Sylus Returns… Sort of?

This week was great. I’m settling into my real life routine with the new job and family life, and even found some world of warcraft time! I was able to log in, play a bit, and have decided that the unusual play patterns I’m going to ahve will best be spent playing lower level characters that can be logged in and out at will, rather than being stuck in a raid or instance for hours on end. So, introducing Turas, with the long U sound.  (Too-ras)

My HU-MAN rogue may appear to be of the alliance… but my mind doesn’t work that way… I’m an “RP” guy. My alliance rogue is human… but not working for the alliance. He dispises King Varian Wrynn. His father was banished from Kalimdor and was never seen again. Turas has vowed to find him and has left the safety of Stormwind to venture forth, making allies where he needs, despite their factional alliances. Anyway, look for more from my “Not -so-alliance” friend. Also, it was great to see you Fik, Duke, and Kev. All win my friends. All win.

From the Blue,


8 Responses to “Sylus Returns… Sort of?”

  1. I am patiently waiting for Pie to appear and make fun of you for rolling a human.

  2. I dont buy it……….. Traitor!

    Nice to see you back however 😉

  3. Despite the human-stink coming from my monitor, I gotta say that’s a pretty bad-a$$ looking picture there!

  4. Look no further, I’m your daddy!

  5. Daddy? I thought you were just the boss of him?

  6. * The boss of Pie.


  7. Yes, I must admit, I’m rolling a Hu-mon. He is a bit smelly, but I rolled him around in orc sweat to give him the once over. Now to find the leavings of a tauren…


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