It’s Official!

Lok’tar friends!  Meet my new main!

Kor Hits 80

Kor is now a level 80 warrior!

Oh, and I’ve finally got my RP project off the ground.  I’m actually going to call it a fan fiction blog, but if you’re interested in going to read some stories about an Orc Warrior and a Human Warrior, you can go check it out at Dragontooth Chronicles.


Stay Hordecore!




4 Responses to “It’s Official!”

  1. He’s got a new orc friend to play with too…
    Aba is no longer smexy, he’s orc!

  2. Grats man!
    Now, turn your back on that Hellscream whelpling and come towards the light. We have cookies! And great ‘staches!

  3. I vote that repgrind’s last comment be stricken from the memories of all who read it. It is an affront to Orc-kind.

    Great staches is no reason to switch sides.

    The pie vendor…maybe.

  4. Well, we all know a great beard aka NIM’s In the set of facial hair:{beard} > {mustache} I’d drawa vin diagram, but don’t have the tools in comments…

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