More Wow Products…

I hate the fact that I am drawn to all things shiny. In the world of gaming and computer stuffs, for me, the shinier, the better. Now, as far as headsets are concerned, I’m a huge fan of comfort. I mean, I sit for hours sometimes playing world of warcraft, so I want a set of headphones that feel great to wear. Now, if said headset LOOKS sweet too, I think I might have to try it. Sound Blaster has a new pair of World of Warcraft themed headphones. Yes…more wow product that I will undoubtedly find a way to get my meaty paws on.  These are licensed through Blizzard, and put out by Sound Blaster. Check out the spec’s here. I don’t have these beauties yet, so I can’t write a review at all…other than “Oh MAMA these look sweet!” Now, if I get a pair I will write up a review for sure. You can always go check out others reviews at the creative store through Amazon. Until then, drool at the amazing looking headset. Go ahead. Drool….Now on your keyboard! Go get a rag and clean that up…sicko.

Drooling 4theHorde Headset…
~Papa Sy


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