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More Wow Products…

Posted in Discussion with tags , , , , , , , on March 23, 2010 by sylus

I hate the fact that I am drawn to all things shiny. In the world of gaming and computer stuffs, for me, the shinier, the better. Now, as far as headsets are concerned, I’m a huge fan of comfort. I mean, I sit for hours sometimes playing world of warcraft, so I want a set of headphones that feel great to wear. Now, if said headset LOOKS sweet too, I think I might have to try it. Sound Blaster has a new pair of World of Warcraft themed headphones. Yes…more wow product that I will undoubtedly find a way to get my meaty paws on.  These are licensed through Blizzard, and put out by Sound Blaster. Check out the spec’s here. I don’t have these beauties yet, so I can’t write a review at all…other than “Oh MAMA these look sweet!” Now, if I get a pair I will write up a review for sure. You can always go check out others reviews at the creative store through Amazon. Until then, drool at the amazing looking headset. Go ahead. Drool….Now on your keyboard! Go get a rag and clean that up…sicko.

Drooling 4theHorde Headset…
~Papa Sy


Extra! Exrta! Read All About It! (Aboot It! for our Canadian Friends)

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Ashes of Tirisfal had it’s first 5 man Heroic run since November!!! Yes, that’s right. This weekend AoT saw so much more traffic then it has had in months. In fact, at one point, I saw 9 members on in guild chat. Yeah, big time for us! In other news, Fikkle is back! Yes folks, our Canadian friend from the frozen north has reinstalled wow! On the bright side, his ventrillo/mic isn’t letting him talk, so we get all the good, none of the flak!

Back to what I started Saying before I got so random I lost myself. Yeah, I had to go back and read wht I started writing about. Rambling 4tw. Fikkle was running his ret pally, Pie on his girlie priest, Nimrock all tree’d out, Spiffie slingin’ arrows, and my clown-haired DK destroyed 4 heroics in a row. It was epic. I’ve had a blast running random heroics getting my 80’s a few pieces of gear, but I have to say I missed all AoT runs. It seems that we are all coming back home, back to AoT as it were. I’m excited to see the trend continue. We may never be a “l33t Raid Guild,” but we’ll always be there for each other, even if Fik takes months off at a time, Nim has a “real life,” Spiffie tells himself “wuba” when he comes back from being afk, Pie can’t decide what toon he’s going to bring back to the server, and Sy has a kiddo bouncing in her jungle bouncy chair while talking on vent(This thing is loud!).

If some of the others from AoT’s past comes back, I’ll be stoked, in fact Grubbs brought her toon back into the guild this weekend as well! We’ve even seen a few new friends come along. I’ve had a great time in this game over the past 5 years, but I have to say, if not for the friends I’ve made I would have quit a long time ago. That and uber l33t gear!

Papa Sy

Glass Case of Emotions (Full and Running Over Edition)

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This post started out as a comment to Nim’s previous post, Glass Case of Emotions, but I thought it needed a broader audience. What started out as a heartfelt “I love ya Nim” post, ended up being the catalist to regroup AoT and This here blog for me. Nimrock and I had a conversation the other day about what to do with the guild gold that was left over, what to do with 4theHorde and such as well. If we even wanted to keep it up for others to reference, or take it out of commision all together. We haven’t given in what it deserves. Now here I am, wanting that old wow spark back. Here’s the comment I almost  posted in the comment section.

“Ya Know Nim, I’m sorry bud. You told me what happened and I was floored. My toons in that “unnamed guild” have been removed. It wasn’t the “First” raiding guild I’ve been in, but sadly, it might be my “Last” raiding guild.(if you know what guild it was you got that reference) Sad thing is, I was waiting for a whisper asking why I had left, all ready to let them have it, and none came. I guess it is for the better.”

On that note… I’m moving all of my toons back to AoT(non-banker toons). I miss you guys, and even if we never raid, never do anything but goof off in guild chat, I’m coming back. Yes, even Gozz.

With Fik (I miss me some Canadians) out of game now, one of my toons was made guild leader. I’ll transfer Gozz back to guild leader this evening. If you want in let me know.

Ashes of Tirisfal may not rise again, but we’ll be here for you to hang with.

Roz, I want to see you around more, you make me smile. Rayha, Grubs, Pie, GameDame, Jaarka, Spiff, you guys were the best, we might not have seen eye to eye all of the time, but I love you guys! Nim, my Nim. I miss you for reals. Now the rest of you, Gnome, Petrelli, and the rest of you 4theHorde trolls, come say hi. We’re on Dawnbringer. I’ve neglected this site for a while, and just like that I’m coming back. I will write more posts.


I’m in a glass case of emotion.

Posted in Random on March 15, 2010 by Nimrock

Well, for the first time I can remember, I’ve been kicked out of my guild. And I don’t know how to take it. Allow me to set the scene:

After Ashes of Tirisfal stopped being active I found another ‘raiding’ type guild on my server. It was a guild I enjoyed being in. Most of the members I liked and I greatly respected the co-GM’s. I raided with them sparsely but I enjoyed the part I was allowed to play.

So all of that changed yesterday. I was in ICC 10 with a pug/friends group and someone in guildchat started making fun of a random rogue in leveling gear. Spellpower leveling gear. Not a rogue in his party, just some guy questing in the same area, alone. I suggested that the rogue wasn’t causing any trouble, that +20% xp was better than better itemized stats and that he should hush. “sry i didn’t mean to make fun of ur boyfriend” is the response. “Imagine if the poor guy only had one set of leveling gear,” I say. One of the GM’s pipes up and says “he should buy another one.” Then the other GM jumps in and says “that’s my brother, you have to respect my brother,” and I am promptly kicked from the guild. Immediately I get a whisper from the kicker that says, in effect, “send me your crybaby letter in the mail and I’ll read it later.”

I’ll admit that I’ve never cried and I’ve never thrown anything over WoW. Yesterday I did both. I was so hurt and shocked. I told the GM that I had always been a friendly, helpful member of the guild and that she was being short-sighted and nepotistic.

So I logged over to Argent Dawn and hid in <Single Abstract Noun>. They were supportive and told me horror stories about guild drama that made me feel downright thankful for my experience.

So I’m frustrated and humiliated and…looking for a casual Horde raiding guild that needs a Druid Healer, must have cool tabard and guild bank. pst.

What a long strange absence it’s been.

Posted in Random on March 11, 2010 by Nimrock

Hello dearest readers, lurkers and fellow bloggers. It’s been a while but I assure you I haven’t been lax in my WoW playing. Merely my WoW blogging. Time is of the essence right now so I’ll spare you the “what have I been doing” post for now. However, a single screenshot to whet the proverbial whistle.