Mounts, Mounts and Moar Mounts

Before I start this wonderful list of mounts I currently own, mounts I’m currently working on, and mounts I will never see, let me just take a moment to thank Fikkle. Jerk. This whole mount obsession started a few days back. Fikkle, his bro, and myself were all on vent. He asked a simple question, and my mount obsession, nay, addiction kicked back in. Thanks dude. Thanks.

Also, many thanks to the people at Warcraft Mounts. Without their work, I would have a hard time coming up with this list, you guys rock my digital socks off!

Gozz’s Collection of Current Mounts:
73 Mounts Owned

Albino Drake
Armored Brown Bear – Horde
Big Battle Bear
Big Blizzard Bear
Black Hawkstrider
Black Skeletal Horse
Black Wolf
Blue Hawkstrider
Blue Riding Nether Ray
Blue Skeletal Horse
Blue Windrider
Bronze Drake
Brown Kodo
Brown Skeletal Horse
Brown Wolf
Cenarion War Hippogryph
Cobalt Riding Talbuk
Cobalt War Talbuk
Dire Wolf
Emerald Raptor
Flying Machine
Frostwolf Howler
Gray Kodo
Great Brewfest Kodo
Great Brown Kodo
Great Golden Kodo
Great Gray Kodo
Great White Kodo
Green Proto-Drake
Green Riding Nether Ray
Green Skeletal Warhorse
Green Windrider
Ice Mammoth – Horde
Ochre Skeletal Warhorse
Purple Hawkstrider
Purple Riding Nether Ray
Purple Skeletal Warhorse
Red Hawkstrider
Red Riding Nether Ray
Red Skeletal Horse
Silver Riding Nether Ray
Silver Riding Talbuk
Silver War Talbuk
Swift Blue Raptor
Swift Brown Wolf
Swift Burgundy Wolf
Swift Gray Wolf
Swift Green Hawkstrider
Swift Green Windrider
Swift Olive Raptor
Swift Orange Raptor
Swift Pink Hawkstrider
Swift Purple Hawkstrider
Swift Purple Raptor
Swift Purple Windrider
Swift Red Hawkstrider
Swift Red Windrider
Swift Timber Wolf
Swift Warstrider
Swift Yellow Windrider
Swift Zhevra
Tan Riding Talbuk
Tan War Talbuk
Tawny Windrider
Timber Wolf
Turbo-Charged Flying Machine
Turquoise Raptor
Violet Raptor
White Kodo
White Polar Bear
White Riding Talbuk
White Skeletal Warhorse
White War Talbuk

Here is a list of my “attainable” mounts…(41)

Here’s the short list of mounts I could easily get my hands on…and how I can get them!

Argent Hippogryph
Tournament Dailies 150 chamion seals…
Armored Blue Wind Rider
2k gold in dalaran…
Azure Netherwing Drake
Finish my netherwing faction rep grind…
Black War Bear – Horde
Kill the last two alliance leaders I need to kill…
Black War Kodo
Black War Mammoth – Horde
300 shards…
Black War Raptor
Black War Wolf
Blue Proto-Drake
HUP drop…
Cobalt Netherwing Drake
Finish my netherwing faction rep grind…
Dark Riding Talbuk
Halla PVP (Nim’s helping em with this one!)
Dark War Talbuk
Halla PVP (Nim’s helping me with this one!)
Darkspear Raptor
Tournament Dailies, 1oo chamions seals
Stratholme runs….1% drop rate…
Flying Carpet
Drop mining, level tailoring…fun, fun
Forsaken Warhorse
Grand Black War Mammoth – Horde
Buy this one from Hodir guy right?
Grand Ice Mammoth – Horde
Buy this one from Hodir guy right? or is this one in dal?
Magnificent Flying Carpet
Drop mining, level tailoring…
Onyx Netherwing Drake
Finish my netherwing faction rep grind…
Orgrimmar Wolf
Purple Netherwing Drake
Finish my netherwing faction rep grind…
Red Dragonhawk
100 mounts reward!
Red Drake
Buy this guy from the wermrest accord guys…2k~ish gold right?
Red Skeletal Warhorse
Sea Turtle
Level my fishing, and spend too much time fishing in northrend…
Silvermoon Hawkstrider
Tournament dailies 100 champion seals
Sunreaver Dragonhawk
tournament dailies, 100 0r 150 champion seals, can’t recal…
Sunreaver Hawkstrider

Tournament dailies 100 champion seals


Swift Horde Wolf

Tournament dailies 100 champion seals


Swift Razzashi Raptor
Zul Garub boss drop…
Swift White Hawkstrider
Heroic Mr. T…
Swift Zulian Tiger
Zul Garub  boss drop…
Thunder Bluff Kodo

Tournament dailies 100 champion seals

Time-Lost Proto-Drake
Rare spawn in Storm Peaks
Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth – Horde
way too much gold in Dal… what 12k???
Venomhide Ravasaur
Un Goro dailies(haven’t started them…)
Veridian Netherwing Drake
Finish my netherwing faction rep grind…
Violet Netherwing Drake
Finish my netherwing faction rep grind…
Violet Proto-Drake
finish my “what a long strange trip it’s been” achiement…
Wooly Mammoth – Horde
um, dal? money? or hodir money? or shards in WG?

So, as you all can see, I have quite a bit of work ahead of me to attain my goal of 100 mounts. Beyond that, I’ll keep going until I have as many mounts as I can, mountians of mounts if you will! It’s going to take some time, but to be honest, ahs reinvigerated me with the desire to play this game. Now to get at it before cataclysm comes out… Once again, thanks Fik…

~Uncle Sy


8 Responses to “Mounts, Mounts and Moar Mounts”

  1. The grand black war mammoth drops in VoA if I remember correctly. Hodir sell the grand ice mammoth.

    The red drake is 1600g.

    Traveller’s Tundra Mammoth is 21k before discount.

    Fik, and you’re welcome!

  2. This is just… insane, dude!

  3. The Netherdrakes are the best flying mounts in the game IMO, well worth the grind, which is pretty easy at level 80 if Im honest (just boring)

  4. Woot I got a shout out!

  5. I completed the 100 Mount Achievement a week or so ago. Too bad the reward mount is still 280%, as my Violet Drake is 310%.

  6. WTB cake…

  7. Did you have Nightmare off Attumen on the list. I farm that one sporadically

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