I read somewhere that it was WoW’s worst expansion in terms of player retention. While I don’t have a link for that and can’t really confirm it other than by speculation, I can see how it would make sense. Its the most radical expansion they’ve had so far, and generally people are usually in favor of change for the sake of change. All of that being said, the expansion by no means ruined the game. As far as I can tell, WoW is as vibrant as it ever been, even if the community feel of the game is somewhat less alive than it used to be. (Again, a purely anecdotal observation).

So I left the game. It was probably a good move for me at the time. I actually took a break from all gaming for a long while, until Star Wars The Old Republic was released. Regardless of what you may think of TOR, I actually had a lot of fun with that game when it was released. I levellled a Sith Warrior to end game and then a Trooper Commando. The Trooper was a pure pvp healer and levellled that way and then continued to only pvp at end game. Without patting myself too much on the back, I’ll just say that I got pretty good at it. The warzones (BGs) on the server my Trooper was on were generally dominated by the Empire faction, so the matches were always very challenging, but I quickly earned a reputation on the server as one of the top healers, and I was listed as KoS by the two top Empire pvp guilds, which was both flattering and frustrating.

But BioWare made some game design choices for one of their early patches that were going to significantly alter the way many of the classes played, and in my opinion they really botched the whole thing. Pie has his theories on what happened, but this is how I saw it. Leading up to the patch, they told us that significant changes were coming but that they weren’t going to discuss the details until they released the details. Fair enough. I know what MMO communities can be like and the devs were trying to prepare everyone for what was coming. But then they released all the details, and there was about a week where the devs wouldn’t engage anyone in the community on their concerns over the changes. I don’t really remember all of the details anymore, but I know that there were nerfs to all healers, and the changes were going to seriously affect pvp healing in particular. For someone who’s whole game had been about pvp healing, I was interested in suffering through a buff nerf cycle that was going to make my gaming experience every night even worse than it already was. Despite what I said about my personal reputation on the server, we actually lost about 80% of the pvp matches on our server. So for them to say that my class needed to be nerfed was a little much, especially when the class that had the easiest time solo killing a commando healer was getting a major buff to DPS. Anyways, I don’t want to get too much into it, but I chose to leave the game in protest. Before I get hounded with the “QQ moar nub” comments, I want to point out that the reason I left was over the way the devs handled the community. The forums were in an uproar that week, way worse than they had been over most other changes, and the devs wouldn’t even engage us in discussions over the changes. Their attitude was “we have the stats on the game, we know best” and that was it. In the end, a large portion of the player base left the game from what I understand, and BioWare eventually let to a large portion of their community team. It’s too bad, I really did enjoy that game for a while.

So after TOR I took another break from gaming and decided to focus on work (which got super serial). But then my friends started coming back to WoW and discussing it in our shenanigans emails. But that still wasn’t enough. Oddly enough, I got talking about wow with a coworker, someone who had only played the low levels of the game and wasn’t as into it as I was. But I got explaining who my characters were and what their backstories were and what cool things they had done in the game. What I realized is that while they may only be color pixels to some, these characters were like friends. I knew their histories and I knew their struggles. I was there in Gruul’s laid when the Kate tank went down and Fik jumped in, spell stole the shield and began burning the boss, which led to a successful kill. I was there when my friends and I cleared Karazhan together, when we attempted Naxxramas-10 for the first time and when we ground out the Bloodsail Admiral title together.

All of that nostalgia was too much to take. After a long break and many denials, I have come back to WoW. Since being back I’ve managed to level Kor up to 84 (had to take a small hiatus due to work), but he should get to 85 before Mists of King Fu Panda drops.  I’m not 100% certain what I’ll be doing in MoKFP, but I suspect I’ll be sticking with Kor, the Orc Warrior. I’m also interested in going back to my RP roots and writing some stories for them, so that may be a side project I work on as well.  For now its a work in progress, and I’d like to make some headway with it before I choose to publish anything, so that I won’t fall behind if work picks up.

That’s it for now. If you are a returning reader, welcome back to For the Horde. If you’re new, then stay a while and make yourself comfy. If you need anything, whatever is Sy’s is yours. 😉 In the meantime,

Stay Hordecore!

