One Week Without Wow

Yes folks, I had almost quit cold turkey without even trying to quit wow. I hear something about if you can make it past your first week you can be home free…well folks, it’s a lie. I’ve had the craziest week ever. I ended up with several semester projects due at the end of this past week. Now, between all of the extra school work, a PS3 with blue ray player(lets face it, I’m all about the High def movies!) and the bundle of joy reaching 8 weeks old, my parents needing a hand moving, and then the general nuttyness that surrounds me, I went just over a full week without even so much as logging into world of warcraft. Very sad, I know. Then tonight I sat down to work on a drawing for a guy for Christmas (he’s gonna love it) and decided that I needed a break. It dawned on me how long it had been sense I last logged into Azeroth. I had to remedy this. So, two minutes later I’m sitting in Dal on teh ol’ rogue ready for some action. I throw the invite out to Omega to see who can hit up HTOC. Not two minutes later we’re rolling into the instance. Now, there has to be something going on. Apparently Blizzard realized I hadn’t been in game for a week or so, and wanted to lure me in. They threw every piece of rogue gear that place had to offer at me! Well, not every piece, but I had at least one drop for every boss. Now, mind you a hunter got my helmet off of the black knight…meh, on well. I did however end up with the boots and bracers from the previous two bosses. I think wow wants me back in, and they have succeeded. I must now try to make some wow time over the next few days. School has slowed down so that is a plus. My rogue will be getting more playtime, she’s a blast. Yes, I said She. And she’s a Belf, yes,  BELF! Check her out. I know she needs a ton of gear/work as she’s new to the end game of life. Catch you all in Azeroth! You’ll be seeing a lot more of me!

I leave you with the inspiration for playing a female belf rogue. The music is lacking (Fikkle would disagree, I hear he likes buble gum pop?) but the video is all win.


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5 Responses to “One Week Without Wow”

  1. I love that video!

  2. Ha! I love that video too. Why do you think I want to make a male human rogue? :p

  3. That’s a great video…. I have now watched it countless times… had to watch it one more… new PC made it better that ever.

  4. This week was going to be my week without wow. I wasn’t intending to quit, just see how addicted I really was and if I could live without it.

    Then patch hit.

  5. This week was going to be my week without wow. I wasn’t intending to quit, just see how addicted I really was and if I could live without it.

    Then patch hit.


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