It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane….Wait, it’s just Sylus…

Heya bloggers and blog readers! I thought I’d take a break from my holiday merriment to stop in and say hi. Hi! I’ve been running a few heroics here and there adn have recently decided to take me death knight out for a test drive. I’ve respecc’d him with a frost DW build for tanking. It’s very fun and alot easier to hold aggro than with my old build. As well as alot more survivability as well. So I ran an instance with a good friend of 4theHorde yesterday. That’s right, good ol’ Rozzy of Repgrind fame. She was all happy, we got to be humans(dirty stinkin humans) and I was happy because I got my bronze drake on my DK. All in all a Win Win situation. Here’s some before and after shots of the lovely pair.

Here we are Dirty Dirty humans.

And back to Normal. (Damn Dirty Apes!)

Okay, back to the grind for me. I’ll try not to be as much of a stranger, but it looks like Pie’s holding down the 4theHorde fort with Nelfs….seriously Pie, Nelfs…. Oh The Shame.

~Uncle Sy


2 Responses to “It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane….Wait, it’s just Sylus…”

  1. Haha. Yeah Pie, what are you thinkin?

    Sy, why are your screenshots so much better than mine? Argh. I must say though, Juna is one fine looking cow. I may joke about making her human in Cata, but that’s about as likely as Pie rolling a human … owait …

  2. […] know what? I miss my hunter.’ So I logged on over at Dawnbringer and lo and behold, Sylus was online. Like, WTF dude!? Whazzup?? Turns out he’d just redone his tank spec and was […]

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