— Kor (or the blogger formerly known as Fik)

Now I’m Back, From Outer Space

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Hey everyone, it’s me, Nim. I imagine I’ve been gone the longest from blogging, if not the game. When Sy first mentioned getting back into blogging, my first reaction was to pass. After all, I’ve only been back in game for a month, and that’s only because someone gave me a some free game time and my minecraft server is down. The more I thought about it, however, the more I realized that I might still have something to say. I hope I’ll be able to bring a hardcore perspective to what has become a very casual gaming schedule. If nothing else, I’ll be here to correct Sy’s grammar and make sure Pie doesn’t eat all the cake.

Why did I quit?

When I stopped playing WoW, it wasn’t a drastic or heroic or even dramatic thing. I didn’t do the “scorched earth” strategy that I’ve heard about other people employing . I didn’t delete all my characters, purge the game from my hard-drive and use the disks as coasters but I did walk away without any plans of coming back. I thought I might play on a weekend or get resurrected for a month but I never intended on paying money to play the game. And that’s really the main reason I quit: the amount of money I paid wasn’t equivalent to the amount of enjoyment I gained from the game.

There were days when I had a lot of free time. I could play WoW for hours on end and still manage to have a life. At that time, even if I spent all my time grinding rep or doing dailies or running endless dungeons, I still got my money’s worth. Then I got a promotion at work, I got married, I bought a house. All of a sudden, I had other things to occupy my time. The time I had to spend on WoW was lessened and I found myself needing to wring more and more enjoyment out of less and less screen time. It eventually got to the point that I realized that WoW didn’t fit into my life any more. It coincided pretty well with the release of Cataclysm so I let my account lapse and I faded into the dark.

When Blizz offered Cata for free, I grabbed it and played for about a week before I quit; the pressure to pick everything back up and play all my characters and level all the things and see content and…it was just too much. When Sy needed a cold body to resurrect for his thousandth mount, I was there. I logged in and played a Troll Shaman to 21 before hanging it up again. I had a new grill that needed something cooked on it and a busted water pipe in the downstairs bathroom that needed fixing.

Why did I come back?

In a word? The people. In two words? A fresh start.

Our little band fractured when ToR came out and then when it didn’t live up to peoples’ expectations, we drifted. We kept in touch over e-mail but we never really played together. There was a couple of months where we were on the same minecraft server and that was awesome but it didn’t have staying power. When everyone started popping up in WoW, I was surprised. I logged in. I got lost in Orgrimmar again. I picked some herbs in Hyjal. And something strange happened: I had fun.

I feel like enough time has passed that I can play the game without all the baggage of numerous characters across multiple realms. I have the luxury of doing what I want to do and enjoying the content at my pace. I don’t feel the pressure of completing things, and that is refreshing. Just last night Sy told me hunters were losing melee weapons. I honestly thought he was putting me on. Then I realized that I was happy not knowing. I was happy not having a talent build or a leveling plan or a crafting spreadsheet for the next expansion. I was happy floating around Nagrand picking herbs and chatting with my guild. That’s the WoW I want to play now and I can’t tell you how happy I am that it still exists.

What now?

Enough navel gazing. What is Nim doing in WoW these days?

Well, the character Nimrock, the original Casual Commoner, is relaxing in Orgrimmar. The Northrend weather was too hard on his aging joints. He spends most of his time Blacksmithing and tasting brews from around the world. He may have a new future as a Monk though. Time will tell.

In the mean time, I’m playing a new Goblin priest that I instaleveled with the Scroll of Resurrection. I’m healing dungeons and leveling alchemy. Turns out Pug tanks are still jerks.

When the new expansion hits I’m planning on starting a Pandaren and checking out the new zones. Remember, I still haven’t played in most of the Cata content.

I’ll be blogging from the perspective of a noob here. I’ll tackle things as they come and I’ll keep plugging away in Azeroth.

Thanks for having us back,


Tauren, Orcs, and Pandas, Oh My!

