Blog Reader Super-pro Tip

Blog reader Super-pro tip. Don’t read FORBEARANCE at work unless you want to randomly giggle for half an hour while your co-workers rustle up a nice white jacket for you to wear.

So I’d never heard about FORBEARANCE until I read Gnomeaggedon‘s post yesterday about the return of the Megs! She’s guest posting for Jong at FORBEARANCE from time to time. And boy was this a blog match made in heaven… Seriously, go read and be ready to giggle uncontrollably. And welcome back Megs, we missed you!


Stay Hordecore



3 Responses to “Blog Reader Super-pro Tip”

  1. Ok, so now, I have gotten no work done this afternoon and I have a headache from laughing so hard. Seriously, read everything in the Popular/Controversial sidebar.

    thanks Fik!

  2. You aparently didn’t read the Super-pro tip


  3. I’m at work currently, so no reading until tonight, but that is awesome that Megs is back blogging!

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