My Top Ten All-Time Favorite Pre-Cataclysm Quest Lines

Lok’tar Friends.

First off, this post is going to be biased to the Horde side of questing, as the lion’s share of my questing has been done there. So I apologize if you’re favorite Alliance-only quest doesn’t get mentioned, but I’m not familiar enough with them to talk intelligently or unintelligently about them. Feel free to drop your own opinions in the comments section if you’d like.

Another very quick disclaimer, I tried to focus completely on quests vice instances or quests in instances, as dungeons tend to be a completely different subject.

10. O Noes, the Tadpoles

First off, a great name. More than that though, Murlocs have become a part of most people’s experience while playing wow, as well the subject of many a joke. This quest has us saving the babies and experience one of the coolest sounding creatures in the game, the baby Murloc.

9. The Ogre-King quest chain

This is the chain in the Blade’s Edge Mountains in Outlands that is once again a very long chain. The really cool part of this chain in my opinion is that sheer epicness of going up against the Gronn and giving them whatfor on behalf of the Ogres, only to have all the Ogres in the zone gather at your feet and proclaim you their King (or Queen?) when you’re finished. The icing on the cake of course is that after completing this, all the Ogres in the zone that were hostile towards you are now non-hostile, indifferent, easy going… Whatever they are, they won’t attack you on sight, but you can still attack them, and if you do, they spout of things like ‘why King no like me anymore’ or something else. Fun, fun.

8. Linken Quest chain

This is a chain that starts in Un’goro crater and has you traveling all over the old world to complete it, and it rewards you with items that are references to the Legend of Zelda. The whole quest itself is a reference, so its great for that and as a grass roots fan of the Zelda franchise from way back upon the release of the first Zelda game, it’s always had a special place in my heart.

7. Lost in Battle

This is a simple run here, look at this, run back quest from the Barrens that begins with Mankrik (or Man-kirk to many of us) and has you search for his lost wife. Spoiler: You find his wife, dead, having been killed by the Quillboars. Of course, Mankrik begins to plan his revenge (I’m betting) and I’ve heard whispers about up and comings for the next expansion. This quest has become so legendary among Horde players that it’s a phenomenon now. For that reason alone, and the coolness of Mankrik, it gets in at number seven.

6. Mystery of the Infinite / Mysteries of the Infinite Redux
This is a quest given by the ever lovable Chromie; a Bronze dragon often found masquerading in her humanoid-form of a Gnome. She sends you to the Bronze dragonshrine in Dragonblight and you’re supposed to help defend an item against the Infinite flight. The first awesome thing about this quest is that a future version of yourself shows up and aids you in the defense of the item, whispering you about your gear and other goofy stuff. After you’re level 80 and you’ve completed the quest, you can go pick up the follow up, the Redux version that has you go back there and help your past self defend the item, thus coming full circle. I think the cleverness of the questline was awesome and really enjoyed it the first time I did it. The only thing I wish is that Blizz had made some caveat so that it remembered what gear your past self was wearing and had it show up in that, instead of mirroring whatever gear you happen to have on. Still, a definite winner though.

5. Into the Fold / All Hail Roanauk!

This pair of quests tells the story of how the Taunka get brought into the Horde and go through an initiation of sorts, as well as having the Taunka NPCs going through the pledge to the Horde and the Warchief. The first quest is getting Taunka refugees to don the armor of the Horde, swear a pledge and report to Agmar’s Hammer for duty. The second quest comes after a short chain where you save the life of the Taunka chieftain, and he pledges himself and all his people to the Horde. As a proud member of the Horde, this quest was one of my top five of all time. Lok’tar Ogar, For the Horde!

4. Hero of the Mag’har

This is a very long quest chain involving many quests in Nagrand. There are only a few pre-reqs, but I don’t really know what they are so I do all the Nagrand quests (and one or two in Shadowmoon that are required). This chain covers a lot of different lore NPCs and ends with Thrall and Varok Saurfang’s visit to Garadar to see Greatmother Geyah and Garrosh Hellscream. It is quite the event and I recommend it for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet.