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Welcome back folks! Yes, yes, yes, you are seeing this correctly. No your feed readers aren’t going crazy and lying to you, we are truly back! The timing is perfect. We all quit writing on FortheHorde at the end of Wrath/beginning of Cataclysm, and now, with the incoming panda expansion, the timing is perfect to dust off our WordPress account and get our minds ready to be blown… Minds ready to have been blown? Minds ready for blowing? Anyway, grammar is still a bit rusty, give it a few weeks, it might come back… Then again, this is OldManSy… It may never have been there in the first place. Bunny trails, where was I?

So, with a new redone website, Forthehorde Reforged, we’ve brought back all of your favorite bloggers from before, with a scheduled format ready for your Internet entertainment. Of course I’m back, but do you remember the rest of the crew? They’re all back as well. Nimrock’s back and ready to swing the grammar-hammer, Pie’s ready to bring his thing, and Fikkle’s back with his distinguished, classy Canadian vibe. (eh?aboot?moose?hockey?eh?) yeah, “eh” is in there twice.

With 5.04 hitting tomorrow, it would be perfect to bring out some class guides, glyph guides, talent specs for the x class, but let’s be honest, why should we reinvent the wheel? There are so many good sites out there doing just that. Let’s face it, we aren’t that site… However I WILL give you some links to show off to you that:
A) I can read,
B) I can do a good google search, and
C) I do still know where to find the best Internets. Yes, internets.
Warcraft Hunters Union has a great guide to paladins…. Seriously, are you really going to just believe me? Duh, it’s a hunters site, as expected the guide is aboot the hunter class in 5.04. Great tips on glyphs, new rotations, the simplified talent trees… Er, not trees, but um… What are they calling them now? Talent choices? Either way, you know what I mean.
Ok, for times sake, and not wanting this giant wall of text to get much bigger, go to your usual sites,Wow Insider, ten ton hammer, MMO champion, whatever works for you. Now I can get back on track for a decent welcome back, intro post.
I’d love to tell you a tale of how Sylus and Gozz, my two main wow toons from back in the day, took vacations, traveled the world, met new people, but in reality they were working the taco stand behind Garrosh’s pad in Orgrimmar. Seriously, that guy can put away the tacos. But in all honesty, I think I am the only one of the four of us that didn’t let his account go inactive in the time from the end of Wrath to present. I didn’t play nearly as much as I had in the past, what with having our second child, working what seemed like nonstop, and coaching, gaming took the backseat. Let’s be honest, with this current expansion, it will also take the backseat for the most part. The bright side, is I can do alot of reading up on the game in my downtime, and then my gaming sessions, albeit fewer of them, will be more focused and informed, ready to tackle things to gain content for the blog.
Honesty, this was what Cata was like for me…

Deathwing’s breath smells horrible, one of you guys should get that guy some mints… oh crap, he’s right behind me isn’t he???

Now, during the cataclysm expansion I was pretty much playing as a loner. I got into a very large guild that I thought wouldn’t mean anything to me in the long run, but lo and behold I’ve met some decent people. None of whom I would place at the level of friendship I share with these blogger guys, but good people still the same. I’m currently an officer in that guild, and enjoy helping young budding hunters learn the craft of huntering, and the discouragement of the huntardering. I can honestly say I know my class. I love being a hunter, even if I was never end game raiding, I held my own in 5 man content, and really enjoyed the “End Times” heroics. The lore in those instances was amazing. I finished up lore master, increased my mount count to 115, and fell madly in love with transmogrification…. Madly… Deeply… In love. Honestly, transmog was why I started doing lore master in the first place. I would see gear, ask where it came from, and time and time again, they would tell me they got it as a quest reward in x zone. So, thank you Blizzard for letting me throw money at you to make my gear look awesome… I have all of my bank bags full, and have taken advantage of the massive gold sink that is void storage. Thanks again for that. Honestly, that is what kept me around. It was something I could do by myself, with my messed up short time framed schedule. I wasn’t interested in leveling alts, in fact, I deleted more toons during this expansion than ever before. I’m looking forward to more solo content for my main, as well as rolling a few alts in the process, but that will be another time, in another post.

Guys, we’re glad to be back, and we look forward to hearing how everyone has been in the blogosphere while we were away. Stop by, say hi, and remember, we’re here For the Horde!~OldManSy