Glass Case of Emotions (Full and Running Over Edition)

This post started out as a comment to Nim’s previous post, Glass Case of Emotions, but I thought it needed a broader audience. What started out as a heartfelt “I love ya Nim” post, ended up being the catalist to regroup AoT and This here blog for me. Nimrock and I had a conversation the other day about what to do with the guild gold that was left over, what to do with 4theHorde and such as well. If we even wanted to keep it up for others to reference, or take it out of commision all together. We haven’t given in what it deserves. Now here I am, wanting that old wow spark back. Here’s the comment I almost  posted in the comment section.

“Ya Know Nim, I’m sorry bud. You told me what happened and I was floored. My toons in that “unnamed guild” have been removed. It wasn’t the “First” raiding guild I’ve been in, but sadly, it might be my “Last” raiding guild.(if you know what guild it was you got that reference) Sad thing is, I was waiting for a whisper asking why I had left, all ready to let them have it, and none came. I guess it is for the better.”

On that note… I’m moving all of my toons back to AoT(non-banker toons). I miss you guys, and even if we never raid, never do anything but goof off in guild chat, I’m coming back. Yes, even Gozz.

With Fik (I miss me some Canadians) out of game now, one of my toons was made guild leader. I’ll transfer Gozz back to guild leader this evening. If you want in let me know.

Ashes of Tirisfal may not rise again, but we’ll be here for you to hang with.

Roz, I want to see you around more, you make me smile. Rayha, Grubs, Pie, GameDame, Jaarka, Spiff, you guys were the best, we might not have seen eye to eye all of the time, but I love you guys! Nim, my Nim. I miss you for reals. Now the rest of you, Gnome, Petrelli, and the rest of you 4theHorde trolls, come say hi. We’re on Dawnbringer. I’ve neglected this site for a while, and just like that I’m coming back. I will write more posts.



7 Responses to “Glass Case of Emotions (Full and Running Over Edition)”

  1. This makes me smile…..for reals!! You know I’ll be back, rockin that awesome tabbard!! Miss you guys bunches.

  2. Pffft… Troll! 😉

    between my WoW homebase, Argent Dawn & the truck load of RL interruptions, I will be hard pressed…

    That said, I’m sure I can squeeze in the same amount of time I can dedicate to SAN… About 5 minutes a week…

    Of course if I wasn’t enjoying slaughtering the Horde so much, I would have more time… but honestly, who can resist the urge to slaughter Horde…

    /frost nova

  3. @ gnome- Yeah, that wasn’t the Horde you were slaughtering…. just the cows in the fields of westfall. We’re all in Northrend now… Watch out for the cowpies!

  4. If I get the job, I’ll need to reinstate WoW to keep up with the patches, so I might be back soon. (Should know next week.) On the other hand, if I get the Blizzard job, I’ll be able to play any time I want! I miss you guys too. Oh, and Sy, what didn’t we see eye to eye on? Was it my slacking at PvP??!?

  5. Awe Game! I wasn’t referring to me and you specifically, just that we all have differing opinions at times! We miss you Mrs. Dame, come back to our Game!

  6. My toons are all still there in AoT. I rarely log in since I stay very busy over on Winterhoof playing dirty Alliance, but … I’ll try to pop in more often. 🙂

  7. pitrelli Says:

    ah so you guys are alive then?

    I’ve been keeping a low profile myself kinda, you guys need to hit up some twitter accounts pronto 🙂

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