Operation: Lowbie

We here at For the Horde! believe in providing unbelievably helpful posts.  They may not be as often as many of you might like, but we never, ever post goofy posts.  Never, ever.  And if, by chance, one of those goofy posts sees the light of day….YOU fine readers would never make it one of the top posts in the past year.

Seriously Bonk Bonk Bonk?

Okay, apparently, you fine readers, don’t so much care if we post silly posts…just as long as we post.

But fine readers, and you too Gnomer, we are upon a new year.  A time when most of us will make a resolution and then break it…

So, what pray tell, is my resolution, well not resolution, but plan of action, for the new year?
You don’t think the title of this post was just catchy do you?


Fine readers, I am going to create two new characters this year (no Fikkle, not just two, silly Canadianian) with one thought in mind.  Creating a how to series.  One of those characters will be a hunter, because, I can be a hunter.  The second will be a paladin.  I am leaning toward making the paladin a human for a couple reasons:

1) They are not Belfs… Any long time reader of my posts or comments will know my loathing of the blood elf.  I am so much very happy that the Horde will get Tauren Paladins in Cataclysm.  Seriously, even troll paladins would have sufficed, but my second favorite race?  Woot!

2) Humans get extra rep, cuz we all know the rep grind is long…

3) Humans get that sweet Every Man for Himself, so I don’t have to invest in a PvP trinket.

Hush it right now Roz. Zip it!, Shhh,

Silence!  I keel you!

4) Blessing of Kings: who by the way sends the most traffic our way…for some reason.

(yeah you want me to roll your class, start sending folks this way…yeah..I can be bought)

Now, the major question is this.  Do I make my hunter an alliance too?  If so, what race?

Oh before we go much further, let me explain some of my ground rules.

1) Must be on a server where I don’t have characters

2) Only support should be the DK I roll on said server to provide some bigger bags.

Seriously, Blizz, increase the drop rate of bags in the starter zones or up the bag space to 20 in the backpack.  No food or water was a great step /golfclap  :rollseyes:

So, here’s my question to you, which server should I roll on.  That leaves out: Dawnbringer, Winterhoof and Gnomer’s server in the Oceanic area. (since he gaves me stuff already)

I have no problem rolling both characters as alliance, nor do I have a problem rolling one alliance and one Horde.  Realistically, I could do both on the same server.  My goal here is to provide a decent leveling guide for the new player.  Either new to the game or new to the classes.    Sure, I could roll these up on my “home” servers, but let’s be honest, I’ve got lots of alts bankrolled by by level 80’s and it’s just not the same experience.  Heirloom shoulders, trinkets, chest and weapons make the leveling process a breeze.  No recruit a friend.

This doesn’t mean that I just want to roll on a server I don’t know anyone, so if you’d like Pie to hang out with you on your server, feel free to suggest it.  I don’t want boosted through the process, which is one of the other reasons to not roll on one of my home servers.  Let’s be honest, my rogue got boosted through BFD and got the sweet bow, where I would normally have to get a group to go.

So there it is boys and girls, give me some suggestions.  What would you like to see me do?  I am not saying I’ll spend every playing moment playing these characters, but I would like to advance enough to get a few posts a month out of these characters. I’ll split them so one post will focus on the hunter and the other on the pally.

Apparently, I am not the only one who got this idea.  Go check out BBB for his project on a new bear tank!


6 Responses to “Operation: Lowbie”

  1. Kaelandros Says:

    You should roll on Norgannon. Make your hunter FOR THE HORDE. I’m rolling a new tauren resto druid. Some heals will make the levels a little easier. 😀

  2. I think that sounds like a fun idea!
    I was thinking of a little project myself…rolling something I’ve never really played on a pvp server and blogging about my experiences. I’m not gonna research servers or anything…just pick one and go. I didn’t think about rolling a dk for the bags and support though…thats a good idea.

  3. Bonk… Bonk… Bonk….

    Do I smell Pie? Mmmmmmmm

    I can take back everything I gave to you… hell, it will be a pleasure!

    I am beginning to think Rohan & Blessing of Kings is some kind of Blog Upper… For a long time most of my his came from Rohan.. he’s still near the top..

    Maybe he sits there all day and boosts our ego?

    Ok back to issue at hand…

    Come play on my server… but roll Horde.. sure we outnumber you 3:1, but as you like to tell me… multiple times per day, the Alliance suck on my Battlegroup.. we know how to loose every BG (apart from AV & WG) when we have a 3-10x advantage.

    hell, 1 Horde player can win most BG’s against a full raid of Alliance.

    I think we only win AV and WG through sheer numerical advantage… we throw our bodies on their swords till they can lift them no longer

  4. Waitwut? Pie VOLUNTARILY rolling a human? You, sir, will never hear the end of this. xD

  5. I am rolling human for the reasons given, but also, I haven’t really done the human starting area much, which is probably why I’ll go with Night Elf hunter, to see the starting areas before CAT changes them possibly.

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