The Push for 100

Heya hordlings and evil allianc-lings(that’s you gnomeagedon and DCL…or is it DLC?!?). We’ve been bad bloggers here at 4theHorde. How bad? This bad.

Yes, we’ve been bad, sorry for the gap in the wondrous writing that is 4theHorde…wait, this just in, we’re not wondrous, just odd and slightly Canadian(well, Fik is Canadian, so technically, that’s 1/5th of the writing staff…wait, we don’t get paid, so we aren’t a staff…what are we then? Oh yeah, hobbyists. Where was I going with this? I forget.

Now, onto the main event. My world of warcraft time as of late has been spent earning mounts. Last time I felt you with a number, that number was 73. Then number of mounts I had at that time. Now, I’ve been avoiding the netherwing drakes because I had always heard it was a crazy stupid grind. Lets face it, by now in my wow career, most things I do are stupid grinds. It was time to get at it. I started the quests, and some ten days later, I was exalted with them. I found a few eggs in there as well,lol. Now, a few things about the netherwing ledge quests. I liked them. They were fun. I mean come on, where else can you roam around as a GIANT RED ORC?!?!

Honestly, Gozz was a sweet looking orc before, but  he’s awesome looking as a big red fel orc! This, combined with the ease of doing level 70 quests at level 80 made the time fly by. I spent 30-45 minutes per day doing the quests and flew through to exalted. I bought all six netherwing mounts and will probably never go back again! Now, if you are keeping track, that brings the count to 79. Now, I’ve still been doing argent tourney quests, not every day, but most. I hit another hundred marks, and went after another mount. I was under the impression that the argent tournament mount(the horsey) was paladin only. I was wrong!

Pure awesome.

Even if this mount isn’t paladin specific, it’s hard to not imagine I’m a paladin when I ride it! This brings me up to 80. Then, with teh addition of another pvp mount, the wolf, I’m sitting at 81. I have 19 to go for my 100 mounts goal. This is no easy task. There are some that are going to be a grind. I have three more pvp mounts I can get, 7 tournament mounts, bringing me to 91. Then it gets rough…and expensive. I still need to purchase the red drake from dragonblight and blue armored windrider at roughly 2k each…1600 with rep? that’s 93… Then I can get the 300 spirit shards one from wintergrasp, 94…. the 200 emblems elephant from dalaran, 95… the exalted hodir elephant, what 8k gold, ouch! 96… I will run stratholm until the baron finally caves and gives me his mount, 97… I can switch my mining to tailoring and get two carpets, woot! 99!! Then it either gets hairy, or expensive where I go from here… I can get all of the mats for the mechanohog(what 12k+ im mats and gold?) I can purchase the traveling tundra mammoth(ouch) or I can run karazan, zul garub, HMr. T and pray that one of the mounts comes my way, or give my druid healy friend(yeah you Nim) the money for his epic flight quest and run crypts for the archlord thingie over and over again… Either way, I can get to 99 cheapish, but the 100th mount might be tough… I’ll get there, just wait!

Anyway, mounts are on my mind, as well as my rogue. I’ve been playing the rogue a bit lately, but more on that in a later post. You may be surprised to hear my motivation for playing roguey Mcrogerson again…

~Uncle Sy


2 Responses to “The Push for 100”

  1. There IS a Paladin only Tournament mount, but there is ALSO the mount you grabbed.

    I hit 100 mounts about 3 weeks ago, doing pretty much everything you listed.

    The Tournament provided most of the final mounts. Ultimately I picked up 11 of the 14 mounts available to me. I’m going back and getting the last 3 (well, 2 now) mounts sooner or later.

    For mounts 98 and 99 I dropped Herbalism and powerleveled Engineering. Total cost was around 4k gold, but I got two mounts out of the deal.

    I decided to splurge for the last mount, though. My overall bank balance was sitting at 52k AFTER the Engineering expenses, so I figured “what the hell, Imma make a Chopper!”. So over the course of an hour I spent around 13.5k gold paying for player mats (buynig Titansteel CDs), the recipe itself costs 300g, then there are the vendor bought items at 12.5k.

    And it was totally worth it. 🙂

  2. Well, my bank account suffers from “spend it all on alts” -itis. So yeah, it will take some work for me! I’ll get there though, oh yes, I will get there!

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