Blacksmithing Blues

Hey guys Sy again. What? WHAT? Yes, you read it right, Sy gets two posts in a row, and they aren’t months apart! What’s everyone been up to? Yeah, great to hear. What have I been up to? Glad you asked. Now I can tell you all about my exciting week. Well, by exciting I mean too cold to go outside and do anything of real value, so I stayed inside and played wow, watched part of Lost season 5, Farscape season1(why did I never watch this before?), and way too much Family guy on TBS/Cartoon Network/online at Hulu and Yes, my week was pretty worthless to be honest! It was however my last week before I start student teaching, so basically my last week to goof off before the begining of my semester. Let me shorten that entire paragraph to one sentence. IT WAS AWESOME!!!!

The only downside was making the decision to make use of the free time I had to level my death knights blacksmithing and mining to 450… I made it for the mining, easy as Pie. Now, the blacksmithing sucked. Sucked bad. Needless to say it is not 450. It’s 403 at the moment. I hate it passionatly. I got that high for no other reason than the extra socket bonuses for my bracers and gloves. mmmm, extra sockets. I think those are getting filled with +20 parry rating each. mmmm, parry rating. Yeah, he’s a tank, what of it, wanna fight about it?  Now my goal is to have it finally maxed out by next wednesday. My last free day. We’ll see if that happens. Now, for your viewing pleasure, because we all know without pictures most people wouldn’t even stop by here to read!(totally ripping off this pic, because I love it)


7 Responses to “Blacksmithing Blues”

  1. Been telling you for 4 years now that BS’ing is the hardest profession in the game.

  2. I did JC on mine. It wasn’t exactly fun to level either … but he does love those +51 sta dragon’s eye gems in his shiny new tanking axe. *nod*

  3. I’m glad Pie has so many Gnomes now…. Otherwise I would have thought that was directed at me…

  4. That was totally directed at you Mr. Aggedon. I’d punt you in a heart beat!!! Well, if you didn’t live on the other side of the world…in the future… that’s sort of in the way…

  5. Haha Gnomer lives in the future! Classic.

  6. The Future’s always where the crazy people say they are from right???

  7. It’s where the Terminators come from…

    I’ll be back…

    Of course you guys can come back to the future….

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