O Hai Thrall

O Hai Thrall!

I heard you are getting the shaft… Errr I mean getting a cushy diplomatic post.

Guess it was all that mishandling of Sylvanas and letting the competitive Orcs usurp your position.

I hear they are going to clean up out Orgrimmar too…

About time!

As if the smell of Orcs isn’t fetid enough without all that Tauren dung littering the streets.

Take it from me, the best Tauren is the BBQ’d Tauren. Marinated in Belf tears is best, but there’s nothing wrong with a plain old slab of Bessy on the BBQ!


I’m beginning to think your crew are already deserting you… This place is as desolate as Exodar…

Where they all go?

I could have used a slice of Fikkle Sylus Pie for Xmas lunch… Those BGs make me hungry and I have a sweet tooth.

Anyway, I think it’s time to head off… Before I do I think I’ll mark your throne… That should drive the Hunter’s pets crazy… The scent of Gnome pee… They will be gnawing on whoever sits on this throne for years to come.

If you happen to see the folks from For The Horde, say G’day to them for me…

Ohh and wish all the readers a great holiday season while your at it!

For Gnomeregan!

Gnomer and Out!


2 Responses to “O Hai Thrall”

  1. You are certainly getting around these days Gnomer…I am enjoying seein you pop up all over the place. Kind of reminds me of televsion shows in the 70s here in the States. Where every week you would get that “special guest star”. Course…it was nice of you to allow Sylus to write for your blog too.

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