3. Angra’thar the Wrathgate / Battle for the Undercity

This is probably the most famous quest event / chain of the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. Filled with the struggles and lead up to the battle for both factions in Dragonblight, followed by the confrontation with the Scourge and the Lich King himself, an epic cutscene, and betrayal by a few crazies. After the apparent death of two major war leaders, one from each faction, the players return to their home city, witness a discussion between Thrall and Jaina and then travel to the Undercity to take part in retaking it from treasonous elements of the Forsaken. The lead up quests and the Battle for the Undercity are unique to their faction and if you haven’t seen both sides of this story, I recommend you do, it’s just that damn good.

2. Lazy Peons

This is a quest that anyone who’s ever played an orc or troll will recognize, or for that matter, anybody who’s ever quested in their starter area, the Valley of Trials. It’s a simple quest, completed before level 5, and it is one of my favorite quests in the game, possibly the one I’ve found to be the most fun in game. All you have to do is go play whackamole with the peons when they fall asleep, clubbing them with the Foreman’s blackjack. Of course, the peons have some of the funniest lines in all of warcraft, one of which inspired our Alliance guild name >Not That Kind of Orc<. Despite it’s simplicity, I always find it fun and I hope it makes the cut for cata.

1. Darrowshire

This is the chain that begins with finding little Pamela’s ghost in the ruins of Darrowshire. She’s looking for her doll, which you can find for her in nearby houses, and then you go to find the rest of her family, discovering the fate of her relatives in this very tragic story. This isn’t something I did during Vanilla wow, however, it is something that I have done and it’s a truly moving story, probably the one that wrenched my heart more than any other in the game. And before some silly Kansas says that Canadians don’t have hearts, let me tell you, friend, that we indeed might have them. So there.

So there’s my list. Feel free to make a list of your own, or give your opinions on my choices, but until next time,

Stay Hordecore,

— Fikkle


5 Responses to “My Top Ten All-Time Favorite Pre-Cataclysm Quest Lines”

  1. Great post idea, Fikk! Ahhh you make me miss the game too much! I only went through some of these quests once (on Sliggy). For my part, I like quests for different reasons. Some are funny, some are moving/emotional, and some are just fascinating. I love most of the quests on this list (except some of the running around tarnation ones, heh). Here are some of my favorites. Not a complete list by any stretch.

    Kyle’s Gone Missing: because of its origins.

    A Rare Bean: you pick up poop!

    The Lady’s Necklace: how could you forget this one? The song!

    The entire Death Knight starting questline, but especially starting from A Special Surprise onward. I actually FELT how I was betraying my own and how I wanted to kill the Lich King for making me do it.
    Ends with the epic battle at Light’s Hope Chapel, The Light of Dawn.

    The Isle of Quel’Danas daily called The Air Strikes Must Continue (and pretty much any bombing quest): so fun!

    The Unwritten Prophecy in Bloodmyst Isle. It’s the last of the Draenai starting area quests and you are proclaimed a hero. You get a cheering crowd thanking you for your deeds. If you talk to each one of the folks in the crowd, they’ll remind you what you did for them and thank you individually. Makes you feel good after all that hard work.

  2. Nice list! As for Alliance-side, I’ll add in some things like the quests in Wintergarde that end with Bolvar kicking butt and taking names (and is a direct lead-in to Wrathgate); the series of quests that you do for Tirion Fordring (the hermit variety in EPL, not the 16-foot tall behemoth of Northrend) that ends in Hearthglen. Duskwood is currently home to some great questlines, in particular the quest that surrounds Mor’Ladim — very touching in the end.

  3. Some great ones here. One of my favorites, at least as far as quest title, is from Swamprat Post in Zangarmarsh … Nothin Says Lovin Like a Big Stinger. Only de trolls could come up wit dat one, mon.

  4. Lazy Peons.

    /end post.

    Oh and I forgot to give someone GM privileges…/doh

  5. lol Great list. I can recall all of these and every last one of them where great. great site. great post 🙂

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