This is too Much

Wow. I’ve run around saying “I’m a Night Elf Mohawk!” as much as the next guy ever since the over the top wow commercial featuring Mr. T. But wow, this is just ugly. I never want to be a night elf mohawk again…

Man is that ugly…



6 Responses to “This is too Much”

  1. Must. log. Oz. in.

    That is ugly, but oh so funny!

  2. very ugly…and so out of place on a tauren…

  3. That’s even more scary than the gnome mask!

  4. Ha! I hadn’t seen a tauren with the mask until this. I’m sitting here trying to be quiet about my web browsing at work and this just made me let out a snort I had to cover up with a fake coughing sound.

    So ugly, so funny.

  5. Woah… that is HUGE.

  6. I do in fact…

    Pity the Fool

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