Im in your blog, reviewing your headset…among other things

So Sy wanted the Creative World of Warcraft Headset.  But, I beat him to it.  Here is my review.

First, the headset itself.

The headphones are pretty big.  They fit my huge melon, pretty easily.  I would think folks with smaller than normal heads might have issues with them being too big.  They are also considered “closed” type headphones.  Meaning, sounds outside of the headphones are very much muted (this won’t affect people who play/live alone, but people listening for the doorbell, dogs, children or spouse, might have issues).  It takes a little bit of time to get used to the fact you can’t hear yourself speak very well, so you might talk too loud to start with.  The mic, while removable is not movable.  It’s flexible but it’s pretty much in the position it is in.  The gain on the mic is set pretty high, so be prepared for all of us on Vent to hear the sounds in your room pretty easily, the mic at one point was picking up fan noise in my computer room.

The sound/music/effects.

These headphones are good.  Of course you are paying north of 100 bucks for them so they should be good.  They are THX certified, so the sound quality is quite good.  Be prepared to hear sounds in the game you probably hadn’t noticed before.  And be prepared to hear it much louder than before.  I’ve been tweaking my sound all weekend.  I really can’t say enough about the sound quality.  Of course, with a good set of speakers you probably are in the same position.  Not the greatest music headphones, but they work well enough to listen to music while running farming circles.  Movies would probably be quite good, the software you download (and you have to download it, to use the extra parts of the headphones, like voice effects and surround sound etc) plays the Wrath Trailer and it was awesome.

Wireless vs Wired.

The initial charge is 8 hours, let it go the full 8 hours.  The other charges are about 4 hours from dead to fully charged.   The charge lasts 5-6 hours depending on how much you are using them and I assume how you use the lights on the outside etc.  Maxed stuff and lights on all the way and I blew through a charge in 3 hours my first time.  Of course, that might have been because I didn’t let them charge the full 8 hours. /blush  You can use while charging.  There really isn’t any notice the headset is losing charge and about to shut off. Oh sure the light blinks…on the back of the left side headphone..while they are on your head. Not sure the wireless part is worth the extra money though, since you may end up needing 2 USB ports for the charger and the USB transmitter.

Oh one last thing.  The software has an option called smart sound or something like that.  It prevents the headset from going too loud when really loud sounds come up.  I had it turned on and noticed that calling a mount could sometimes mute the sound down, it would eventually get back up, but for a while all sound in game was muted some.  Of course, turning it off and having a prot and ret pally destroying mobs was a bit loud, so something that would need some tweaking.

Amazon has some lower prices if you look at the new/used options. I got mine for about 9 dollars off the regular price due to small box issues.  Some rounded corners and I think the box had been opened, but the headset was still in it’s wrappers etc. I would be this is from Amazon doing quality checks.

But wait… there’s more.

Within a week of buying them, they broke.  Basically the adjustable part of the band is pretty thin hard plastic and when you pull the headphones off and put them on, you put pressure on that thin plastic piece.  So while I was going to say you should buy them, I am not so sure. I am returning my pair to Amazon for a refund and in the meantime I bought some Sennheiser PC 161 (166 if you want the USB version) and they are very good. Not closed like the WOW ones, but comfy and great sound.  So far, no one on vent has complained about my voice.  And they cost about 1/2 what the wireless version cost.  I bought mine for around 85 bucks, but they are wired, but the wire is very thin and hardly noticeable.


One Response to “Im in your blog, reviewing your headset…among other things”

  1. pitrelli Says:

    I liked the look of them but seriously the price is a massive turn off, add to that I’ve seen alot of mediocre reviews on them I think I’ll give it a miss.

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